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How Does An RV Propane Regulator Work?

Why Do I Need A 2-Stage RV Propane Regulator?

Propane systems are found all over the place. They are used in RVs, homes, industrial buildings, restaurants, basically anywhere there is an LP gas appliance is being used.

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Propane regulators are a necessary part of any propane system and those that fuel appliances like what you find in your RV require 2 stages of regulators. The best way to understand how an RV propane regulator works is to first understand what each stage does.

Stage 1

The first stage regulates the pressure directly from the propane tank.  In a situation where the propane tank is located far away from the appliance (like a house propane system), the first stage regulator will be placed by the tank and the second stage is placed closer to the appliance. On an RV the propane tanks are located near the appliances that need them so the first and second stages of the regulators can be built together in one unit.

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To put it in simpler words the first stage takes the pressure from the propane tanks down to a manageable level for the second stage of the regulator to do its job. Usually, it’s 10-15 pounds of pressure.

Stage 2

The second stage of the RV propane regulator takes the smaller amount of pressure provided by the first stage and turns it into the standard propane pressure for appliances (normally measured at 11″ on a water column) in a regulated unchanging stream.

You must have both regulators on a propane system in order for it to work. They also need to be a matching set and compatible with each other. You cannot place the second stage regulator before the first, it must come after.

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RV propane regulators are very simple to install and use. Some aren’t even adjustable because the propane system in an RV is simple and doesn’t need a lot of tweaking. The only thing you really need to watch out for is leaks.

If you need to change your RV propane regulator there are detailed instructions on how to do it and what you will need here.

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