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Flextail Tiny Pump 2X Review – How Powerful Is It Really?

Disclaimer: Flextail sent this product to us for free for a review. That does not affect our opinion about the product. In this article, we list both what we like and dislike. Read more about this here.

What is the Flextail Tiny Pump 2x?

Air is an important tool in the outdoors and camping world. It makes it so we can pack light, and save a lot of space.

Air mattresses, inflatable pillows, floaties, couches, and even some tents require an air pump to be filled.

Manual pumps are a lot of work to use, and they take a long time. Traditional battery powered inflators work well, but they’re big and heavy.

The FlexTail Tiny Pump 2X solves all these problems.

It’s a portable rechargeable electric air pump that’s not much bigger than an egg. It weighs hardly anything and it actually works.

On top of being an air pump, it’s also a deflator and a light with a magnetic base.

There’s a lot of outstanding features packed into the FlexTail Tiny Pump 2X and I’m excited to put it to the test and review it.

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FlexTail Tiny Pump 2x

Flextail Tiny Pump 2X being used while camping to inflate air mattresses

Check Price on Flextail.com

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  • 4 kPA (0.58 PSI) Air Pressure
  • 180 L/Min Output
  • IP44 Water Resistant
  • Deflation Mode
  • Lantern (40/160/400 Lumens)
  • Magnetic Base
  • Built-in Wire Handle
  • 5 Nozzles – Fits almost all inflation and vacuum valves.
  • USB-C Charge Input
  • LED Charging Indicator Light (Red & Green)
  • 1,300 mAh Battery – almost 5 watt hours
  • Battery Capacity for Inflation ~ 30 mins (recommended cool down after 10 mins)
  • Battery Capacity for Light – 40 lumens ~10hr / 160 lumens ~2.5hr / 400 lumens ~1hr
  • Around 2.5 hr 0-100% Charge Time – I charged it from dead to 100% in 2 hr 10 minutes.

Side Note: Click the power button twice to turn on the pump. Long press to turn on the light.

flextail tiny pump 2x power button and charging port with waterproofing covers
The silicone cover for the USB-C charging port on the Flextail Tiny Pump 2X makes it IP44 water resistant.


LxWxH – 1.8 x 1.7 x 2.3 inches

Weight – 3.3 oz (94 grams)

Weight w/ Included Parts – 4.6 oz (130 grams)

Flextail tiny pump 2x portable electric air pump included air adapters
The Flextail Tiny Pump 2X can inflate or deflate lots of different inflatables.

What’s in the Box?

  • Flextail Tiny Pump 2x
  • 5 Air Nozzle Adapters
  • USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Cloth Storage Bag

Additional Accessories from Flextail

  • Storage Case
  • Replacement Nozzle Set
  • Silicone Lampshades
  • Protective Silicone Cover
  • Wide Mouth Nozzle Adapter

Tiny Pump 2X Testing

inflating a large camping air mattress with the Flextail Tiny Pump 2X portable mini electric pump
Even though it’s tiny, the Flextail portable air pump can inflate large air mattresses.

Air Mattress

One of the most important abilities for any portable electric air pump is the being able to inflate an air mattress.

Nobody enjoys having to spend time inflating an air bed when there are hikes to go on and s’mores to be made.

One way to avoid the work is to get a super thin camping mat that doesn’t require much air, but you give up a lot of comfort.

We mostly RV and car camp, so our camping mattresses don’t need to be super small and portable.

Before receiving the Flextail Tiny Pump 2X, I used some small hand pumps to inflate our air beds, but now it’s so much faster and easier.

The air mats we have are around 6 feet long, a little over 2 feet wide, and 8 inches thick.

They require a lot of air and were perfect for testing the Flextail.

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It had no problem inflating the air mattress. It did it in 4 minutes 30 seconds and go it to the pressure I wanted it to be at.

Being able to inflate the mat all the way is important to me because I don’t want to bring out the manual pump to finish the job.

Next was testing the battery.

How many times can I inflate the air mattress, and does it slow down over time?

I could inflate my camping mat to the perfect pressure 7 times. I gave the pump a 5 minute break between each fill to let it cool down.

You could easily inflate two mattresses with no breaks.

The inflation speed was the same 4.5 minutes all 7 times.

It could inflate an 8th time, but it wasn’t able to get the mattress tight. So I don’t think it really counts.

The pump ran for 39 minutes before dying completely.

Flextail tiny pump 2X being used to inflate a pool floatie
One of the best uses for the Flextail Tiny Pump 2X is to inflate pool floaties.


Being able to inflate pool floaties anywhere is another great use for the Flextail Tiny Pump 2X.

Much like the air mattress, the mini pump had no issues inflating some pool floaties and getting them to a good pressure.

It’s especially nice when deflating the floaties.

Instead of having to mess around trying to get the air out while keeping the stem open, I just put the floatie inflation nozzle on the deflation end of the Tiny Pump 2X.

It gets all the air out quickly and makes packing up super easy and keeps the floatie clean because I don’t need to put it on the ground to push the air out.

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Flextail Tiny Pump 2X deflating a vacuum bag

Vacuum Bag

Deflation is almost as useful as inflation for electric pumps.

Being able to get all the air out of something is great for quick packing and saving space.

Flextail includes a threaded nozzle that’s made to screw onto the stem of their own and some other brands of vacuum bags.

It didn’t fit the vacuum bags I had, but I used the silicone universal nozzle that makes the Flextail compatible with pretty much anything.

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Flexftail tiny pump 2x being used to deflate a vacuum bag
The Flextail Tiny Pump 2X can deflate inflatables and compress vacuum bags.

It did a fantastic job getting all the air out of the bag and compressing the pillow I was testing it with.

While a regular vacuum is more powerful than the Flextail Tiny Pump, the portable aspect is more important for this feature.

If you pack all your clothes and bedding in vacuum bags, then take everything out at your campsite or hotel room.

Odds are you don’t have the vacuum to compress everything again.

The Flextail is something you can take absolutely anywhere.

You can use it when it’s time to repack, so your stuff can be compressed no matter where you are.

Flextail Tiny Pump 2X being used as a lantern and magnetically stuck to the frame of a car
The Flextail Tiny Pump 2X can be stuck to metal because of the magnetic base.

Magnetic Light

The LED light is turned on by long pressing the power button.

Once the pump is in light mode, one click can switch it between the light strengths and turn it off.

The base of the Flextail has a magnet in it. You can stick the mini pump to any metal surface and it will stay there, which is really convenient for car camping.

It can even stick on vertical surfaces, like a fridge, but it does struggle if the metal doesn’t cover the entire base of the pump.

A vertical thin metal pole won’t be enough for the magnet to hold on to. But for hanging the light, most metal surfaces I tried worked great.

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There are 3 light strengths; 40, 160, and 400 lumens. Flextail advertises that the 400 lumen mode can be powered for about 1 hour.

After fully charging the Flextail, I turned on the light to the highest setting and waited to see how long it would take for it to die.

It stayed the same brightness for 2 hours. Then it dimmed, but it was still shining after 4 hours.

The longer than expected battery life could mean a few things.

One being that Flextail is being overly optimistic about the battery capacity for the Tiny Pump 2X, or the light isn’t 400 lumens strong.

I think it could be a combination of both.

Either way, it’s a fantastic light for camping, and it makes inflating camping mats in the dark a lot easier.

I think it’s a useful addition and a great way to make this portable electric pump more worth it.

You can get a white or orange silicone lamp shade that attaches to the base of the pump where the light is.

It defuses the light at makes it better for using as a lantern.

I liked it a lot when I was using the light at night and I recommend getting one if you are going to be taking the Flextail camping.

I wish a shade was included with purchase, but it’s a budget friendly upgrade that’s really nice to have.

Flextail tiny pump 2x being used as a lantern with the silicone shade accessory
The Flextail Tiny Pump 2X is also a powerful flashlight and lantern with 3 light modes and an optional lantern shade accessory.

Flextail Tiny Pump 2X Review

Overall, I’m very impressed with this extremely portable air pump.

I didn’t know they could make electric pumps this small. It’s going to be a great addition to my camping gear.

After using and testing it for a few weeks, I’ve found it to be everything it’s advertised to be.

It’s still working, even after running if for so long for testing. So far, it seems like it’s reliable.

I’ll keep updating this post as I use it to let you know if it’s still working or not.

Since it’s so small, it’s really not much of a commitment to bring it with you camping or to keep it in your car.

The flashlight really increases the usefulness of it. It’s the same size as a regular mini lantern, but it’s also an air pump!

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It is water resistant but not waterproof. So it’s ok to use in the rain, but don’t let it sit in water.

The USB-C cable that comes with it for charging is really short, about 6 inches long.

It has a small battery that doesn’t need a lot of power to be charged. Which means you can charge the Flextail with pretty much any USB port.

Top it off in your car, use a small portable solar panel, plug it into your portable power station, use the wall charger for your phone.

Charging the Flextail is really easy and fairly fast. You can also use it while it’s charging, which is a feature not every small electronic like this has.

All-in-all, I really like the Flextail Tiny Pump 2X and I’m glad I got the chance to test and review it.

I think the flashlight, optional accessories, overall performance, and inflation capabilities make this the best option when compared to the other mini air pumps Flextail offers.

What I Like

  • Long battery life for its small size.
  • Great optional accessories.
  • Works really well as a lantern.
  • Inflates and deflates quickly.
  • 4 PSI pressure is perfect for camping air mattresses.
  • Included nozzles make it compatible with almost anything.
  • Very small and portable.
  • Water Resistant
  • Magnetic Base
  • USB-C Charging Port
  • Can be used while charging.

What I Don’t Like

  • Gets warm when silicone lamp shade and LED light are on.
  • Needs time to cool down after about 10 minutes.
  • Loud high pitched fan noise.
Flextail Tiny Pump 2X being used to inflate a camping air mattress
The Flextail Tiny Pump 2X can inflate and deflate camping air mattresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How loud is the Flextail Tiny Pump 2X?

The sound of the motor running and the fan spinning inside the Tiny Pump 2X is louder than you might think.

Even though it’s smaller than a regular air mattress pump, I’d say it’s just as loud.

You can’t have a normal conversation while it’s running. You need to talk loudly to be heard over it.

It’s not that loud compared to other electric air pumps, but because of the small size, the amount of sound it produces is surprising.

Do all the nozzles fit the inflation and deflation ports?

Yes. All the nozzles have the same diameter on one end. So any will fit either port.

It’s a bit of a tight fit to attach any of the nozzles to the tiny pump. It’s also pretty hard to get them off again.

Can the Tiny Pump 2X inflate a paddle board?

No, this is a low pressure electric air pump. It’s not meant to fill anything that requires pressures past 4 kPa (0.58 PSI).

A paddle board needs to be filled to around 15 PSI.

Also, because of the amount of air it takes to fill an entire board, it would take forever with the tiny pump.

Flextail makes a portable rechargeable SUP pump for paddle boards and other inflatables that require a lot of air and a high pressure up to 20 PSI.

Can it inflate a balloon?

No, the Tiny Pump 2X cannot inflate a balloon. To inflate a regular party balloon, at least 1 PSI is required. This pump can only reach up to 0.58 PSI.

On that same note. This portable pump isn’t made to inflate anything that requires a lot of pressure.

That includes things like soccer balls, basketballs, and bike tires.

Does the light stay red while charging?

Yes, the red LED light that’s behind the charging port will shine red the entire time it’s charging.

When the battery is full, the light will turn green and continue to shine until you unplug the Tiny Pump.

Flextail Tiny Pump Comparison

Tiny PumpTiny Pump XTiny Pump 2X
Size (LxWxH)1.7 x 1.7 x 2 in1.7 x 1.7 x 2 in1.8 x 1.7 x 2.3 in
Weight2.8 oz (80g)3.1 oz (90g)3.3 oz (95g)
Air Pressure 3.5 kPa (0.5 PSI)3.5 kPa (0.5 PSI)4 kPa (0.58 PSI)
Flow Rate180 L/min180 L/min180 L/min
Battery Size1,300 mAh1,300 mAh1,300 mAh
Inflation Runtime~15 min~15 min~15 min
5 NozzlesYesYesYes
Deflation ModeYesYesYes
USB-C RechargableYesYesYes
Magnetic BaseNoNoYes
Water ResistantNoNoYes
Check Price on Flextail.comCheck Price on Flextail.com

The Flextail Tiny Pump 2X is the upgraded version to their very popular Tiny Pump and Tiny Pump X.

As you can see, there are a lot of similarities between each version. The size and weight are very close and the battery size is the same on all 3 Tiny Pumps.

The key differences are the light, magnet, water resistance, and air pressure.

There’s no light on the Flextail Tiny Pump. It’s also not water resistant, has no magnet, and the air pressure is lower at 3.5 kPa.

The Tiny Pump X is exactly the same as the Tiny Pump in features and overall design. The only difference is Flextail added a camping light to the bottom.

Finally, the Flextail Tiny Pump 2X.

It’s not as affordable as the other Tiny Pumps, but it has some useful additions that might make it more worth it to some.

First, there’s a magnet built into the bottom and the charging port has a cover to make it water resistant.

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The design is slightly different. The output is now on the top instead of the side and the power button has been moved to the side next to the charging port.

The new design makes it so you can secure an optional lampshade to the pump. It diffuses the LED light and makes it more like a lantern.

The max pressure output is a little higher on the 2X model. Instead of 3.5 kPA it can get up to 4 kPa.

That means there’s a stronger motor inside the upgraded version.

Even though the flow rate is the same, the 2X is going to be a little faster and better at inflation and deflation.

It’s especially nice for deflation because it can take out more air than the other Tiny Pumps.

Is the Flextail Tiny Pump 2X worth it over the other models?

When comparing the Tiny Pump to the Tiny Pump X, the X model is way more worth it. The light is really nice to have, and it’s a great multi function for camping.

The 2X is a little less budget friendly, but the magnet is a really nice upgrade.

The stronger motor means it doesn’t have to work as hard as the other versions. Which could lead to it lasting longer.

I also like the water resistant cover for the charging port.

A little water usually gets on it when I’m inflating floaties down by the lake. It’s nice to not have to worry about it as much.

Flextail also makes optional accessories you can only get for the Flextail 2X.

I think the Flextail Tiny Pump 2X is worth it, especially if you are planning on using it as a lantern when camping.

Have questions about the FlexTail Tiny Pump 2X? Leave a comment below.

by Jenni
Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

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  1. Hi, Jenni
    I bought a Flextail tiny pump 2x and a bit confused where the green fully-charged indicated light is. I can send you a pic of what mine looks like with a green light on near the top of the pump. I’m just confused. Thanks.

    • Hi John,

      The light is underneath the charge port. It’s inside the pump and shines through the plastic when its plugged in. When charging it shines orange then turns green when fully charged. The first charge can take a long time to reach a full charge, that might be why you haven’t seen the green light yet.


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