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5 Things To Know About The Furrion RV Backup Camera

What’s the Most Popular RV Backup Camera?

RV backup cameras are becoming a must have for all RVers. Almost every camper seems to have at least one mounted on the back.

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Whether you’re driving a motorhome or towing around a camper trailer, being able to see what’s behind you is always helpful.

The main difference between an RV backup camera and the one found in a car is they are usually wireless and can be easily installed by your average do-it-yourself RVer.

Opinions may vary but based on the camera I see the most on the back of any RV, the Furrion Vision S (click to view on Amazon) is by far the most popular RV backup camera.

Most campers are pre-wired for Furrion cameras right out of the factory. That makes it a good choice for RV owners who have a pre-wired RV.

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shark mount for a furrion vision s rv backup camera pre-wired onto an rv
Furrion RV backup camera mount factory installed on an RV.

That being said your RV could also be pre-wired for another brand of backup camera. Make sure you check the name on the mount to make sure you’re getting a compatible camera.

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5 Things to Know About Furrion RV Backup Cameras

If you’ve recently purchased or are thinking about purchasing a Furrion RV backup camera there are a few things to know about it.

Furrion RV Backup Camera

Furrion Vision S Wireless RV Backup Camera System with 7-Inch Monitor,...

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1. It Will Only Connect to the Included Monitor

I’ve had a lot of people ask me if there’s any way to connect their Furrion RV backup camera to the screen that’s built into their vehicle or motorhome’s dash.

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

A Furrion backup camera will only connect to the Furrion monitor that’s included with the purchase of the camera.

That also goes for every other RV backup camera on the market today. There currently aren’t any wireless backup cameras that can be connected to a different monitor.

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That being said if you have a newer truck with a camera plug-in on the rear bumper you should be able to get a camera that can connect to the monitor in the dash.

These model specific wired cameras can be viewed on the cab monitor since they are part of a built in system.

Talk to your truck dealer about getting the right trailer camera for your truck.

2. There are 3 Monitor Size Options

Furrion offers 3 different monitor size options (click links to view on Amazon): 4.3 inches, 5 inches, and 7 inches.

Each version includes the exact same RV backup camera, the only difference is the size of the screen on the monitor.

There are three reasons why having 3 monitor/screen sizes to choose from is important.

First, the screen is going to take up some space on the dash of your tow vehicle or motorhome.

The monitor size that’s right for you will depend on what you already have on the dash and where you want to place it.

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Second, being able to see the picture on the screen clearly is pretty important too.

If you are only going to have one camera connected to the monitor the smallest option should be enough.

But if you are going to connect more than one camera (I’ll talk more about that next) the largest screen is going to make the multiple camera views easier to see while driving.

Lastly, it can come down to budget as well.

The smallest 4.3″ monitor is the most budget friendly option with the largest 7″ monitor being the least affordable.

3. You Can Connect Up to 4 Cameras

One reason to go with Furrion over some of the other RV backup camera brands is its 4 camera system you can install on your camper.

Furrion Vision S 4 Camera Wireless RV Backup Camera System

Furrion Vision S 4-Camera Wireless RV Backup System with 7-Inch...

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When you’re driving a motorhome or towing a camper trailer, the back isn’t the only blind spot.

Your vision is also limited on the sides of the camper. Installing wireless RV side view cameras is a fantastic way to eliminate that issue.

You can see how close you are to the edge of the road and look out for any cars when making lane changes.

There are some side view cameras on our small 24 foot motorhome and even though the mirrors help with blindspots I still like being able the check the cameras, just in case.

For a large 5th-wheel or travel trailer, the side view cameras are even more useful.

In the kit linked to above, there is a regular camera with a shark fin mount, a rear backup camera with a connected brake light, and two side view cameras with connected running lights included.

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The connected brake and running lights make it much easier to install these cameras. Just replace a running light with the camera light combo and you’re good to go.

There’s also another camera included that’s also the same kind you install on a pre-wired mount. This one is for putting above the entrance door to your camper.

The camera above the door is useful if you want to use your Furrion RV cameras as a security system as well (I’ll talk more about that later on).

If you already have a Furrion RV backup camera you can purchase just the side view cameras (click to view on Amazon) and add them to your monitor.

As I mentioned a little bit before, if you think you might want to add more cameras later on I recommend getting one of the bigger monitors so it’s easier to see the video from each camera.

4. Furrion RV Cameras Do Not Record

The biggest downside to the Furrion RV cameras is that they do not have a DVR option. They cannot save any of what they see.

They’re observational cameras only.

Nowadays it’s recommended to always have at least a dash cam in your car that’s recording whenever you’re driving.

That way if you get into an accident you will have video proof of what happened. The same concept is very useful for RVing as well.

It would be pretty great if all of the Furrion cameras on your RV were recording whenever the monitor was on.

It would not only be a useful tool for driving but also if you want to use your Furrion RV backup camera as a security camera.

There are a few wireless RV backup cameras out there that do record video. But so far the major brands don’t offer this feature.

5. Security Camera Features

Even though the Furrion RV backup camera systems do not record they do have a few additions that make them great to use as security cameras.

All of the Furrion RV cameras have motion sensors that will wake up the display when they detect movement.

They also have infrared night vision and microphones so you can see and hear what’s going on at all times.

There’s one little catch to using any RV backup camera as a security camera, the power supply.

RV cameras are wired to the 12 volt light system that’s powered by your tow vehicle or in the case of motorhomes, the engine battery.

That means the camera only comes on when your vehicle is plugged in and turned on.

In some cases, you will even need to turn on the lights in your vehicle to get the camera to work.

To use for security you are going to need to wire everything to the RV house battery so it can get power independently.

You will also need to bring the monitor into your RV and either plug it into the 12 volt socket in your RV (if it has one) or power it using a portable power station like this (click to view on Amazon).

You can read more about turning an RV backup camera into a security system in this article here.

If you do end up wiring your Furrion RV backup camera to your RV battery make sure you keep an eye on the battery levels.

The camera doesn’t use a lot of power but every watt adds up over time and small things can drain a battery quicker than you might think.

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Conclusion About Furrion RV Backup Cameras

If you’ve just recently bought your first RV or you are looking to upgrade what you already have Furrion is an excellent choice for an RV backup camera.

You might get one because it’s the camera your camper is pre-wired for, or you really like some of the excellent features included with Furrion cameras.

Either way, I hope this article has helped you in your search for an RV backup camera.

If you have any questions about Furrion backup cameras leave a comment below. 

by Jenni
Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

7 thoughts on “5 Things To Know About The Furrion RV Backup Camera”

  1. After several years, the furrion camera becomes fuzzy. It like having cataracts. There are no parts available, only replacement of the camera at a cost around $200. Previous rv camera system lasted 15 years without any issue.

    • Mine too. My Furrion went fuzzy. And guess what, they don’t make my model any more so I’d have to replace both the camera and the monitor. What I did do is take some of that advertised car headlight cleaner to the lens. And yes, it worked, a bit. About 50% better. The following winter I covered the lens during storage in hopes that the improvement would last. But alas, it’s mid August 2023 and the problem has slowly returned. So I looking again for a replacement. Not Furrion. Too Pricey.

  2. Just buy an Akaso EK 7000 action cam on Amazon for $60.00 it connects to your iPhone or android with an app called ISmart DV. Mount it in your furion mount and your good to go. It will also take stills and video. The only draw back is there is no way to turn on the camera wi-fi remotely once the camera is powered up you have to push a button on camera.

  3. I have a Furrion S system. The monitor will not show all four cameras on the screen at the same time. It will not change cameras except when I Turn it off and back on. Thank You. I really like the quality of the view of the cameras. The system is in my Motorhome.

    • Hi Bobby,

      What size of monitor do you have? I think only the 7 inch one can display all 4 cameras at once.

      You should be able to easily switch between cameras though. Your monitor may be faulty or the connection to the cameras could be weak.

      I would try re pairing all the cameras to the monitor. If that doesn’t work you may need to contact Furrion.

  4. I recently purchased a 2023 Grand Design travel trailer . It has the Furrion Vision S Camera on the rear of the RV. I have the Furrion monitor from my last RV. It also is a Furrion Vision S monitor. Can I pair these 2 together to work? The people at Furrion said yes . They said there was a switch on the back of the RV camera, turn the switch on and it should work. There is no switch on that camera. Help!

    • Hi Dave,

      I think you need to go through the monitor settings to pair the camera with it.

      Usually you remove the camera from the back of the RV and connect it to the monitor.

      There should be a plug connected to the monitor power cable where you can also plug in the camera.

      Then the two should pair.


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