Free Boondocking By The Bonneville Salt Flats & Wendover

We stayed at the Bonneville Salt Flats/Silver Island Mountains BLM in October 2020

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Campground Info

Location: 40.772276, -113.981239
Cost: Free
Camping Limit: 14 Day
Amenities: None

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Essentials Nearby

Town: Wendover, UT/NV8 miles
Gas Station: Sinclair2 miles
Dump Station & Potable Water: Wendover KOA Journey – 8 miles ($15, Potable Water & Propane Available)
Grocery Store: Smith’s Food & Drug – 8.5 miles

Cell Phone Service

Verizon – Excellent
AT&T – Excellent

Nearby Attractions

Bonneville Salt Flats4.9 miles
West Wendover8 miles
Sun Tunnels46.8 miles
Blue Lake30.4 miles
Salt Lake City120 miles
Wells, Nevada – 66 miles
Elko, Nevada – 116 miles
Great Basin National Park – 192 miles

Silver Island Mountains Recreation Area Entrance Sign

Camping At Bonneville Salt Flats/Silver Island Mountains BLM

The first thing you need to know about camping at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah is that there is no overnight camping allowed on the Salt Flats themselves. You can drive out on the salt when it’s dry but spending the night might get you into some trouble.

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Luckily there is some fantastic free camping just a little way down the road from the Salt Flats Road at the foot of the Silver Island Mountains. There is also technically some camping near the first turn you take to head out on the straight salt flats road near the canal here, but it’s not super clear if camping there is allowed or not. I would recommend the Silver Island Mountains area to camp in because it’s definitely ok to camp there and it’s much more peaceful than camping right next to the busy salt flats road.

Bonneville Salt Flats & Silver Island Moutain's BLM Camping Sign

If you go directly to the coordinates for the Silver Island Mountains BLM camping area you will come to a sign like this. Most people camp around this sign and it’s a good place to set up if you are only planning on staying for a few days. It’s right next to a paved road and the small dirt road you drive on to get to is in excellent condition.

Our campsite further down the dirt road. You can see the main camping area to the south of our trailer.

You can also continue past the Silver Island Mountain’s entrance sign and find camping along that dirt road. Every time we’ve camped here we’ve camped in campsites further down the road. We even stayed in a sandy area about a mile past this sign. The road is washboardy but ok to drive down with an RV or trailer for at least the first few miles.

Our campsite at the foot of the Silver Island Mountain's near the Bonneville Salt Flats Utah.

The site we took was about a quarter of a mile down the road near the base of the first mountain. There were around 4 campsites in this area but most were unlevel and might take some work to set up your RV. Our site was the most level one and we had a fantastic view of the salt flats in front of us and the mountains behind us. We even did a little hiking and there are tons of ATV roads you can walk or ride bikes on.

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Roads leading to other campsites north of our spot on the Bonneville Salt Flats/Silver Island Mountain's BLM

If you were to continue down the dirt road you will come to other small roads that lead to campsites as well as some larger campsites near the main road. Like any free camping area be sure to scout ahead if you are driving a large RV or towing a trailer. You never know if you will be able to find space to turn around if you head down a small road.

My Camping Review Of The Bonneville Salt Flats/Silver Island Mountain’s BLM

Much like any camping area out in the desert, there is a lot of broken glass in most of the campsites here and the occasional sofa and garbage laying around. But we’ve seen much worse and it’s still a beautiful place to camp. We were there in the fall and it was starting to get cold so for the most part we were camping alone. A few vans showed up late at night and parked down the road from us a few times but for the most part, it was a great solitary campsite.

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We could see the more popular camping area near the entrance sign had 3-4 campers in it at all times but even they seemed to have enough space for their own campsites.

The night sky is amazing out there and you’re just a few miles from the entrance to the Salt Flats which you can drive out on when they’re dry. You are also within 10 miles of Wendover which is a great little casino town with 5 casinos, a grocery store, some great parks, and restaurants. It’s a cool place to walk around at night because of all the casino lights.

If you’re on a road trip or just need a cool place to camp out in the desert then the Bonneville Salt Flats/Silver Island Mountains BLM is a fantastic place to stay that’s easy to get to an close to some fun things to do.

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by Jenni
Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

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