How To Measure and Replace Trailer or RV Awning Fabric

How To Measure For Replacement RV Awning Fabric

People don’t always take care of the awnings on their RVs. If you buy a used RV or travel trailer the awning is usually moldy and in bad shape. When we bought our travel trailer we had to spend hours scrubbing it down to get rid of all the mold that had grown on it.

Luckily for us, the fabric was still in good shape, so we didn’t need to buy a replacement. A lot of people aren’t so lucky.

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Replacement RV awning vinyl fabric isn’t hard to find and you can even buy different colors that are faded. Chances are the replacement fabric you buy for your awning will look nicer than the original.

Before you buy a replacement RV awning fabric measure from end cap to end cap on your awning. The sizes of the replacement awning fabric should be shorter than the distance between the end caps.

end cap of an RV awning

The measurements companies give for their replacement fabrics can be misleading. For instance, they will say the fabric is for a 12-foot awning. This is for the total length of the entire awning, including the arms.

Normally in the description, they will tell you what the actual length of the fabric is, which is normally around 10 inches shorter. Make sure it’s not longer than what your end cap to end cap measurement is and you should be good to go.

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The standard projections (how far the awning goes out or width of the fabric is 8 feet, and that’s what most RV awning fabric replacement companies sell. So that part is an easy choice.

Some fabrics say they are for manual RV awnings, it will also work for automatic or electric RV awnings, the only difference is the manual kits come with a replacement strap.

How To Replace RV Awning Fabric

Whether you have an automatic awning or a manual one the replacement process will be almost the same. Replacing an RV awning is time-consuming but is something you can do yourself and there aren’t very many tools required.

RVGeeks has made one of the most informative easy to follow video on replacing a manual RV awning fabric. I suggest watching the entire video before you start replacing your RV awning fabric and then follow along with their steps.

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Watch this video on YouTube.

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