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We Finally Found A Portable Coffee Maker That Actually Works

Disclaimer: Outin sent this product to us for free for a review. That does not affect our opinion about the product. In this article, we list both what we like and dislike. Read more about this here.

Where Are All the Portable Coffee Makers?

If you’ve ever taken a deep dive into the world of portable coffee makers, you’ve probably noticed that there aren’t a ton of them out there.

I ran into that problem recently when going over my review for the best 12 volt coffee makers for RV and camping use (click to go to review).

The issue is the heating. It takes a lot of electricity to heat, that’s why there’s not a lot of battery or 12 volt powered blankets, coats, or coffee makers.

Most 12 volt outlets can’t supply the amount of electricity needed to brew a cup of coffee, at least not quickly.

Most people don’t want to wait 20-30 minutes for their coffee when traveling, so 12 volt coffee makers just aren’t very popular.

During my search for better portable coffee makers that actually work, one particular product caught my eye, the Outin Nano portable espresso machine.

There are some portable espresso machines out there, but all of them require hot water to use. This is where the Outin Nano is truly different. It does everything, including heating water.

On top of all that, it does everything in just 3-4 minutes. Which is crazy for a battery powered coffee maker.

I had to try it to believe it. So I reached out to the company via their customer service. They got back to me within 24 hours.

Despite them sending me a portable coffee maker to review, my opinion is still my own and I’m doing this review truthfully. It either makes hot coffee or it doesn’t.

So here’s my full review of one of the few true portable electric coffee makers available today.

Outin Nano Portable Espresso Machine Overview

Before I get into my experience with the Outin coffee maker, I’m going to go over its key features. If you just want to know how it works, you can skip this part and go right to the review.

Outin portable coffee make battery powered espresso maker gift set

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Main Features

  • Fast Heating
  • Battery Powered (7,500 mAh)
  • 3 Hour Charge Time
  • 92°C/198°F Water Temperature
  • 20 Bars of Pressure for Crema
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Capsule or Ground Coffee
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Makes 2-3 80 ml or 4-5 50 ml Cups Per Charge
  • Hot Water Compatible
  • IPX4 Waterproof
  • Cup Included
Outin portable coffee make battery powered espresso maker being used on a hike picnic
The Outin portable coffee maker is about the same size as a 24 oz (700 ml) thermos.

Feature Highlights

Battery Powered

This is a true portable electric coffee maker, meaning you can brew a cup of coffee with it literally anywhere.

Using the built in 7,500 mAh battery, the Outin Nano can output around 240 ml of hot water.

Since the water reservoir is only 80 ml, you’ll have to brew a few times to get that amount of hot water.

The small water reservoir makes a battery powered coffee maker of this size possible. Any more water would take way more power and time to brew.

This way you can get a shot of hot espresso quick and easy while on the go.

Outin portable coffee make battery powered espresso maker next to compatible nespresso capsules
The Outin battery powered espresso maker works with coffee capsules and coffee grounds.

Capsule or Grounds

My favorite thing about the Outin portable espresso machine, besides it being battery powered, is the capsule or ground coffee option.

Many capsule coffee makers come with a hybrid capsule you can put grounds in, but the Nano uses an actually espresso type coffee basket that produces better more espresso like coffee.

You can even upgrade the coffee basket if you get the Outin Portable Espresso Machine Basket Plus (click to view on outin.com).

I haven’t had the chance to try it, but it’s a definite upgrade from the standard grounds basket that the original Nano comes with.

Hot Water Compatible

Another feature I want to highlight in this Outin Nano review is the heating bypass.

If you have another way to get hot water. Whether it be from a kettle, camp stove, or campfire, you can actually use the already hot water to brew espresso through a capsule or grounds using the Outin Nano.

All you have to do is fill the water reservoir with the hot water and double click the brew button to start the water flow to the coffee grounds/capsule.

This is also an easy way to clean the portable coffee maker before and after brewing. Use the double click to run water through the system to keep it clean and working properly.

Outin portable coffee make battery powered espresso maker being cleaned while camping
The Outin portable coffee maker is easy to take apart and clean.

Easy Clean

As I just mentioned. The hot water feature is also a way to clean out the coffee maker with cold water.

Instead of holding the button for 2 seconds to start the heat. Double click to start the water flow directly.

This is a fast, low power way to rinse it out before and after using it.

Replacement Parts

Something I want to mention that I really appreciate from companies like these is the availability of replacement parts.

Outin sells extra filter baskets and cups on their website.

Their customer service is also very good in my experience.

Outin portable coffee make battery powered espresso maker gift set everything included with purchase
The Outin portable espresso maker gift set includes a protective travel case.

What’s in the Box?

There are two purchasing options for the Outin Espresso Maker. First there’s the standard package, which includes:

  • Outin Espresso Maker
  • Coffee Capsule Brew Nozzle
  • Coffee Grounds Brew Nozzle
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual

The second option is the Outin Espresso Gift Set (click to view on outin.com), which includes everything the standard package includes, plus the storage case.

So far I’ve really enjoyed having the storage case. It makes keeping track of the second brew nozzle easy. There’s also a spot for keeping coffee capsules.

Everything I need to make coffee, besides water, is in the case. I’ve been keeping it in the car for emergency coffee making.

It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s protected enough that I’m not worried about it in the trunk or a backpack.

Outin portable coffee make battery powered espresso maker making espresso with crema
Fresh espresso with Crema brewed on a hike by the Outin Coffee Maker.

My Outin Nano Review

So does it actually work?

Yes! I’m happy to report back that this little battery powered espresso maker does, in fact, work.

I was skeptical at first. Something like this seems a little too good to be true. But so far the Nano has worked really well.

It’s capable of making hot espresso, which is the most important thing.

Coffee Temperature

I measured the temperature of the coffee coming directly out of the nozzle. The hottest measurement I got was 182°F (83°C).

Outin advertises its portable coffee maker to reach brewing temperatures up to 198°F (92°C).

Since it’s coming out of the brew nozzle hot, it’s definitely possible that the inside of the Outin is reaching their advertised temperatures.

The temperature of the espresso in the mug when everything was done brewing is usually around 158°F (70°C).

Most people like to drink their coffee when it’s under 150°F (66°C). That means the coffee you end up with might still be too hot to drink, which is what you want.

Battery Life

So far, the Outin has been capable of brewing 80 ml of hot espresso 3 times. Water temperature has a lot to do with battery life.

If you were making coffee in cold temperatures with cold water, you most likely will only be able to get 2 cups. But that’s to be expected with any kind of heating electronic.

Brew Time

The feature that sets this portable coffee maker apart from others is the relatively fast brew time. 12 volt coffee makers are known for their extra long brew time.

A standard 2 cup 12 volt coffee maker can take 30 minutes to brew a cup of coffee. The reason being is the limited electricity a battery can provide.

Creating heat with electricity takes a lot of electricity. That’s why heated 12 volt and battery powered products can be so hard to find, and the reviews are usually pretty negative.

Most people expect portable heated products to work like the kind you can plug into a wall outlet. But the portable products are working at a way lower voltage with a limited power supply.

For these reasons, I was skeptical that the Outin battery powered coffee maker could brew hot espresso shots in just a few minutes.

Using water from my water bottle, I could get a full 80 ml cup of coffee from the Outin in 5-7 minutes each time. Almost 2x longer than the advertised 200 seconds (3 minutes 20 seconds).

Outin says their tests were done with water that was around 77°F (25°C), the water I used was around 62°F (17°C). So actually the time isn’t too bad.

I’d say that compared to other battery powered coffee makers, the Outin is still really fast. And since the coffee brews quickly, it won’t cool off before you can get to it.

Quality & Portability

It’s made well and the parts feel durable and like they’re made with quality ABS plastic.

As far as portability goes, it’s almost exactly the same size as my 500 ml thermos. It doesn’t weigh much more either. In fact, the Outin Nano is lighter than my thermos when the thermos is full of coffee.

So in the end I think the weight actually ends up being about the same since espresso doesn’t need as much water as regular coffee.

Outin portable coffee make battery powered espresso maker storage case in a hiking backpack
The Outin Espresso Maker can be brought in a case or placed in your backpack like a regular thermos.

I got the traveler’s gift set, which includes a storage case. You can also purchase the protective case separately if you decide you want it later.

For me, the protective case is a must have. It has storage space for the grounds brew basket and 4 capsules.

I plan on keeping this portable coffee maker in my car so I can have coffee whenever I want it. The case will keep it nice and is a good way to keep everything together.

Coffee Brew Quality

So how’s the taste? I don’t have a Nespresso machine at home, but I have tried them before, and I’d say the Outin brews espresso capsules just as good as a regular capsule machine.

It takes longer to get your coffee, but it’s worth the wait.

Even the grounds option works fantastic and tastes great. It’s way better than stale thermos coffee.

I’m usually a drip coffee drinker, but when I’m on the go, I actually enjoy a quick shot of espresso more than having to carry a cup of coffee around.

When I’m home, it’s different, but when I’m hiking, traveling, and even camping, a quick espresso shot can actually be better than a full cup of coffee.

Che Crema is real. The Outin brews espresso the correct way so you get the good foam on top. An important part to any espresso maker.

Even if you just use this to brew espresso, it’s a fantastic versatile portable coffee maker.


Finally, how hard is the Outin Nano to clean?

The good news is it’s easy to clean, especially if you’re using espresso capsules.

Once you’re done brewing coffee, let the Outin sit for a few minutes so the inner parts have time to cool.

To clean all you have to do is remove the brew nozzle, take out the pod, or dump out the coffee grounds. I usually give everything a quick rinse with some water.

Put the rinsed nozzle back on the Outin. Then add some water to the reservoir on top. Double click the power button two times fast.

This engages the brew motor and bypasses the water heater. This is how you can run clean water through the machine to clean it out.

It’s also the way you can make espresso if you already have hot water.

Wash the mug part when you get home, but for the rest of your trip, hike, or camp out, the Outin is now clean and ready for the next brew.

adding water to the reservoir part of the Outin portable coffee maker battery powered espresso machine
The water reservoir/kettle is at the base of the Outin portable electric coffee maker.

Like & Dislike

What I Like

  • Super packable and portable.
  • Makes fantastic hot espresso.
  • Easy to clean, very little mess with capsules.
  • Can make espresso with hot water as well.
  • USB-C Charger
  • Grounds or Capsules
  • Quality Parts
  • Waterproof for easy washing & using outside.

What I Don’t Like

  • Requires a powerful charger, at least 10 watts. Limits car charging.
  • Slow charge time.
  • Not budget friendly (worth it if you love coffee though).

How I Use The Outin Nano Battery Powered Espresso Maker

So far, I’ve used the Outin on a few road trips, hikes, camping, and even trips to town. It’s easy to bring anywhere and so far it’s worked fantastic every time.

I usually brew the full 80 ml of liquid each time, which means I get at least two hot espresso shots per charge.

I’ve been able to get a third, but I usually start charging it again after two.

I have a small battery for charging my phone. It has a USB-C outlet that outputs 18 watts, perfect for the Outin Nano.

The battery bank can fully charge the Outin over 2 times, and it fits in the case with the Outin.

If I position the ports right, I can even close the case while the battery bank is charging the portable coffee maker.

Making sure the Outin is always charged is key to never going without coffee when you want it.

Have questions? Leave a comment below.

by Jenni
Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

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