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Arzopa P5 4K Portable Monitor Review

Disclaimer: Arzopa sent this product to us for free for a review. That does not affect our opinion about the product. In this article, we list both what we like and dislike. Read more about this here.

The Arzopa P5 Portable Monitor

Today I will review a portable monitor, the Arzopa P5.

It’s a portable 15.6″ display with a 4K resolution, targeted towards people on the move that want a thin and slick extra monitor.

Arzopa 4K Portable Monitor

ARZOPA 4K Portable Monitor 15.6' 100% Adobe RGB HDR Display, 400nits...

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With both USB C and HDMI ports, it’s straightforward to hook up your devices and get to work, or play.

Let’s start by looking at the specifications before we get to what I like and don’t like about this specific monitor.

Arzopa P5 – Specifications


As I mentioned above, it’s a 4K monitor. Meaning that it has a resolution of 3840 by 2160.

A 15.6″ IPS display with that many pixels looks very nice and sharp, compared to the more common full-HD resolution 1920 by 1080.

arzopa p5 on table in RV

Resolutions like this are usually what professional photo- and video-editors are looking for, but it looks just as good for gamers.

It has a 400 nits peak brightness, a 1500:1 contrast ratio, 100% Adobe RGB, and 16.7 million colors.

The refresh rate is 60Hz.


There are two USB C ports and one Mini HDMI.

The USB C ports can be used to both power and send a signal to the display. If you have a laptop with a USB C PD port, it can do both with a single cable.

That is how I have been using it with my MacBook Pro.

If you would rather use HDMI, you can use the included Mini HDMI to HDMI cable. That’s what you’ll use to connect devices like gaming consoles, and computers without a USB C port.

There is also a 3.5mm port for connecting headphones or speakers.


In the menus, you can choose from different picture modes and configure the picture to your liking. Control brightness, contrast, black levels, DCR, sharpness, input, color temperature, HDR, FreeSync, volume, etc.

menus on arzopa p5

Other Features

There are speakers built-in. They’re not great, but they’re acceptable for light video watching.


The included smart cover works both as a case and a stand. It connects to the display with magnets and is easy to unfold and set up.

In The Box

Here is what’s included with the monitor.

  • Smart Cover
  • USB C to USB A cable
  • USB C to USB C cable
  • Mini HDMI to HDMI cable
  • AC wall charger

My Review


High resolution

A 4K resolution on a 15.6″ looks great. Since I can’t make out each pixel, even if I try, it’s so sharp and easy-to-read text.

Lots of ports

With two USB C ports and a Mini HDMI, you have several options on how to connect your devices.

I think it’s excellent that I can connect my MacBook Pro with a single USB C cable, but it’s also easy to connect my PS5 with the Mini HDMI port.

If you need to use HDMI but don’t have access to a power outlet, you can use a power bank with USB C to power the display.

Included case/cover

The included case and cover works great to protect the display in a slick way.

It doesn’t come off easy thanks to the magnets, and is versatile enough to choose between a couple of different angles when set up on a desk.

Easy to understand the buttons and menus

The intuitive wheel and button makes it easy to navigate the menus and quickly change settings.

buttons on side of p5 monitor

Don’t Like

No VESA mounting option

The only thing I am missing from this display, except for a higher refresh rate, is VESA support. VESA mounts are universal and I have tested several monitors that have mounting holes for this purpose, but the Arzopa P5 does not.

That makes it limited to using the included cover stand.


The Arzopa P5 is a very portable and thin monitor that looks great. It’s bright enough for daytime use in the RV, and videos and pictures look incredible on the 4K display.

It’s not an OLED, but the 4K resolution looks sharp and clear on the 15.6″ display.

arzopa p5 seen from the side

I recommend it for workers on the go that want a portable display thinner than most laptops out there. It’s easy to grab out of your bag, to set up, and to pack down.

Please leave a comment down below if you have questions.

by Jesse
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