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How To Connect A Honda EU2200i Generator To 30A/50A RV?

The information in this article is based on what I have found when researching the subject. Follow this guide at your own risk. To be 100% sure before connecting anything, I recommend contacting Honda’s customer support.

Connect A Honda EU2000i Generator To Your 30A/50A RV

The Honda EU2200i (click to view on Amazon) is a very popular inverter generator, not only for RV travelers but also for homeowners that want to have a backup power source in case of a power outage.

But how do you connect one of these Honda generators to your RV?

Well, it depends on which model(s) you have. Some adapters work with all of them, while some only work with one of them.

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Let’s start with taking a look at the different EU2200i models and the differences between them so you can figure out which one you have and what adapter you need to connect it to your RV/camper.

Then we’ll also talk about how you can parallel-connect two generators to increase the power output to be able to run an RV air conditioner.

If you’re in a hurry and just want to know which adapter works with all the EU 2200i models: This is the one for 30A RVs/trailers (click to view on Amazon), and this is the one for 50A RVs/trailers (click to view on Amazon).

Note that just because it’s a 30A or 50A adapter does not mean that the generator supports that much power output.

The outlets that these adapters are plugged into can only output 15A (1800W) continuously if you use a single generator.

If you have the Honda EU2200i and the Honda Companion (click to view on Amazon) connected in parallel, this is the adapter you need (click to view on Amazon) to utilize the full 30A with a 30A camper,.

Use this adapter if you have a 50A camper (click to view on Amazon).

The Different Honda EU2200i Models

Honda EU2200i

The most basic model that has two 20A AC outlets (can only output 15A).

Can be connected in parallel to another one like it, or the EU2200i Companion below to increase the power output.

Can output 1800W (15A) continuously on its own.

Honda EU2200i Companion

The Companion model has one 20A AC outlet and one 30A outlet.

Can output 1800W (15A) continuously on its own. Can be parallel connected to the basic model above, or another companion.

The base EU2200i model with a different skin. The only difference is the way it looks.

Can be connected to another one like it, or one of the two models above.

Honda EB2200i

Has two GFCI protected 15A AC outlets. Cannot be connected to another generator.

If you don’t know how to identify which of these models you have, take a look at the text above where the ports are located on the generator.

If you have a base EU2200i model (or the camo) it only says EU2200i.

The companion models say EU 2200i with a smaller “Companion 30a” text right underneath.

The EB2200i and “Industrial” above the ports.

How To Connect Your RV/Trailer To A Honda Generator

So now that we know the differences, let’s take a look at the adapter(s) you need to connect a camper to your specific generator.

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If you have a 30A RV

If you have one of the models above and a camper with a 30A plug, this is the adapter you need.

Note that this will not be able to output more than 15A since you’re going to be using the 15A plug.

Camco Camper / RV Dogbone Electrical Adapter - Features 15-Amp Male...

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If you have a Companion model with a 30A plug, you can use one of these adapters to turn the three-prong (L5 30p) into a 30A (TT 30R).

If you have one generator, you’re still limited to a max output of 15A. However, if you have two connected in parallel, the 30A outlet will be able to output 30A.

Camco Power Grip Camper/RV Generator Adapter | Features a Heavy-Duty...

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If you have a 50A RV

If you have any of the EU2200i models, you can use this adapter to connect a 50A cord to the generator.

Since the power source is a 15A outlet, it will only be able to output a maximum of 1800W (15A).

Camco RV Dogbone Electrical Adapter with Innovative 180 Degree Bend...

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If you have either one or two Companion models, this is the adapter you can use to turn the 3 Prong 30A outlet into a 50A.

If you only have one Companion, the 15A outlet will only output 1800W (15A).

To get 30A out of it, you need two generators connected in parallel. That can either be a EU2200i (non-companion) and a EU2200i Companion, or two Companions.

RVGUARD 3 Prong 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV Generator Adapter Cord 12 Inch,...

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How To Connect Two Honda Generators In Parallel

To connect two Honda generators in parallel, you need a pair of parallel cables.

BougeRV Generator Parallel Cables for Honda EU2200i EU 2200IC...

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Then all you have to do is connect the two generators together where it says “Parallel Operation Outlets”.

BougeRV Generator Parallel Cables for Honda EU2200i EU 2200IC...

Make sure the cables are connected before you start the generators.

When two generators are connected and running, they’re going to be able to output more power.

It will still be limited by the outlet used, so don’t try to pull more than 15A/20A from a 20A receptacle, or more than 30A from a 30A receptacle.

  • Two EU2000i generators are rated at 3200 watts or 26.7 amps.
  • Two EU2200i generators are rated at 3600 watts or 30 amps.
  • One EU2200i generator and one EU2000i are rated at 3400 watts or 28.3 amps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Run An RV AC With A EU2200i?

A single EU2200i can output up to 1800W continuously, which is not enough for a 13,500 BTU or 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner.

If you connect two EU2200i in parallel, they’ll be able to output 3600W, or 30A, which is enough to run an RV air conditioner.

One way to make it possible to run an RV AC with a single generator is to use a Micro-Air EasyStart (click to view on Amazon).

It’s installed on the AC unit to soft-start the compressor and reduce the initial load.

Can I Connect A Honda EU2200i To A EU2000i?

All EU2200i models can be connected to another EU2200i or EU2200i Companion.

If you have a EU2000i (either the base or the companion) you need to make sure it supports it by checking its serial number.

You can find the serial number on the side of the generator. The EU2000i models that are compatible with the EU2200i model are:

EAAJ-2017305 thru EAAJ-9999999

EACT-1000001 thru EACT-9999999

If you connect a non-supported EU2000i to a EU2200i, it might output a low voltage and damage whatever you’ve plugged into the generator.

Are The “Household” Outlets 15A or 20A?

They are 20A receptacles, so you can connect appliances with either a 15A or a 20A plug, but the generator can only output 15A unless you have connected two generators in parallel.

Can Two EU2200i Generators Output 240V?

No, connecting two Honda EU2000/EU2200i generators will not give you a 240V option.

What Kind Of Oil Is The Best For A Honda EU2200i Generator?

According to the manual, SAE 10W-30 is the recommended motor oil for general use. Like the Honda 10W-30.

Make sure it’s a 4-stroke automotive detergent oil.

If you have any questions or believe some important information is missing from the article, please leave a comment down below.

by Jesse
Jesse has always had an interest in camping, technology, and the outdoors. Who knew that growing up in a small town in Sweden with endless forests and lakes would do that to you?

9 thoughts on “How To Connect A Honda EU2200i Generator To 30A/50A RV?”

  1. So if you parallel 2 2200i generators. (Both with only 20 amp outlets). How do you do access the combined power with the standard Honda parallel cables? I want to combine 2 2200i basic gens WITHOUT the companion model. The way I see it I would have to go with a parallel kit from another manufacturer that has an external 30 amp or greater plug.

    • Hi Tim,

      As far as I know, Honda has been very specific about using the companion to get access to a 30 amp receptacle when connecting two eu2200i generators in parallel.

      I don’t recommend using another brand’s parallel kit to try and get a 30 amp receptacle without having to use the companion eu2200i. Honda generators are already so spendy I wouldn’t want to recommend anything that might mess them up somehow.

    • I believe they are. You can check Honda’s website but even new EU 2200i generators are supposed to work with the EU 2200i companion.

  2. Great article. Thank you. Companion EU2200i models are not readily available so we purchased two standard models with the intent of using them in parallel so that we can fire up our AC on our 50Amp travel trailer. I assume all four available “household” outlets will have the 3600W available if I use the 50 to 15/20 dog bone?

    • Hi Paul,

      A 50 to 15/20 amp dog bone is only going to be able to send over 1,875 watts of power because of the 20 amp side. You’re going to need to figure out a way to get a 30 amp outlet connected to both generators to get 3,600 watts of power and you will need to use a 50 to 30 amp adapter.

      There currently aren’t any ways to do get a 30 amp outlet connected to both generators without the companion model. At least no ways that are recommended by Honda.

  3. Hi! I want to make sure I’m clear on all this so sorry if it’s redundant. We have the Honda 2200i basic model with the 2 15 amp outlets on it. We have a 30 amp airstream Bambi. Bought the dog bone adapter you recommended in this post. If we get the Microair Easy Start, will we be able to start and run the AC in that configuration? We are converting the generator to propane with the Hutch Mtn conversion kit. Our Bambi has 1 solar panel on the roof. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge of these things!

  4. Hi we are looking at the ultra quiet 3200i buying 2 of them with the kit to put them together for a 50 amp camper. Will this work for 2 AC units. We have a keystone out back 343DB. Thanks again


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