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Jackery Releases Official 8mm Extension Cable

Jackery Has Finally Released An Extension Cable For Its SolarSaga Solar Panels

If you’ve been searching for an 8mm extension cable for your SolarSaga panel from Jackery, you know that it’s not as easy as it should be to find one.

Sure, there are 8mm extension cables out there, but not all 8mm cables and connectors are made the same.

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Some adapters and cables might fit with connectors from one brand, but not another.

Fortunately, Jackery has finally started selling an 8mm extension cable.

The Jackery 8mm Extension Cable

The Jackery 8mm extension cable (click to view on Amazon) is 16.4 feet long (5 meters) long.

 Jackery DC Extension Cable for Solar Panel 16.4 feet / 5 Meter

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On one side of the cable there is an 8mm female connector where you can plug in a SolarSaga solar panel.

On the other end, there is an 8mm (actually 7909) and an extra 8020 connector.

The first regular connector is to be used with most power stations like the Explorer 160, 240, 290/400, 300, 500, and 1000.

The extra adapter only needs to be used with the newer Explorer 1500 (click to view on Amazon) and Explorer 2000 that use a proprietary 8mm connector.

How Long Does It Make The Solar Panel Cable In Total?

The cable that’s already connected to the Jackery solar panels is almost 10 feet long, so it would extend the cable to a total of 26 feet (almost 8 meters).

Are There Downsides To Using Extension Cables?

Yes, more cables and connectors will equal more voltage loss.

That means that the input watts you see on the Jackery power station will most likely be a bit lower than you’re used to when you don’t use the extension cable.

Can I Use Two Cables Together?

Sure, but that’ll increase the voltage loss even further and I would only recommend doing so if you absolutely have no other option.

Is It Waterproof?

According to Jackery you should not use it during rainy days or in wet environments.

How Many Amps Can The Jackery Extension Cable Handle?

That’s not clear, and there is no AWG rating to be found online.

There might be a small sticker on the cable itself that tells you how many panels you can connect safely with this cable.0

Can I Use It With Solar Panels From Other Brands?

Theoretically it’s compatible with every other 8mm connector on the market, like panels from Goal Zero, Rockpals, Itehil, Bluetti, etc.

But as I mentioned in the intro, not all 8mm connectors are made the same way and can connect as easy as they should.

I can’t say whether it’s compatible with a specific brand or not because I haven’t tested the cable, but I am planning on doing so in the near future.

Please leave a comment down below if you have any questions.

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  1. Good day, I have a Jackery 2000. The original one. I just bought 3- 200w Grape Solar panels. What connectors/adaptors do I need to hook them up in series?
    Thanks for your help!


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