Exploring The Metropolis Ghost Town Near Wells Nevada

Metropolis Nevada – The 30 Year Town

The town of Metropolis Nevada which has now be deserted for almost 80 years was established in 1910 as an agricultural community. At one time it had up to 700 residents. There was a railroad that passed by the town and there were many large buildings including a school, a hotel, a post office, and much more.

Information plaque near the Hotel Metropolis.

Due to the lack of water, a typhoid epidemic, rabbits, and a Mormon crickets the town dwindled and the school and post office were closed in the 1940s and the town ultimately was deserted just around 30 years after it was founded.

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How To Get To Metropolis Ghost Town (41.228021, -115.058155)

The Metropolis Ghost Town is really out in the middle of nowhere. Google maps does a good job of getting you there but its basically 11 miles north of Wells, NV on the same road as 12 mile hot springs. The paved road there is terrible so expect it to take a little more time to drive there than you would think. Once you get onto the dirt road it isn’t as bad. Metropolis is accessible for any vehicle including cars.

Metropolis Ghost Town Nevada Today

Today the only structures still standing are remnants of Hotel Metropolis and the Lincoln School.

Remnants of Hotel Metropolis at the Metropolis Ghost Town in Nevada.

There’s not much left of Hotel Metropolis but it’s the first structure you get to. It’s a small two-story structure surrounded by a giant basement foundation. Steps are leading down into the foundation and you can easily explore the entire thing.

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There isn’t much there by way of cool structure but there’s a lot of art you can check out.

Graffiti on the wall of the Hotel Metropolis in Nevada.

The Lincoln School is the main attraction and the building you will see the most pictures of whenever you look up Metropolis Ghost Town. It’s a unique structure and unlike other ghost towns most people are used to seeing. The building is made of brick and cement. While almost the entire first floor is gone the entryway and chimney are still standing.

Entryway to the Lincoln School in the Metropolis Ghost Town near Wells Nevada.

The entryway is amazing and it sticks out in the empty desert landscape. It looks fantastic from all sides and you can get some neat photos sitting on the steps behind it.

Greys Peak to the south through the Metropolis Ghost Town Schoolhouse entry in Nevada.

The lower basement level is a little scary to walk down into and I would be very careful doing this. I mostly entered through the large openings in the front and back and didn’t spend much time standing under anything. You can see in places where the first floor has caved in and you don’t want to be stuck under tons of cement flooring.

Stairs leading down to the lower level in the Metropolis School.

There isn’t much in the basement of the old Lincoln School as far as items go but the sunlight streaming through the holes in the floor above and the different graffiti on the walls is pretty magical.

Graffiti in the basement of the Lincoln School in the Metropolis Ghost Town.

I especially liked the bricks. They were the old style and had lots of different colors and designs.

Bricks near the entryway at the school in the Metropolis Ghost Town Nevada.

The last cool thing you can check out at Metropolis Ghost Town is the Metropolis Cemetary located a little ways southwest of the town. It’s just some headstones but it’s still a cool part of the history.

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If you’re ever headed east or west on the I-80 it can be worth the little detour drive out to the Metropolis Ghost Town to see some cool parts of Nevada history. Most of the ghost towns I’ve seen are wood buildings and stone pioneer houses. The brick schoolhouse is something special and who knows how long the entryway will be standing.

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