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How Do I Fix Leaking RV Propane Regulator Pigtails?


This RV owner was recently having some issues with a leaky RV propane regulator pigtails. Here’s their comment from our 7 Signs That Your RV Propane Regulator Has Gone Bad article.

Hi. I definitely have a leak either where the regulator connects to the hose leading from my RV or in one or both of the pigtails. The RV is only two years old. The connection from the RV hose to the regulator base looks pretty gunked up and is sticky. Could this just need to be cleaned up and reconnected? Once I have done this, is there a tape that should be used at this connection? I ask this question because as I said it is sticky at that connection now. Thanks in advance for your help! – JG


The gunk you are seeing is most likely the pipe thread sealant the manufacturer used to keep the connection from leaking. That being said that area could still be the source of the leak.

To test for a gas leak you can use a leak detector spray like this one (click to view on Amazon)

To make your own use 1 part water and 1 part dish soap. Put the water and dish soap in a spray bottle and gently swirl it around to mix.

Then evenly spray the mixture or the leak detector onto the connections where there may be a leak. If there is gas leaking out it will make bubbles in the solution.

If any of the connections are leaking, whether it’s the RV line to the propane regulator or the pigtails, you are going to need to re-do the sealant on the threads.

Some people use putty but I prefer tape.

Use tape that is made specifically for propane and natural gas lines like this (click to view on Amazon).

Unscrew the leaking connection and clean off the old putty or tape. Once the threads are clean wrap a generous amount of the thread sealant tape around it.

You want enough to create a good seal but not so much that the parts won’t go back together.

Once you’ve tightened everything down reconnect and turn on your propane.

Test the connection again with the leak detector solution.

If it’s still leaking you may need to try again with the tape. I’ve had to reseal threads twice before to get the amount of sealant just right.


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by Jenni
Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

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