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What Backup Camera Is Your RV or Trailer Pre-Wired For?

What Are The RV Backup Camera Choices?

I’ve done the research and to my knowledge, these are the main rearview/backup cameras most RV and trailer manufacturers pre-wire their campers for.

Note that this may have changed over time but I try and update this post as often as new information is found.

Before purchasing any RV backup camera I recommend looking at the pre-wired bracket on the back of your RV.

The brand name should be there and if it isn’t you can also contact the manufacturers so you are 100% you purchase the correct backup camera for your pre-wired RV.

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Furrion RV backup camera name plate on a pre-wired RV
The cover plate on this pre-wired travel trailer shows that the brand of backup camera it’s compatible with is a Furrion.

There are two main backup camera brands that are used by RV, 5th-wheel, and travel trailer manufacturers.

The most common is Furrion (click to view post on Furrion Backup Cameras) followed by Jensen Voyager (click to view on Amazon).

If your RV, 5th-wheel, or travel trailer came pre-wired for a backup camera it’s going to have a bracket already installed where the camera goes. It’s important to buy the right one otherwise you have to install a new bracket.

You Should Know: If your camper has a Furrion mount, you can get a Haloview MC7108 RV backup camera (click to view on Amazon) and the Haloview backup camera bracket adapter (click to view on Amazon) and put it where the Furrion mount is.

Way Interglobal is another brand of RV backup camera that RV manufacturers are starting to use more and more. The mount looks almost identical to the Furrion one, so make sure you read the plate to make sure you get the right one.

I list the known RVs and travel trailers using this brand below but so far the RVs it’s been added to seem pretty random.

Nowadays all RV backup cameras are wireless and most of the time a pre-wired trailer means there’s a power cable waiting for the camera to be connected to and a bracket for the certain camera brand.

When you buy a Furrion or Voyager backup camera they also come with a monitor as these cameras aren’t normally compatible with the screen in your vehicle if it already has one.

The Most Common RV Backup Cameras

If your RV/camper has a Furrion mounting bracket, this is the camera it’s prewired for (click to view on Amazon).

Furrion Vision S Wireless RV Backup Camera System with 4.3-Inch...

Check Price at Amazon

If your RV/camper has a Voyager mounting bracket, this is the camera it’s prewired for (click to view on Amazon).

Voyager WVHS541 Digital 5.6' Display Wireless Camera System With Built...

Check Price at Amazon

If you don’t want to use any of these RV backup cameras you can check out this post here (click to view) to see reviews of some other options.

It’s not very difficult to remove the pre-mounted bracket and rewire the plug to fit other brands of cameras.

Some RV backup camera brands like the Haloview linked to in the intro make adapters to make their rear view cameras compatible with Furrion and Voyager pre-wired mounts.

furrion vision s rv backup camera on the back of a vilano 5th-wheel
Furrion Vision S RV Backup Camera installed on a pre-wire mount on the back of a 5th-wheel.

List of RVs & Trailers That Use Furrion Backup Cameras

Forest River

AuroraBerkshireCardinalCedar CreekCherokee
Geo-ProGeorgetownImpressionLegacyNo Boundaries
VibeWildcatWildwoodWork & PlayXLR




Big CountryBighornCycloneElkridgeFuel
MilestoneNorth TrailPioneerProwlerRoad Warrior
SundanceTorqueTrail RunnerWilderness

Grand Design



AlanteEagle TrailersEmbarkGreyhawk
HummingbirdJay FeatherMelbourneNorth Point

Palomino (Forrest River)



AstoriaAspen Trail (up to 2021)AtlasColemann (up to 2022)

Gulf Stream Coach Inc.

Envision Model Only

Cruiser RV

EmbraceFun FinderMPG
RadianceShadow CruiserStryker

Venture RV

Sonic LiteSonicSonic X
StratusSportTrekSportTrek Touring Edition


Freedom ExpressCatalina

Vanleigh by Tiffin



TellurideAutum RidgeSuper Lite Maxx
Super Lite

East To West

AharaAltaDella Terra
Silver LakeTandara

Highland Ridge RV

Open Range ConventionalRange Lite AirRange LiteLight
Open RangeMesa Ridge S-LiteMesa RidgeSilverstar S-Lite
SlilverstarRoamerMesa Ridge XLTSilverstar XLT

List of RVs & Trailers That Use Voyager Backup Cameras




Thor Motor Coach

ChateauFour WindsQuantumEchelon

Keystone Springdale & Passport 2020 Model

Some have reported finding Voyager pre-wire kits on the new Springdales & Passports, no matter what the dealer or brochure says be sure to check the mounting plate on the back of your new Springdale to verify which brand of backup camera it is pre-wired for before purchasing one.


Aspen Trail (2022 models)

Coleman (2023 models)

List of RVs & Trailers That Use Way Interglobal Backup Cameras

Furrion (Lippert) purchased Way Interglobal on November 15, 2022. According to Furrion, the Way Interglobal brand will not be continued.

It’s not clear if they plan on releasing an adapter for the RVs that are pre-wired for Way Interglobal RV backup cameras.

If your RV is pre-wired for a Way Interglobal camera, my recommendation is to install a different RV backup camera since Way Interglobal cameras aren’t going to be made anymore.

Gulf Stream Coach Inc.

SedonaConquestKingsport LiteGold EditionTrailmaster Lite
InnsbruckStreamliteGSXGulf BreezeAmeri-Lite
Vista CruiserGEOBT CruiserKingsportMatrix
Conquest LiteNorthern ExpressVintage CruiserInnsbruck LiteCabin Cruiser
Conquest Class CTrailmasterCapri

Forest River

Wildwood X-Lite

If you have any questions about which RV backup camera goes with what pre-wire package leave a comment below.

by Jesse
Jesse has always had an interest in camping, technology, and the outdoors. Who knew that growing up in a small town in Sweden with endless forests and lakes would do that to you?

198 thoughts on “What Backup Camera Is Your RV or Trailer Pre-Wired For?”

    • Hi Joe,
      Sorry for the late answer. According to the manufacturer of Ameri-Lite, which is Gulf Steam Coach, all of their RVs and trailers use the Way Interglobal camera system. Except for their Envision trailers, which use Furrion. That means your Ameri-lite will use a Way Interglobal backup camera.

      Here is a camera on Amazon that works with that prewiring.

  1. I have a 2020 Stryker model 2916 made by Cruiser RV I believe. Do you know if they are prewired for a camera system? If so what kind?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Angel,

      Sorry for the late reply. Most newer RVs are pre-wired for a backup camera but it depends on what was ordered from the factory. If your trailer is pre-wired there will be a camera mount on the back of the trailer up by the brake lights. If one’s there then your trailer is pre-wired.

      I contacted Cruiser RV about what backup camera they pre-wire for. They said they use Furrion. The version of Furrion you will need should be this one.

    • Hi Peter,

      The Furrion cameras most companies like Grand Design pre-wires their trailers for are wireless. The pre-wiring just includes the mount and a plug to power the camera. It looks to me like the Silverado Transparent Trailer Cameras use a wire which means you will have to run the wire from the back of your trailer to your truck and plug it into the Trailer View Camera Receptacle on the back of the Silverado by where the trailer plug goes.

      Mounting the camera and running the wire under your Grand Design shouldn’t be too difficult. The only problem I can see will be if you have a trailer over 32 feet long. According to the product you linked to the camera is not compatible with trailers over 32 feet long.

      Hope this helped, good luck with your Grand Design and new truck.

  2. We have a 2017 Dynamax Issata 3 that we need to replace the cover on the side view cameras. Can you tell me what part I need to look for?

    • Hi Roschelle, Dynamax uses its own brand of camera system that is sold exclusively through Dynamax dealers. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase any parts online and will have to see a dealer about your camera problem.

  3. I recently purchased a used Keystone unit. Dealer said it was prewired for Furrion but on inspection it is a Voyager WiSight. The Furrion mounting bracket is not the same as the Voyager(screws don’t align). Haloview has a Voyager adapter bracket but it comes from China, is only $9.00 but charge $30.00 shipping. They also do not make an adapter cable to plug a Haloview to the Voyager prewiring. Looks like I’ll have to install the Haloview above the mount and splice in the power wires to the marker light. No big deal but asking if you know of any other option before I start drilling the holes. Thank You.

    • Hi Pete,

      If you are looking for another option I’ve heard of people taking off the pre-wired mounting plate and drilling holes into it so the other brand of camera can be secured to it. That way you don’t have to buy a different kind of mounting plate and no new holes will need to be drilled into the trailer. As for the wiring, it should be possible to cut off the plug for the Voyager camera and wire the new camera to those wires, but splicing into the marker light works too.

      No matter which way you go make sure you seal around the mounting plate once installed and if you end up making new holes in the trailer be sure to seal the old ones so no water can get into the trailer.

      Hope this was helpful in some way, good luck with the project.

  4. I have a 2020 Dutchman Atlas 3382 BH that is presided for a backup camera. I have a 2020 GMC Denali HD that is equipped with the enhanced trailering package and has a plug in the rear to plug in a camera enabling it to run through my current monitor. I can’t find a compatible camera for life of me. Help!

    • Hi Aaron,

      I recently had a comment similar to yours about the new GM invisible trailer camera systems with the plug in the back of the truck. The good news is you can get the compatible trailer backup camera here.

      The bad news is the GM camera systems are not compatible with any other cameras, so the backup camera your Dutchman Atlas is pre-wired for won’t work on your trucks monitor. The other thing is that right now GM only makes trailer cameras that are compatible with trailers up to 32 feet long. Your Dutchman Atlas 3382 BH is more than 37 feet long in total, so unfortunately it’s not compatible with GM’s current trailer backup camera.

      The Dutchman Atlas should be pre-wired for this Furrion backup camera system. Make sure you check the brand name on the mounting plate before you purchase so you’re 100% sure it’s the right brand as they change them every so often. If you want a backup camera on your trailer this will be one of the only options unless you can find some way to elongate the wiring on GM’s backup camera to fit your trailer.

      Hope this was helpful, good luck with the truck and the trailer.

      • Reading your reply to another reader, my situation is similar. I have a 2023 Chevy Silverado 2500 diesel and a 30ft Sporttrek from Venture RV. From what I understand there is a GM camera that will integrate with the screen in the truck but would need to be wired from the back of the camper to the tongue so it can be plugged into the truck. Is this correct?

        • Yes, that’s correct.

          There are currently no wireless backup cameras that are compatible with the Chevy monitors, so it has to be wired the entire way.

    • Thank you for the info, it seems like a lot of 2020 Keystone trailers are starting to switch from Furrion to Voyager backup cameras. I’ll add 2020 Passports to the Voyager list.

  5. Hi There,
    I have a 2013 Lance 1575, I see that the the Voyager is for Lance, however when looking at the back of my rig all I see is the long red brake bar at the top and the license plate illuminator at the bottom over the plate. is it possible that there’s not mount prewired because it is 7 years old? thank you!

    • Yes, that is very possible. Pre-wiring trailers for backup cameras is a fairly new thing and even a lot of new trailers and RVs won’t be pre-wired. The good news is it’s very easy to mount and wire your own backup camera. You can check out this article here for information on some of the best wireless backup camera options as well as information and a video on how to install one.

    • I say yes, for a few reasons. The first and biggest one being that Furrion camera parts are way easier to find online than Way Interglobal ones so if something breaks it will be easier to get a replacement without having to go through a dealer. Also, Furrion is a better RV backup camera with more positive feedback than Way Interglobal.

      If you’re handy with tools and don’t mind changing the bracket out I would go with the Furrion.

  6. We have a 2019 SolAire. Had a Furrion with the 4.3 screen display installed. Is it possible to just upgrade the size of the display to the 7″ monitor? Or will it be necessary to replace the entire unit?

    • Yes, it is possible. The only requirement is that the monitor is the same model as the camera. For instance, the Furrion Vision S 7″ display is only compatible with the Furrion Vision S camera. If the backup camera came with your 2019 RV it should be a Vision S but you may want to check the manual to be sure.

  7. Hello…
    I just purchased a 2020 Forest River Viking 17 foot Travel Trailer.
    On the back is a plate that says Voyager Wisight
    What Wisight camera and monitor do I buy and can I easily install it myself?

  8. We have a 2019 Cruiser RV MPG Lite 3200DB. I want to make sure Im ordering the correct Furrion backup up camera. What model is this travel trailer is it pre-wired for? THANK YOU!

  9. I have a voyager backup camera (red and black wire out the back with middle antenna) and monitor. My new camper has a Furrion vision S. Can you help me figure out how to connect them? Accessories I might need?

    Thanks, Michael

    • One of the main downsides to the different brands of RV backup cameras is they are not compatible with each other. If your new camper has a Furrion Vision S bracket you can take it out and replace it with the Voyager bracket and camera. To connect the electrical just cut the Furrion plug off and wire the Voyager camera to the trailer using the same wires.

      If your new camper came with the Furrion Vision S camera and not the monitor you can buy a replacement monitor like this one just make sure it’s the Furrion Vision S Model.

  10. Good afternoon-

    Thanks for all your advice on these. I have a 2020 Airstream Atlas and the rear camera image is almost useless. The two side cameras are great. I don’t know who makes the rear camera but Echomaster is the monitor source (I think!). I’d like to replace the rear color camera with a black and white camera like the ones on the sides. Any advice?

    • Hi Dan,

      After a little research, it doesn’t look like you can get a black and white side view camera on its own but you can get a replacement for the main backup camera here (click to view on Amazon). Normally backup camera companies make it so only their cameras are compatible with their monitors, which means you probably won’t be able to just get a different brand of camera to work with the monitor. You can check the user manual or write to Echomaster to be sure about that but it’s normally the way it goes.

      The backup camera I linked to does display color but the image from the new camera should be better than the old one.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. Good luck with your Airstream.

  11. I just purchased a 2021 Coleman Lantern LT. The dealer told me the Furion S would connect into the factory prewire. However, the prewire has a different connector type. The trailer has a male connector that resembles a 3.5mm headphone jack with and threaded ring to hold it onto the camper/ camera wire. Any idea what camera brand 2021 Coleman trailers are prewired for?

    • Hi Gregory,

      That sounds a lot like the new Way Interglobal camera (click to view on Etrailer) a lot of RV manufacturers have started putting them on newer RVs. I can’t be 100% sure but you can look at the product pictures to see for yourself.

      The Furrion Backup Cameras are more popular among RVers than the Way Interglobal backup cameras and if you already have the Furrion backup camera one thing you can do is just remove the mounting plate for the other camera and reinstall the one for the Furrion. As for the plug, you can just cut it and wire the Furrion to the bare wires. If you do this make sure you use plenty of non-leveling lap sealant like this (click to view on Amazon) to cover any holes made and to reseal around the mounting plate.

  12. Bought a Springdale back in July and it is wired for a Mobile Vision by Magnadyne. I can not get it to connect to the screen in the truck, and has no power in the back. Called Keystone and they told me the I should have a Furrion and the truck has to be in reverse. Any thoughts.

    • Hi Michael,

      Normally Springdales are pre-wired for Furrions but sometimes the previous owner or dealer will put on a different brand. One thing you can try before removing the camera to check the wiring is to turn on the parking lights in your truck when the trailer is connected. The wireless backup cameras are usually powered by connecting the camera to one of the running lights on the RV. Some backup cameras will only turn if the trailer lights are on.

      Once the camera gets power it should connect to the screen.

  13. I have a 2011 forest river Lexington 265 DTS motor home with factory wired camera system that shows cars behind me. Can’t find replacement camera. This unit shows view in the cab’s windshield rear view mirror all the time when the engine is running.

    • Hi Van,
      It looks like Lexington RVs use cameras made by a company called RVS systems. I found one of RVS’s replacement wired cameras (click to view on Amazon) but it may not be the exact one you need. If it’s not the correct one you can try and contact RVS Systems to try and find a perfect match.

      Hope this was helpful, good luck finding the right camera.

  14. Hi,

    I have a 2018 Tracer Breeze. I didn’t see that one on your list. Plus, is there a bluetooth camera that works on an Android phone so that I don’t have to have another monitor in my truck?


    • Hi Ken,

      The Tracer Breezes seems to be pre-wired for the Furrion Backup Camera like this (click to view on Amazon), if you check the pre-wired mount (if there is one) on the back of your RV there should be a brand name on the cover plate. It’s always a good idea to double-check just to be sure. Unfortunately, Furrion cameras only work with their specific monitors and cannot be connected to anything else.

      There are a few wifi backup cameras out there that can connect to phones but they do have a few issues and there might be more delay than regular wireless backup cameras like the Furrion. Here’s a good option for a backup camera that will connect to your phone (click to view on Amazon).

      Even if your RV has a pre-wire mount for Furrion on the back you can still use the other kind of camera. You will just have to remove the Furrion mount and replace it with the new camera mount. As for the wires you just cut the plug and wire the new camera directly to the bare wires. Be sure and seal everything when you are done so no water gets into your RV through the newly made holes.

  15. Hi
    I’m looking to buy a 2021 coachmen freedom express 248 rbs, which camera should I get, I don’t see it on your list.
    Thank you

  16. We purchased a 2021 Coleman Lantern LT which has a sharkfin bracket on the back so we purchased a Furrion Vision S FOS05TASF because I wanted the 5″ screen. The camera was not plug & play, it only had the wires to run to the marker light above the camera bracket. Does that mean that only the 4.3″ FOS43TASF is plug & play? Furthermore, I watched a video of a guy taking the 4.3″ model out of the box and plugging it in to the pre-wired plug on his travel trailer, but the pre-wired plug on his travel trailer was much smaller and looked nothing like the pre-wired plug on ours.

    How do I get a pre-wired camera rather than a model that has to be hardwired? I purchased from Amazon, and had to send it back because it had no plug. I reached out to Furrion, and they replied 11 days later (after I had to return the camera to Amazon) and basically said “I don’t know.” I reached out to Dutchman and they said the pre-wiring was aftermarket not factory, so ask your dealer. No luck getting anyone there to return our calls. I also asked if there was an adapter I could buy to make it work, but once again, no help from anyone.

    • Hey Frustrated,

      The dilemma with RV backup cameras is an ongoing one. There are so many different kinds and RV manufacturers change the brand of camera and the way they pre-wire RVs all the time. It can be hard to find the correct kind of camera. Not to mention the problem you’re having with the different kinds of plugs. It is odd that the Furrion camera you received didn’t have a plug because it’s supposed to.

      I know you want a camera with a plug but it sounds like the easiest thing to do would be to connect the wires from the camera directly to the pre-wired wires on your trailer. If the pre-wiring was aftermarket it may be hard to figure out what brand of camera was used unless there’s a name on the sharkfin somewhere.

      Hope this was somewhat helpful.

    • Hey Matt,

      I had a hard time contacting Pacific Coachworks but usually, if the trailer is pre-wired, there will be a cover plate with the brand name of the backup camera it was pre-wired for on the bracket. I normally recommended checking that before purchasing a backup camera to make sure you get the correct one.

    • Most of the Coachmen Freedom Express trailers use the Furrion Backup Cameras like this one (click to view on Amazon) the standard is the 4.3 inch screen but there are larger screens like the 7 inch available (click to view on Amazon).

      Before purchasing make sure your trailer is pre-wired by looking at the back of the trailer. The camera mount should be near the top in the center. There should be a cover plate on the pre-wired backup camera mount that has the brand name of the camera the trailer was wired for. It will most likely say Furrion but it’s always a good idea to double-check just in case.

    • Hi Bill,

      Most Shasta trailers use the Furrion pre-wire bracket. The Furrion Vision S (click to view on Amazon) is the model that is compatible with Furrion pre-wired RVs. Before you purchase you can double-check that the mount is Furrion by looking at the bracket on the back of the trailer. There should be a sticker on the cover plate that will say the brand of back up camera it was pre-wired for.

  17. I just bought an 2014 MVP Tahoe 34ft…how do I tell if I have a camera?
    And if I do where is it?
    Then how do I turn it on?

    Thank you sooooo much!

  18. I have a 2021 Sun Lite Classic 18RD. It’s pre-wired; I pulled the cover plate off to verify, but I tried to plug-in an inexpensive camera I bought on Amazon and couldn’t get it to work.

    • It looks like the pre-wired kit on the Sun Lite Classic travel trailer is for the Furrion Vision S Backup Camera (click to view on Amazon). The mounting bracket and the plug are made for the Furrion camera only. That being said it doesn’t mean you can’t use the other camera you bought.

      To use the other camera you will need to remove the bracket currently on your trailer by taking out the screws and taking it off completely. It might take some prying to get the bracket off because there will also be some sealant around it to keep water from getting in.

      Once you have the bracket removed you can replace it with the bracket that came with your other backup camera. The holes may not match up which means you will be making new ones. Make sure you put RV Butyl Tape (click to view on Amazon) on the back of the new bracket before securing it. After putting on the new mount make sure you put RV Non-Sag Sealant (click to view on Amazon) around it and on the heads of the screws to completely waterproof it.

      Once you’ve installed the new cameras mount you can wire the new camera to the existing wires by cutting the plug off and connecting the proper wires together. (positive to positive, negative to negative) Be sure to disconnect any power to the trailer including the batteries. Make sure you use good outdoor wire connectors like these (click to view on Amazon) so no water can get to the bare wires. Also, try and tuck them behind the camera so they are protected by the bracket.

      If you aren’t comfortable working on your travel trailer and doing electrical wiring make sure you have someone who does do the work. Or you can get the Furrion camera I linked to for the simplest and safest installation.

      I hope this information was helpful, good luck with your backup camera and new trailer.

    • It looks like the Monaco RVs used the Aladdin camera systems. As far as I can tell, they don’t make replacement parts for those systems anymore.

      If I were you I would get a new wireless backup camera that comes with a screen like any of these (click to view RV backup camera systems). There’s no wiring required (except for the power) and you can simply remove the old backup camera on your RV and replace it with the new one. The picture should be better quality and the monitor will be smaller which is a bonus.

      I wish I could help you more but it seems like these old RV camera systems are difficult to replace with exact matches.

  19. I’m pre-wired for a Furrion system with my 2016 Cherokee Grey Wolf. Can I connect another brand to this pre-wire setup? I’d rather not pay $800 if I can help it. I prefer being able to add it to a dual camera system that I’ll be adding to my truck as well. I don’t have a backup camera now.

  20. Hi there,

    I have a 2020 Forrest River Sabre. I purchased the Furrion FOS43TASF, only to find the connector port doesn’t plug into the prewired port provided by the manufacture. I then found the user manual and learned they installed the Furrion Camera mount for model FRC12TA-BL. This seems like an older model than the FOS43TASF. Nor can I find this model anywhere online or in stores. Since the ports, arent compatible does the manufacture have an adapter? Or is the model just out of stock everywhere or has it been discontinued?

    Thank you in advance for any advice!

    • Hi Corey,

      It doesn’t seem like Furrion has made any kind of adapter to connect the older model with the new pre-wire mounts. It’s interesting that they used an old kit for a newer trailer like yours.

      The Furrion camera kit you got should have come with a cable that has a plug on one end and two bare wires on the other. You can use that to replace the plug that is pre-wired on your trailer. You can then plug the camera into that. You should only do this if you are familiar with wiring and comfortable with cutting the plug that is currently on your trailer.

      So far that’s the only solution I’ve been able to find, it should work though since the power cable coming out of your trailer is just two wires that are spliced to one of the brake lights for power.

  21. Hi,
    I am looking at a 2020 Forest River Salem FSX 181RT toy hauler. It has a camera installed and I will haul it with my 2016 Nissan Pathfinder, which is equipped with a back up camera and already, factory installed screen. Do I have to do anything to get the camera to work/connect with my existing system, or will it automatically come on once in reverse?? Do I need an additional screen or could I set up a wireless situation to my phone to use this back up camera with?? Have not actually bought the trailer, so I don’t have a users manual to consult.

    • One of the main downsides to RV backup cameras is most of them only connect to a brand specific monitor. The toy hauler you’re looking at should come with a screen that will go in the cab of your Pathfinder but unfortunately, there’s no way to get the camera to connect to the screen already in your Pathfinder.

      When you do get the trailer and the RV backup camera monitor it should be as simple as putting it on the dash and plugging it into a 12V outlet. Once you connect the trailer to your Pathfinder to power the lights the camera should turn on and automatically connect to its monitor.

  22. Hello,
    We have a Heartland pioneer rg26 toyhauler we have a back camera in the back but not sure what we need to hook it all up. HELP

    • Hi Sue,

      Congrats on the new trailer.

      Did it come with the camera installed or is it just the pre-wire mount? If it’s just the pre-wire mount there will be a plastic plate instead of a camera on the bracket on the back of the trailer. If there is no camera there you will need to get the Furrion Vision S (click to view on Amazon) with a monitor. You can choose between a 4.3, 5, and 7 inch screen.

      If there is a camera there you should have also received a monitor as well. To start up the system make sure your trailer is plugged into your vehicle so the trailer’s running lights and camera start receiving power. Then plug the monitor into the 12V outlet. Once the camera and the monitor are connected to power everything should connect automatically. (The backup camera connects to the monitor wirelessly)

      If the trailer is plugged into your vehicle’s power and the camera still isn’t turning on you may need to turn the parking lights on inside your car. This usually isn’t necessary but some trailers require the running lights to be on for the backup camera to work.

      I hope this is the information you were looking for. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.

    • Hi Daniel,

      Not all RV’s come pre-wired for backup cameras, it depends on what the dealer ordered. If your RV is pre-wired for one you can tell by looking on the back up near the top taillight.

      There are two versions a Leprechaun RV normally has. There’s the kind that’s built right into the light (click to view on Amazon) or this style made by RVS (click to view on Amazon).

      Normally motorhomes come with the camera already installed. If there is a camera on the back there should be a monitor for it somewhere or it may have a rearview mirror monitor in the front.

  23. I have a 2020 Alpine prewired for both rear and side cameras. What camera package do I need? The package you linked to Amazon was only the rear camera. Thanks!

  24. Greetings, we have purchased the 2021 Coachmen Spirit 2557RB.
    We haven’t picked it up yet as I hit a deer with my 2020 GMC a couple of weeks ago. Maybe get both my truck and TT this week.
    Wondering if you know what camera it is pre-wired for? Thanks!

  25. We just purchased a 2021 Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser 19erd. It is pre-wire for a back up cam system. Per the sticker on the side of the camper, we purchased a Way Interglobal system. The connector on the RV is male. The connector on the camera is also male!?!? I thought this would be an easy plug and go installation. I can’t find ANY info on the Way website or any YouTube videos. This is the 3rd camera system I’ve purchased. Finally went straight to Way (awful website in regards to info) because that’s what was advised by Gulf Stream. Any advice? My dealer is a 2 hour drive away 🙁

    • Hi Michelle,

      There should be a small adapter that came with your camera system. It’s included to fix the male to male connector issue.

      It’s a small part so it’s easy to miss. Hopefully, it’s somewhere in the kit because I’m having a hard time finding a replacement adapter online.

      I’ll keep looking to find the part but it should have come with the camera.

      • Thank you Jenni! I will look again. Hopefully it’s there or maybe someone at Way I. can help if it’s not! I appreciate your feedback so so much!

  26. I have a 2018 Apex Coachmen and is prewired for Voyager bought the Jensen but would not pair up sent back is there any other camera and monitor I can us.
    Thank you

    • Hi Randy,

      There are a few ways you could go with this. It’s possible to just remove the Voyager pre-wire bracket, cut the plug, and just install a different RV backup camera.

      Or you could get the Haloview (click to view on Amazon). Haloview makes adapters for their RV backup camera to make them compatible with different pre-wire kits. Unfortunately, the voyager one is only sold on their website and not Amazon. But it exists if you want to go that route.

  27. I have a Geo Pro 15TB that is prewired for a Furrion camera system. I purchased a used Furrion camera system model #FOD43TA-BL. The camera will not power up when plugged in on the camper. It will power up using the power cable that powers the camera unit and camera works good.

    It the camera system not compatible with my new camper?

    • Hi John,

      It should be compatible, there may be a problem with the wiring on the Geo Pro. It’s not impossible that the manufacturers wired the plug wrong. I would check the wiring and make sure it’s correct.

  28. I just bought a 2021 Coachman Aspen Trail 17bh. It is prequels for a backup camera and the bracket looks like one for a furion. When I went to install it, the plug coming out of the camper isn’t compatible with the plug on the camera. What should I do? I bought the furrion bison s 4.3.

    • Hi Rob,

      The Furrion plugs can be stubborn and have to be exactly right to get connected. But it could be the wrong camera. Sometimes manufacturers will put on a camera pre-wire made by a company called Way Interglobal that looks a lot like a Furrion RV backup camera. It seems almost totally random when they do this but that could be the issue.

      Did the pre-wire mount have a cover plate with the brand name on it?

  29. i have 2016 forest river 5th wheel wildcat is perwire for a furrion i need to where the power come from the blue light is on all the time i like control it.

    • Hi Randall,

      The power on pre-wired RV backup cameras normally comes from one of the brake lights nearby. The camera should only be receiving power when your trailer is plugged into your truck. If you want to turn off the camera manually you can unplug the power cord behind the camera.

  30. I have a 2020 Brookstone (Coachmen) 310RL. Tried a Furion camera and it didn’t fit in the bracket (pre-wired). Any idea what brand will fit?

    • Hi Kevin,

      If the Furrion camera didn’t fit but the mounting bracket looked similar it’s probably a Way Interglobal RV Backup Camera. It should say something on the cover plate that was protecting the inside of the mounting bracket.

      If you already have the Furrion backup camera one thing you can do is just remove the mounting bracket that’s on the RV and install the Furrion one. Just make sure you use lots of sealant like this (click to view on Amazon). You can also cut the plug and wire the Furrion directly to the stripped wires.

      It’s a bit more work to change out the original pre-wire mount but if you don’t want to go through the process of returning the Furrion and getting a different camera it’s a good option.

  31. Just picked up our new 2021 Coachman Spirit 2963BH yesterday. Today’s first task is to find the best rearview/back-up camera. Driving home without one wasn’t too fun.
    I had expected the prewired mount to be Furrion, but it was actually Voyager. In these crazy times and with all of the part shortages, maybe Forest River is using whatever parts they can get.

    • I think you’re very right about that.

      Certain brands like Coachmen can also be a little tricky to pin down what pre-wire kits they are using. It seems like it’s different for every type of RV or trailer made.

      Either way looking at the pre-wire kit before getting the camera is the most accurate way to make sure you are getting the correct RV backup camera.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      It looks like some of the newer Shasta trailers are being outfitted with RV backup cameras from a brand called Way Interglobal. The pre-wire mounts for Way Interglobal look a lot like Furrion Mounts.

      You can either get a Way Interglobal RV backup camera or remove the mount on the RV and install the Furrion one instead.

  32. Hi! We just bought a 2021 Forest River Vengence Rouge Armored toy hauler. It’s prewired for the back up camera and has an LCI Insight camera installed. This camera has no monitor available and we want to replace it with the Furrion observation system. Is the current wiring compatible with the Furrion system?

    • Hi Brenda,

      The wiring should just be a positive and negative wire coming out of one of the taillights which means you can replace the current RV backup camera with a Furrion one. You will have to replace the mounting bracket and cut the plug to hardwire the Furrion to the power cable coming out of the RV. It’s a little bit of work and you need to make sure you seal and caulk behind the Furrion mounting bracket and cover any holes left over from the old backup camera.

      On a side note, the new LCI cameras use smartphones as the monitor via an app you can download. You probably already know this, but I thought I would mention it just in case. Sometimes having a dedicated monitor for a backup camera is more simple than having to use a smartphone. Getting an RV backup camera with a monitor can be an easier and very understandable way to go.

    • Hi George,

      It looks like most Intrepid travel trailers by Riverside RV are pre-wired for a Furrion Backup Camera (click to view on Amazon).

      You should double check on the back of your own travel trailer to make sure. Sometimes they change the pre-wire kit depending on the year. It should say the name of the RV backup camera it’s pre-wired for on the bracket’s cover plate.

  33. I just bought an ’07 Jayco Greyhawk that has an old Voyager backup camera installed, and I would like to install a new camera and monitor. Will the existing wiring work for newer his res 1080P cameras, or will I need to replace the cabling? Thanks.

  34. I recently purchased a 2022 grand river 20bh comfortline that is pre-wired for a camera. The bracket housing has no name on it though. My bill of sale says it’s a forest river but ownership says shasta. I can’t find info on grand river anywhere.
    Any idea on what camera it would take would be helpful.

  35. We have a 2015 Surveyor by forest River. We have a pre wired backup camera mount. If we buy the Furrion back up camera is it wired into our trailer plug? If we are purchasing a new navigation /radio system to work with CarPlay on our iphone how can we find out how all that works/is wired/ etc. all the options are so confusing.

    • Hi Janice,

      Yes, the backup camera uses the same power the running lights on the trailer use which means it is connected to the trailer plug.

      Unfortunately, pretty much all brands of RV backup cameras have to use the monitor that comes with the camera. That means it doesn’t matter what kind of car play system you get because it won’t be able to display the camera view. You will have to set the monitor that comes with the camera on the dash. Fortunately, the monitors are normally powered using a 12V plug, which means there isn’t any hardwiring involved.

  36. I am wanting to install a YAKRY 7 inch monitor camera system on my 2019 Keystone Hideout.
    It has a plate with Voyager WIsight technology on it.
    If this indecates that it is pre- wired will I have a problem with the insallation of my YAKRY camera and will it be powered through the trailer connection the my truck.

    • Hi David,

      The only problem you’re going to run into is the holes on the Voyager mounting plate might not match up with the Yakry camera and the plug won’t fit into what’s already on your trailer.

      You can get around this by just taking off the Voyager mounting plate and replacing it with the new camera’s hardware. Make sure you caulk around the new mounting plate to make sure it’s watertight.

      You can also just cut off the plug, strip the wires, and wire them to the new camera.

      RV backup cameras are normally spliced into the trailer’s running lights which means it will be powered through the trailer connection to your truck.

  37. I have a 2006 StarCraft Antigua 215SSO and did not see this or any StarCraft in your lists.
    Would you know if this model is pre-wired and if so what would my camera options be?
    If it’s not pre-wired would you have a recommendation as to what wireless back-up camera makes/models I should look into?
    I’m new to RV’ing so any info/recommendations would be helpful.
    Thanking you in advance
    Bill Comer

    • Hi Bill,

      My guess is that it’s not prewired for an RV backup camera, but it shouldn’t be hard to install one yourself.

      I’ve written another post about some of the best RV backup camera options (click here to view) you can check out to get more information about what you should get.

      Also welcome to the world of RVing, I hope you enjoy your StarCraft trailer.

  38. Just purchased a 2021 Coachmen Freedom Express 246RKS. Thought it was Furrion, so I purchased a Vision S Wireless RV Backup Camera from eBay. Should’ve confirmed with seller first. Turns out it’s prewired for Voyager WiSight. I’d prefer to use the Furrion from reviews I’ve read. I’ve got the mounting bracket with the Furrion but, of course, the holes don’t match up. What’s my best bet here? Give up and get a Voyager or pull off the mounting bracket and splice the wires? Or something else? Also, the current cover is sealed to the trailer. What’s the best way to remove this without damaging trailer? Razorblade? And filling in the Voyager holes – figerglass putty of some kind?

    • As a follow-up to my own comment, I’ve now read a lot more of the comments on this thread, and I think I’ll be ok. Need to remove the Voyager mount, fill the holes, splice/connect the existing wiring to the Furrion, attach Furrion bracket, seal bracket. (I think I just wanted the security blanket that, “Everything’s going to be ok.”

      • Glad this post and the comments were helpful. So long as you make sure everything is sealed up and waterproofed in the end everything will be ok. RV backup cameras are fairly simple as far as the electrical go and it’s not too hard to swap out a pre-mount bracket with a new one.

        Good luck with the new RV!

  39. I bought a new Ram 1500 to tow my Surveyor 201RBS. The pickup has an outlet to view a camera on the infotainment screen. I have searched and searched but I can’t find any information on what camera(s) are best for that. I don’t need a monitor and all seem to come with a monitor by default. Any help you can provide will be much appreciated.

    • Hi Steve,

      We had someone ask a similar question about a Silverado. We found that the only compatible camera was a wired one sold by Chevy.

      It looks like it’s the same with Dodge as well. I think this is the compatible trailer camera kit for your Dodge but you may want to check with a dealer to make sure. Some of the camera models were only compatible with the 2500 and 3500 models and this was the one that says it works with the 1500.

      The downside to the Dodge camera is cables will need to be run to the back of your trailer, but the benefit will be no delay between the camera and monitor and the picture will stay clear while driving.

      If you get a wireless backup camera instead you will not be able to connect it to the monitor in your truck and you will have to have another screen on the dash.

  40. I have a 2021 Forest River 18TO wolf pup. It came with a Driven wireless backup camera that is complete junk and will not work. After multiple emails to Driven and Forest River I have decided to change cameras. Will a Furion Vision S work? The Driven has the same “sharkfin” camera as a Furion. So if I replace the camera and monitor with a Furion, is it as simple as plug and play?

    • Hi Mike,

      After comparing the two I don’t think it would be as simple as plug and play. You will probably have to replace the plug and the mounting plate/shark fin.

      One thing about the Furrion Vision S is the kit includes everything you need for a full installation. That includes a plug you can wire to the same wires the Driven is connected to.

      It’s a pretty easy install if you’re ok with doing a little wiring and resealing. You can check out this article to get an idea of what needs to be done in order to swap out the two brands of cameras.

  41. I have a 2017 Jayco Redhawk, with the factory backup camera. The camera seems to work fine. It seems to have the capability of adding additional cameras. I’d like to hook up a camera to serve as a rearview mirror as one of the optional additional cameras. Is there a way to do that? The backup camera is placed where a rearview mirror would have been in an unmodified Chevy vehicle.

  42. I have a Rohent back up camera. As best I can tell it is identical to Amtifo and several other oriental brands (from “dohonest” brand). My Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser came with backup camera prep – and I assumed it was Furrion, like most others. But buried in my bag of user materials is a copy of a page showing a Way Interglobal back up camera. The link to Amazon shows it is unavailable. The mount on the trailer looks much like a Furrion mount but is slightly different so the adapter that came with the camera will not fit. I’m hoping that I can either find an adapter that works or find a Furrion mounting bracket that I can mount my adapter on. Any help is appreciated. Your article on “What backup camera is your RV pre-wired for” was very helpful. Thanks.

    • Hi Alan,

      Tracking down that Way Interglobal RV backup camera has been difficult, they add and remove it from different online sellers all of the time. I apologize for it being unavailable on Amazon.

      Since the Way Interglobal camera isn’t used a lot by RV manufacturers there aren’t any companies making adapters for it as far as I can tell. Also, Furrion doesn’t seem to sell the shark fin mount on its own, but you could possibly contact the company to see if they will send you one.

      Is there any way you can drill new holes in the Furrion adapter that came with the Rohent to match the holes on the Way Interglobal bracket? I think if that’s possible it might be the easiest way to go.

      You could also remove the Way Interglobal mount entirely and mount the Rohent in its place as if you were adding an RV backup camera to an RV without the pre-wire kit. Just make sure you seal any holes that aren’t going to be used with RV sealant. (you can read a little more about a similar process in this post)

      As for the power plug that’s currently wired to your RV. You can cut that plug and wire the Rohent plug that came in the kit to those bare wires so you don’t have to remove the running light above the camera.

      Hopefully, this has been at least a little helpful, I wish RV manufacturers would just use the same RV backup camera brand all of the time but every now and again they’ll put an off brand pre-wire kit on a certain model of RV.

      Luckily the wiring and general installation are pretty straightforward and it’s always possible to remove the pre-wire kit so you can use the backup camera that you want to use.

  43. We just purchased a 2022 Dutchmen Aspen Trail which is prewired for a Voyager camera (per the brand name posted at the connection point, so the brand must’ve changed from Furrion since you wrote this article. So from my understanding, Voyager would be the best choice, but alternatively we could get another brand that has an adapter, correct?

  44. We have a pre-wired Gulf Stream Coach Vintage Cruiser 2021, what back-up camera would be best?
    No name is on the bracket that is mounted.

  45. Hello
    I have a 2016 Jaco Eagle 5th wheel, which has stickers and directions that the camper is pre-wired for Jaco back up camera. The package directions tion are for me to drill below the center marker light and pull the existing wires.
    Are new cameras wireless and are they better than hard wire. I went by a camper dealership and they did not provide any I sight. Your thoughts?

    • Hi Patrick,

      RV backup cameras are pretty much all wireless these days. Even pre-wired RVs are for wireless cameras, the pre-wire part just means there are power cables pulled from one of the running lights.

      I think the new wireless cameras are pretty good, they are super easy to install since you don’t have to run a wire all the way from the camera to the cab, but they do have some issues.

      The signal can start to fade at high speeds, there’s always a little bit of a delay, and the price point is pretty high.

      Most RV backup cameras sold today are wireless but there are still a few wired versions out there like this one (click to view on Amazon).

      If you don’t mind running wires and dealing with the camera cable every time you hitch or unhitch your 5th-wheel it’s a solid option.

      But if you like a fast install and not having to mess with a camera wire between the trailer and truck, wireless is the way to go.

      • Hey Jenni,

        The bracket from the Furrion Vision S does not fit in the shark fin that was supplied on my 2020 Primetime Avenger. The holes on the bracket are different from what’s on the shark fin. I looked into getting a new shark fin from Furrion but the holes in the shark fin that’s came on the trailer do not match the holes on the Furrion shark fin. I am stumped.

        • Hi Steve,

          Sounds like your RV is one of the few that got a mount for a Way Interglobal Camera.

          The shark fin mounts for the Way Interglobal camera look identical to the Furrion Vision S ones, sometimes I get fooled when trying to figure out what camera pre-wire kits are for.

          I apologize for that.

          If it were me I would actually remove the Way Interglobal shark fin and replace it with the Furrion one. The cameras are similar in price and the Furrion seems to be better quality.

          You will need to put new holes in the RV and do a little wiring. I have a post about how to swap RV backup camera mounts you can check out here.

          If you’re not comfortable with that you should return the Furrion and get the Way Interglobal Camera instead.

          Again, sorry for the bad recommendation earlier. Sometimes it’s really difficult to get information about the RV backup camera pre-wire kits.

          • Thanks Jenni!

            So I had to clip off the connection and splice the wires on trailer. One wire is red and the other is black. On the camera one of the wires is red and the other is white. Do I need to connect the whites together and the black and red together? I really appreciate all your help!!

          • Sometimes white can be negative like the black wire.

            You should connect the two red wires together, and the white and black wires together.

          • Also just a quick FYI.

            Maybe you already know this but your trailer needs to be plugged into your tow vehicle for the camera to get power. Sometimes you even have to turn on the headlights or parking lights in your car to get power to the RV tail lights which is what powers the camera.

            Just thought I’d mention it just in case your camera doesn’t turn on right away.

          • Jenni,

            It all worked out and I got it completed. Had to replace my shark fin with a furrion shark fin and drill new holes in trailer to mount it. Clip and splice wires coming from trailer to connect wires to camera wires. W Tested it out and it worked perfectly! I appreciate your help. Thanks again!

            PS. I tried attaching a pic of setup but it wouldn’t attach.

          • So glad it worked out! I think you’ll be happy with the Furrion Camera vs the other brand.

            Safe travels and happy camping!

    • Hi Brent,

      It’s hard to know exactly which brand of RV backup camera a Shasta RV is pre-wired for. Shasta normally uses the pre-mount for the Furrion Vision S Camera (click to view on Amazon).

      In 2021 it was reported that some of its RVs were wired for Way Interglobal cameras. The mounts look almost exactly the same and you will need to read the cover plate that’s on the front of the mount to know for sure.

  46. Hello , we just purchased a 2022 Keystone Avalanche 338GK , we aren’t sure which Furrion camera and does the 2018 Chevy Silverado camera scredn work with the camera or do we buy a screen?

    • Hi Tina,

      It looks like the 2022 Keystone Avalanche has the kind of pre-wire kit that just has two wires that stick out of the back instead of a plug. That means you can choose what brand of RV backup camera you want.

      You can read about some of the best RV backup camera options in this post here.

      This Furrion Vision S Camera (click to view on Amazon) will also work with the Keystone’s pre-wire.

      A screen that goes on the dash is included with the Furrion.

      If you want to be able to use the Chevy Silverado’s built in screen you have to get a wired trailer camera that only Chevy sells. The truck also needs to have the trailer camera package already installed.

      Most people find it easier to just install a regular wireless RV camera and to put the screen on the dash. For me, I like being able to see the video from the RV backup camera while driving and still be able to use the vehcile’s monitor as a GPS.

    • Hi Mike,

      The camera should only be getting power when it’s plugged into your vehicle and the engine is running, or when it’s in ACC/Accessory mode so the lights turn on.

      It shouldn’t drain the battery if your car is turned off.

  47. just bought a 2022 starcraft autumn ridge 19bh pre wired furrion, anything else fit. or is that the Haloview listed at the beginning

    • Hi Darren,

      Haloview is the most popular option to use in place of a Furrion backup camera, but there are a few other brands that also sell Furrion adapters for the mount and power plug.

      If you find an RV backup camera you like, check if they sell a Furrion adapter so you can install it on your RV.

    • Hi Edwin,

      This is the most current RV backup camera Furrion has. I think because the video is being transmitted wirelessly, and the monitor is so small, they figure 720p is enough. Maybe they will come out with a higher definition version soon.

  48. Jenni
    Do these cameras run 24/7 when they are plugged in? Or do they have a off and on switch on monitor?
    power usage? or when not using camper for several months how do you power off.

    • Hi Larry,

      They only turn on when your trailer is plugged into your vehicle, or if it’s a motorhome, when the engine is running.

      RV backup cameras are usually wired to the running lights, so if they lights aren’t getting power, the camera won’t be either.

    • It looks to me like Sunset Park is using Furrion Vision S (click to view on Amazon) RV backup cameras on their RVs, but sometimes they use different pre-wire kits depending on what’s available at the time.

      If there’s a cover on the camera mount it should have a company name on it. If there’s no cover or information, my best guess is Furrion.

  49. Two questions.
    I have a 2022 Keystone Cougar 368MBI fifth wheel and a 2022 Ford F-350 Platinum. My Cougar is prewired for a camera on the back.
    1. I would like to find a camera only that will hook up to the pre wire on the back and when in reverse it will display on my truck screen. I do not really need or want an extra display screen. Any brand and model you already know of that will work for this? If you are not aware of one how would I find out for sure before buying the camera?
    2. If question #1 above is not possible what camera/display combo is the best quality and price wise, when I’m probably not going to use the display
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Patrick,

      So far, there aren’t any 3rd party RV backup cameras that can connect to the main display in any vehicle.

      It’s a pain, but you have to use the display that comes with the backup camera.

      Ford does make a trailer camera that will connect to the main display in your truck. There will be a connection point for the camera near the hitch in the back.

      The Ford camera isn’t wireless, so you’ll need to run a cable.

      The pros to using that camera is it will connect to you main truck display, and there won’t be any lag or connection issues because it’s wired.

      If you would rather go with a wireless RV backup camera the prewire kit on your Cougar is set up so you can use pretty much any brand of camera because there’s just two wires sitting behind the cover and no plug for a specific brand.

      You can check out this article here for some good wireless RV backup camera suggestions.

      If you go with any backup camera that isn’t the Ford one, you’ll have to use the additional display.

  50. We bought, 2 months ago, 2023 Prowler travel trailer. Our problem is there is no wiring in the Furrion box to hook up a backup camera. The package says it it prewired for this camera. Can someone tell me how to hook my camera up with no wires in the box? This is really disappointing. I have my Furrion camera and can’t hook it up.

    • Hi John,

      Sounds like a mistake might have been made at the factory. If the package says it’s pre-wired there should be a mounting bracket and wires.

      You may be able to take it back to the dealer and have them install it for you since there’s supposed to be a pre-wire kit there.

      If you want to do it yourself you can check out the FAQ section in this post for information on how to install a wireless RV backup camera.

  51. Hello, We have a Sunray Sport 149 pre wired but the bracket does not provide info on what kind of camera it uses. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you

  52. I have a class A 2007 Damon Daybreak 35 ft, The current system it has is ADTH Rear Observation System model ROS 500 or 700. I wonder what type of pre-wire kit does it have.
    Any recommendation as to what system/model is good for replacement, wired or wireless? Thanks

  53. We have a 2022 Keystone Montana Fifthwheel. It is prewired for backup camera but there is no bracket on the back of trailer. Nothing stating what kind of camera should be used. There is 4 wires, 2 live and 2 ground when we take the cap off. Do you know what type of camera we have to buy. Would it have to be wireless. We have a 2022 GM 3/4 ton that has trailering screen installed, would a camera work by just attaching the wires or would we still need a wireless camera

  54. Is this just a back up camera or does it have constant viewing of the back of your camper when going down the highway?

  55. I have a 2022 Sunset Trailer Sunray 139T. I’m not sure but it looks like it’s prewired for a Furrion. Do you happen to know what will match my setup?

    • Hi Tim,

      If it’s prewired for a Furrion RV backup camera the version I linked to in the Furrion section of this article is the one you should get.

  56. Hi!

    I just bought a 2023 Viking 14SR that’s pre-wired and I purchases a Furrion compatible camera. But the camera itself doesn’t mount properly to the bracket/shark fin – it’s a few millimeters larger. Before I consider drilling in new holes for a shark fin replacement, I was wondering what camera does work with the RV model I have.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Wendy,

      Does the brand of Furrion compatible camera have a mounting bracket adapter available? Sometimes you need to purchase an adapter to make the mounting bracket fit.

  57. Hi, I just lurched a 2023 Coachmen 17blse. I want to mount a backup camera but I am not sure where I should mount it. If I mount it above the middle marker light it will be very close to the light. Will the light from the marker affect the camera image? The Furrion S said to mount it 6 inches above, but that is not possible. Would it be reasonable to remove the middle light and mount the camera in its place?
    Thank you,

  58. Happy New Year!

    Looking for a replacement camera for a 2016 Thor Freedom Elite 23H. Very small unit and can’t seem to find anything.

    Thanks for your help.

  59. Hello!

    Just bought our first travel trailer! I’d like to buy my husband a backup camera but I don’t think our trailer is prewired. We bought a 2020 Jayco Jayflight SLX Baja. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated!! Even if the advice is – don’t buy one. Thanks!

    • Hi Nikki,

      I’ve had RVs with and without RV backup cameras, and I highly recommend getting one. They’re really great for not only backing into camping spots but also for when you’re driving and want to see what traffic is doing behind you.

      You can check out this post here (click to view) to see some of my top recommended RV backup cameras.

      Thanks for the comment and enjoy your new trailer!

  60. I just acquired a 2015 Open Range 311FLR 5th Wheel, and I was told they got bought out by Jayco. It is prewired for a Furrion camera but when I plug in my Fookoo wireless camera there is no power on the black female coupler. Nobody so far could tell me how this is wired in, no wiring diagram available either; I tried with lights on on my truck, but still no power….any ideas? (maybe it only has power when towing truck in reverse?!

    • Hi Johann,

      It should be wired to the taillight that’s closest to it. It should be able to at least get power when the truck lights are on.

      Sounds like a wire might have come loose inside, your best bet is to start pulling out the taillights to see which one it’s wired to and hopefully you’ll find the problem there.


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