Best iPhone Games To Play Offline

I think a lot of us has been there. On a plane, in a car, or just in our RVs during a trip. We want to play some games on our phones to make the time go by faster but we don’t have any service. Why didn’t you download some great games when you had service? Well, I am here to prepare you for that moment and share my five favorite games that I play when I find myself in one of those situations. Before you get too riled up about me playing games when out in nature, I am a techie and I need my tech fix, just like I need my nature fix, maybe you get it!

My favorite kind of iPhone games is the kind that let you start and finish playing really fast. I do play games with high scores and there are some on my list like that, but it’s not the kind I play the most. When you only have 10 minutes to kill, you need a quick game.

The most important thing about this list is being able to play the game with no service on your iPhone or iPad. If you’re any kind of traveler, you’ll be in situations with no service for hours or days but all it takes is planning and you shouldn’t be bored for a second. Remember that battery life is important to stay entertained and I wrote an article earlier about which iPhone has the best battery life, take a look if you want to be the most prepared!

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Let’s get to the list!

1. Desert Golfing ($1.99)

This is on the top of my list because it’s the one I have played the most. All you do is play golf in the desert and you control your strokes with your finger. All you control is the direction and the power of the stroke. The only score it keeps for you is how many strokes you have in total and it will tell you what hole you’re on, so you can calculate your average strokes per hole by doing some math (hole/amount of strokes) on your own. I definitely recommend this game because of its simplicity and it’s easy to pick up and down at any time. My average FYI right now is 2.14.

Link to download Desert Golfing from the App Store

2. Tetris (Free, with IAP to remove ads)

Yep, Tetris made the list in 2018. The classic designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov has been brought back to life and I like the EA version on the iPhone. A marathon mode lets you start on a harder difficulty so if you don’t have a lot of time you can go through a round pretty quickly. The game works great without paying and I have noticed that playing without any service or in airplane mode stops the most annoying popup ads so I haven’t felt the need to pay the $4.99 to get rid of them. It keeps your high score for you so you can easily compare with friends and family. It even shows your current “rival” during a game. I will raise a warning finger to not play too much Tetris before going to bed, your head will keep playing Tetris when you close your eyes. It has happened more than once to me!

Link to download Tetris by EA on the App Store

3. Monument Valley ($3.99 with IAP for expansions, there’s also a newer Monument valley 2 for $4.99)

If you’re looking for something that can be a bit more challenging, Monument Valley might be it. A beautiful and mesmerizing game filled with puzzles. While most of the levels aren’t too hard to pass, you come to appreciate the graphics and the illusions created for you. There’s also a second version of this game that’s available for a dollar more than the first version.

Link to download Monument Valley on the App Store

4. Crossy Road (Free, with IAP)

Why did the Chicken cross the road? To get a higher score in Crossy Road. A game that I have been playing on my iPhone, iPad and also Apple TV. Crossy Road has pretty graphics and one of those games that you just keep coming back to. The goal is to cross as many obstacles and roads as possible and each one counts toward your score.

Link to download Crossy Road on the App Store

5. Tiny Wings ($1.99)

This is the game I have had the longest on my phone and I’ve spent countless hours on so I had to add it to the list. You’re a bird flying through hills and islands eating coins. You can even play multiplayer on the iPad-version. What I really like about this game is the simplicity. It’s a one-button game which in this case means that you just hold your finger on the screen for as long as you want to bring the bird down. This is done so you can hit the hills just right so you gain more speed when you jump. You lose by letting the night catch up to you and you can follow how close you’re on the screen. A simple but beautiful game with relaxing music.

Link to download Tiny Wings on the App Store

Maybe you already have all of them, or none of them, either way, I hope you’ll never find yourself in the situation again where you regret not being ready for the no service-moment. If you have any other game that you’re really into, let us know in the comments!

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