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What Can A Honda 1000W (EU1000i) Gas Generator Power/Run?

What Can And Can’t The Popular Honda 1000W Generator Run?

One of Honda’s most sold gas generators, the EU1000i is popular for a reason.

It’s a very quiet inverter gas generator that is relatively lightweight, but extremely reliable.

I have had a Honda EU1000i (click to view on Amazon) for years now and still use it to this day sometimes. It always starts right up, and as long as you maintain it with oil- and filter-changes it will run for thousands of hours.

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But if you have never used a gas generator before the name and the running watts might not mean much, but in short article I am going to tell you specifically what appliances and devices it will power and not.

Before we get to the specifics, let’s take a quick look at the features.

The Honda EU1000i Features

There are a couple of different EU1000i models, but they’re not significantly different. The one I have is the one I linked to above.

1000W, right?

So we know it’s a 1000W gas generator, what else is there to know?

Well, while it does max out at 1000W it’s actually rated at 900W.

Generators are often advertised with its surge rating, which is what the inverter can output for a short while.

Then there is the rated wattage, or the running watts, which is what the inverter is capable of outputting for a longer period of time.


There are two AC outlets, and they look just like the outlets in your home.

The 15A outlets in your home can output up to 1800W (15A), but one EU1000i can only output half of that, 7.5A.

It’s 7.5A combined, so you can’t get 900W out of both receptacles at the same time.

If you need more ports it is fine to connect a power strip, but remember to not overload the generator.

Parallel Support

If the 1000W/900W is not enough for you, you might want to add a second EU1000i and connect two together in parallel.

A special cable sold by Honda is required to do this (click to view on Amazon), but when it’s done you’ll be able to draw the full 15A from the 15A receptacle.

Eco Mode

By turning the Eco Mode on, the engine in the generator will automatically adjust to only generate the electricity needed to power whatever is plugged in at the moment.

This should be used most of the time when you don’t need the full 900W.

For long, low loads it’s a great way to lower both the noise and the fuel consumption.

Fuel Tank

The EU1000i has a 0.55 gallon fuel tank.

A full tank will last around eight hours on a 25% load (225W).

What The Honda EU1000i Can & Can’t Run

Alright, let’s get to the meat of the matter.

I’ll do my best to add as much information as possible, but if you’re not sure whether a certain appliance or device will work, check what the device is rated for.

If you can’t find any information on the device or in its manual, you can use a Kill-A-Watt power meter (click to view on Amazon).

What it can power

  • Small kitchen appliances – Small food mixers, food processors, the smallest Instant Pot, small coffee machines, slow cookers, electric whisks, rice cookers, the smallest George Foreman grills.
  • Office – Computers (both laptops and desktops), printers, fans, monitors.
  • Camping gear – Mini fridges, lights, fans, electric bike chargers, space heaters on low, electric pumps, water pumps, heated blankets, power station chargers (up to 900W).
  • Home, garden, health – TVs, gaming consoles, speakers, CPAP machines, security cameras, smart devices, USB chargers, box fans. Small chain saw, cultivators, weed cutters and hedge trimmers should run with no problem.
  • RV – You can plug your RV or van into a 900W inverter and it will charge the house batteries and power the AC outlets inside. If nothing else is running, it will power an RV fridge (not residential), but not the water heater on electric. The inverter charger will use around 200-500 watts depending on battery status, so be careful not to overload the inverter.

What it might power

  • Microwaves – You’ve opened the microwave door and seen “900W” and though, awesome this won’t be a problem. The thing about microwaves is that there are input and output watts, and the number you usually see on it is the output watts. The input watts will be higher, and a 900W microwave might actually need 1200W to run.
  • Power tools – 900W should be enough to use most rapid battery chargers for battery-powered tools. Most corded power tools other than electric drills require more than 900W.
  • Kitchen appliances – This is such a huge category that it’s going to depend on the specific product. The information about the required wattage can usually be found on the appliance itself.
  • Residential fridges – Depends on the model. Look for a sticker inside the fridge. See if you can find the amps it requires. If it says 6A, it needs 720W at 120W (120*6=720W).

What it can’t power

  • 13,500/15,000 BTU RV AC – Unfortunately, 900W is not quite enough to run an RV air conditioner. If you’ve a small and portable AC (under 10,000 BTU) it might be able to.
  • Electric car chargers – Unless you can adjust the charger for your EV to not use more than 7A, you shouldn’t plug your car into a 900W inverter.
  • Things that get hot – Induction cooktops, space heaters, toasters, and ovens require more than 900W. Some space heaters have low settings that might work.
  • Washers, dryers and dishwashers – Appliances with electric heating elements like these will not run on a 900W inverter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my RV to this generator?

If you have a 15A camper van, you can use an extension cord to plug it right in.

If you have a 30A RV, you’re going to need a 15A to 30A adapter like this (click to view on Amazon).

If you have a 50A RV, you’re going to need a 15A to 50A adapter like this (click to view on Amazon).

Remember that even though you’ve connected a 15, 30, or 50 amp cord, the 7.5A limit of the receptacle is still there and should not be exceeded.

How often do I need to change the oil?

The oil should be changed when the generator has been running for a total of about 100 hours. Some do it after 50, while others do it after 200.

Can I use diesel in a gas generator?

No, use regular unleaded gasoline only.

What’s the best type of motor oil for a Honda EU1000i?

I’ve been using 10W-30 motor oil from the local hardware store, but Honda sells 10W30 motor oil (click to view on Amazon) which is “specifically formulated for Honda engines”.

How do I connect two Honda generators together?

The Honda EU1000i can be connected in parallel with a second generator of the same kind with the Honda parallel cables (click to view on Amazon).

Make sure that the model you have has the parallel connector ports on the front of the unit.

Please leave a comment down below if you have any questions.

by Jesse
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