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Does My RV Have A Backup Camera & How Do I Use It?

How To Find The Backup Camera On An RV?

If you’re wondering whether or not your RV, travel trailer, van, or 5th-wheel has a backup camera you can look for it on the back of your rig.

Backup cameras are installed on the back near the top and in the center. The camera is normally powered using the center running light which means it will be either below or above that light.

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An RV Backup Camera is normally located above or below the center running light on the back.
An RV Backup Camera is normally located above or below the center running light on the back.

In the picture above I have pointed out where the backup camera is normally located on an RV.

It doesn’t matter if you have a Class C, A, van, 5th-wheel, or travel trailer the location is almost always going to be the same.

Sometimes an RV will come pre-wired for a backup camera. In this case, you will see a bracket that will look something like what is in the picture below.

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Furrion backup camera pre-wire mount on the back of an RV.
Furrion backup camera pre-wire mount on the back of an RV.

This is a pre-wired mount on the back of a toy hauler that is for a Furrion Vision S Backup Camera (click to view on Amazon).

There are a few different brands of backup cameras that can come pre-wired for an RV.

Another common RV backup camera is called Voyager by Jensen (click to view on Amazon).

Voyager RV backup cameras aren’t as common but they may be what your RV is pre-wired for.

The reason I know this one is for a Furrion is because the cover plate tells me what brand the pre-wire mount is for.

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The RV backup camera pre-wire mount should tell you what brand of camera it's compatible with.
The RV backup camera pre-wire mount should tell you what brand of camera it’s compatible with.

If you see a camera behind your RV, then your RV has a backup camera.

If you see a pre-wire mount like the one in the picture above, your RV is prepped for a backup camera but you will need to purchase the correct one for it.

You can see what RV backup camera your RV most likely is pre-wired for in this article here (click to view).

If your RV does not have a backup camera or a pre-wired mount you can check out this article (click to view) about the best RV backup cameras including information on how to install them.

How Do I Turn On My RV Backup Camera?

If you have a backup camera on your RV you should also have a small monitor that goes with it.

Some RVs (mostly Class C or A) will have the backup camera connected to the dash monitor.

You will need to have the battery to your vehicle turned on or the engine running to power the lights which in turn will power the backup camera.

Sometimes you will need to turn on the running lights to your RV to power the backup camera. This is most common with travel trailers and 5th-wheels.

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Once the backup camera and the monitor are on you should be able to see behind your RV.

If the backup camera is connected to the dash monitor in your Class C or A you may need to find the function that will turn the monitor to the backup camera view or it will automatically display it when your RV is put into reverse.

Some Class C or A RVs have a backup camera monitor inside the review mirror. In this case, the mirror will show the backup camera view when you put your RV into reverse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a backup camera on my RV?

RV backup cameras increase safety by providing a clear view of what’s behind you while driving or backing.

This makes  parking and maneuvering easier. It can also reducing the risk of accidents because you’ll be more aware of other vehicles around you.

Can I install a backup camera on my RV if it doesn’t have one?

Yes, aftermarket backup camera kits are available for RVs. They can be installed by you, a dealer, or RV repair shop.

If you’re handy with tools I recommend doing it yourself. Since most RV backup camera’s are wireless, installation is fairly easy.

You can read more about how to install an RV backup camera here.

Are RV backup cameras easy to use?

Yes, most RV backup cameras are very user-friendly. They always come with their own displays pair automatically. The controls are usually very simple to understand as well.

The hardest part is the installation. If your RV came pre-wired for an RV backup camera the hardest part is already done for you.

Can I integrate my RV’s backup camera with other onboard systems?

No, it’s very rare for an RV backup camera to be compatible with a vehicles built-in display.

That’s why they almost always come with their own monitors that need to be set on the dash or mounted to the windshield.

Some trucks and SUVs come with special systems installed for connecting trailer backup cameras, but these systems are rare and you have to get the camera from the car manufacturer.

Do backup cameras work well in all weather conditions?

Yes, most RV backup cameras are waterproof and work well in most weather conditions. The only thing that might affect them is speed.

High speeds can interfere with the signal and can even cause the camera to temporarily disconnect.

Have any more questions about your RV Backup Camera? Check out some of the articles I linked to above or leave a comment below.

by Jenni
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  1. I have a Shasta 18 ft travel trailer , and it has a back up camera mount on it . I would like to know what type of back up camera fits this rv.

    • Most Shasta travel trailers use the Furrion Vision S backup camera (click to view on Amazon). To make sure your specific travel trailer is pre-wired for a Furrion backup camera check the cover plate on the bracket, it should tell you what specific camera it’s for. If there’s no bracket you can tell by the style of cover it has. If it matches the one in the pictures in this article it’s more than likely a Furrion mount.

  2. I am very glad I’ve found your site. There is so much good information here. I am going to pick up a 2021 Surveyor Legend 203RKLE soon. I’m assuming it will come wired for a Furion camera. My question is will any Furion camera work, or are they wired for a specific model?

  3. I have a 2020 bighorn traveler it has a backup camera furrion what else do I need to use it didn’t receive anything else


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