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The Best RV/Camping Gear Deals Right Now (Black Friday 2020)

Looking For RV Accessories And Camping Gear Deals? Here Are Our Favorites Right Now

Last Updated: November 23, 2020 (Updated Almost Daily)

As Black Friday and the holidays are approaching, more and more RV and camping gear is going on sale. To help you navigate in the jungle of RV accessories and camping gear, we’ve made this list to help you find the best deals right now. We’ll also include some of our favorite products that we use as full-time RVers.

We do our best to update this list daily, to make sure the deals are up-to-date. If you’ve found a great deal that you would like to share, please leave a comment with a link and we’ll add it to the list!

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

There are currently 65 items on the list.


Slime 40026 Heavy Duty Tire Inflator

We recently bought one of these tire inflators and it has been working great for us. Hook it up to the truck battery, and you’re ready to go. Easy to use, comes with a case, and doesn’t have any issues reaching at least 80 psi.


Camco RV Leveling Scissor

Tired of manually lowering your jacks? This socket drill adapter makes it much faster, as long as you have a drill.


Quick Products Deluxe RV Bumper Receiver Adapter

This bumper receiver adapter makes it easier to add a bike rack to the back of your RV. Can hold up to 200 pounds. Not made for towing.

Life Is Better At The Campsite Queen-Size Bed Set

We heard you like camping, so we put a bunch of campers on your bed set so you can look at campers while you camp. Basically, a queen-size bed set with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillow cases.


AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Check your tire pressure in seconds with this digital tire pressure gauge. Has a small screen that tells you the pressure, which it can read up to 230 psi.


Kurgo No Spill Dog Travel Bowl

This bowl is a no-spill bowl so you can let your dog have food or water even while driving down the road. 24 oz and collapsible for easier storage.

Carmtek Camper Leveler Kit

We don’t use this brand, but we use a very similar product, and this is how we level our camper. It’s done within seconds, and now we don’t have to be as picky when picking a site. Can raise your tires up to 4 inches.


Comlife 5000mAh Battery Camping Fan

A fan with a built-in battery and a LED light? I’m sold! Great for both RV and tent camping.

Etekcity Infrared Thermometer

We use this not just to check the temperature of our tires, but also to know exactly when the cast iron pan is ready for the steak. Easy to use, and doesn’t take up much space in the drawer.

INSE Vacuum Cleaner

This is a corded stick vacuum cleaner that can be used in 3 different ways. Easy to detach parts, and easy to empty the tank. Great for pet owners.


Stickgoo 10-Sheet White Subway Tiles Peel and Stick Backsplash

Tired of the old backsplash in your RV kitchen? These peel and stick tiles are easy to install and gives your kitchen a new look.

Zookki Solar Lights

These motion sensor LED lights recharge themselves during the day with a small solar panel on top. Includes screws.


Go Power! 1750W Modified Sine Wave Inverter

A 1750W modified sine wave inverter from Go Power, that lets you run 120V appliances off of a 12V battery.


Valterra F02-2030 Rotating Wye

If you have several waste holding tanks but only one sewer, this will let you hook up both at the same time.


Camco Save-A-Step

This stabilizes your RV steps and prevents sag and wear. It has a 1000 pound load rating and can be adjusted from 4-5/8 to 8 inches.


Barbie 3-in-1 DreamCamper Vehicle

Have a grandkid that hasn’t fully bought into the RV lifestyle yet? This Barbie toy will push them in the right direction.


TireMinder Solar Powered Trailer TPMS 4 Tire Kit

A tire pressure monitoring system can prevent bad accidents by warning you about low pressure or leaks. This kit from TireMinder has a solar powered display that tells you the pressure of 4 tires. Supports up to 70 psi, and trailers up to 25ft.


MaxxHaul 70072 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

If you’re still using wheel chocks made out of plastic, it’s time to upgrade. These heavy-duty solid rubber wheel chocks measure 8 by 4 by 5 inches, and will prevent a trailer from rolling away.


Jackery Explorer 240

Tired of starting your gas generator? The Jackery Explorer 240 is a portable power station with a lithium battery, an inverter, and a solar charge controller inside. Recharge your devices with the ports on the front, then recharge the Jackery battery with a solar panel.


Rockpals 100W Foldable Solar Panel

This solar panel can be plugged directly into the Jackery power station. It also has USB ports so you can plug your devices straight into it and charge phones, tablets, speakers, and lights while the sun is shining.


Coleman Converta Folding Cot

The Coleman Converta folding cot is a convertible folding cot great not only for relaxing on but also sleeping on. It can handle up to 225 pounds and fits most people that are shorter than 6 feet 6 inches tall. Since it folds in half, it’s easy to store in the back of a small car. Why not tan on the same cot you sleep on?


Alpicool C20 Portable 12V Refrigerator

Portable refrigerators are popular among campers since they can be powered by a 12V outlet in a vehicle (or a power station). The Alpicool C20 can hold 21 Quart, and is an excellent little cooler for the weekend trip.


Collapsible Dish Drying Rack

Doing dishes in the RV is never fun, but it becomes more manageable if you have a collapsible drying rack. We love ours because it’s easy to put away, and it holds a lot of dishes for how portable and lightweight it is.


Maxxair Vent Fan

We replaced our small bathroom fan with one of these Maxxair fans, and boy can this thing move air. It’s great to have not only to get rid of moisture when you’re showering but on hot days. Turn it on, open a window, and feel the wonderful breeze.


Kalawen Wireless Weather Station

Every RVer should have a weather station. It’s great to get an idea of how warm it is inside, or how cold it is outside. This weather station from Kalawen comes with 3 sensors.


Coleman Camping Chair With Side Table

There are a lot of camping chairs on the market, but we really like this Coleman chair with the flip-up table. It’s sturdy, and can take a beating.


SureCall Fusion4Home Cell Phone Signal Booster

If you work online and are heading up into the woods where the signal is sketchy, you’re going to love having a cell phone signal booster like this.


Lodge 5 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

We only buy cast iron from Lodge, and this pre-seasoned dutch oven is a winner. Nothing beats dutch oven potatoes when you’re camping.


Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

We all know that camping and grilling go hand in hand. This grill runs on propane, which every RVer has access to anyway. Weber makes excellent grills and this one is no exception.


Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

The Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit has a unique design that creates a smokeless fire even though it burns wood. It comes with a carrying case so it’s portable and easy to store.


Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table

This table from Camco is great for both RV and tent campers. It folds up and down and has a total of four tables. It also has several hooks. Easy to put together, and a great table to put your grill on.


X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

There are not a lot of things you can do about a rocky trailer, but putting a pair of X-Chocks between your tires when setting up is one of the easiest ways to reduce rocking. Only works with dual axle trailers.


Coleman Camping Table

It’s a simple square table, but it has a lot of uses. It rolls up for easy storage and is made out of aluminum which makes it lightweight. Large enough for a family of four.


RAM Electric Trailer Jack with Drop Leg

We haven’t upgraded ours yet, but it’s on our shopping list. Having an electric trailer jack is convenient for obvious reasons, and they’ve become very affordable.


AUGO Ratchet Tie Down Straps

If you have a toy hauler or a four-wheeler in the bed of your truck, you probably already have a couple of these. But as my father in law likes to say, you can never have enough ratchet straps.


Coleman Pack-Away 4-in-1 Adjustable Height Folding Camping Table

We all have camping tables, but some are better than others. The Coleman folding table with adjustable height is a great one that is sturdy and lightweight.


Camco Rhino Heavy Duty Portable Waste Holding Tote Tank

With a portable waste tote tank you don’t have to tow the whole trailer to the dump station. Just fill this up and put it in the back of your truck.


Camco Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks

These are great blocks, but no blocks last forever, so I recommend buying new or extra ones. This 10 pack is lightweight, easy to use, and comes with a storage bag.


Camco TASTEPure Heated Drinking Water Hose

Every night is getting colder and colder right now, but that doesn’t mean you should stop camping. With a heated water hose, you won’t have to worry about waking up with a frozen hose.


Camco Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support

When we started full-timing, we thought we would be fine without a sewer hose support. We quickly realized that they’re a necessity at a lot of dump stations, and even some campgrounds. Don’t head out without one of these.


Camco TastePURE Inline RV Water Filter

Even though the campground or dump station might have clean, potable water, it often tastes like chlorine. An inline water filter like this takes care of that problem, and it’s very easy to set up.


Camco Powergrip Heavy-Duty Outdoor 30-Amp Extension Cord

A 30A heavy-duty extension cord, nothing more and nothing less. It’s 25′, and trust me, it’s needed at some campgrounds.


Camco RhinoFLEX 20-Foot RV Sewer Hose Kit

Nothing will make grandpa happier on Christmas day than a new sewer hose kit. This kit from Camco includes everything you need, including a transparent elbow.


Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level 30 Amp

This is not the most advanced surge protector, but it will identify faulty power circuits to make sure you don’t blow the electrical system in your RV or camper. This is the 30 amp model



We love our Kindle, so much that we might buy another one so we both have one. If you like to read, this is one of the best things you can bring camping.


Garmin RV 780 GPS navigator with Traffic

If you have ever been on the road with a big RV or rig, you have probably ended up somewhere where you feel like you’re too big for the road. This Garmin GPS will take the size and weight of your RV into account when finding the best route to your destination.


Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated Toilet Treatment

If you don’t use toilet treatment in your RV, you should start, yesterday. This helps break down tissue and waste while reducing smells. Flush it down with a gallon of water at the dump station after you’ve emptied your tanks.


Camco EVO Premium RV And Marine Water Filter

A little more heavy-duty than the smaller similar water filters. Reduces bad taste, odor, sediment, bacteria, chlorine and more.


RVLock Key Fob Keyless Entry

Tired of locking up your RV or camper with a key? Why not just push a button or use the wireless keyfob to lock and unlock your RV. This is easy to install, just make sure you buy the right model for your specific RV so the handle doesn’t face the wrong way.


GIRARD Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are getting more and more popular with RVers, and it’s easy to understand why. Imagine never running out of hot water again in your RV shower. Easy to install where your old water heater sits. Note that you must purchase the door separately.


Viair Automatic Portable Compressor Kit

It might seem unnecessary to carry a portable compressor kit, but the day you or someone else needs it you’re going to thank your past self. This kit is powerful and easily connected to a 12V battery.


Instant Pot Duo Mini

If you don’t have an Instant Pot by now, it’s time. This 7-in-1 kitchen appliance can do a lot of things, and I promise it’s quickly going to become your most used kitchen appliance.


Gorilla Grip Oversized Cutting Board

This is a 3 piece kit of extra large cutting boards. They’re durable, easy to store, and the design makes them easy to clean, hang, and use.


Coleman Gas Camping Stove

This two stove burner from Coleman might be one of the more basic camping stoves, but it’s reliable, has two adjustable burners, and a wind-shield to make it easier to cook up a storm, in a storm.


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

This little portable filter is great for hikers, backpackers, or preppers. It removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, 99.9% of waterborne parasites, and more. Easy to hike with, and lets you drink directly from almost any water source.


Coleman 8-person Tent for Camping

This large 8-person tent made by Coleman is easy to set up, is weatherproof, and has several storage pockets to store small items in.


Camco Portable Travel Toilet

If you go tent or car camping and don’t want to squat in the woods, this portable toilet by Camco with a 5.3 gallon holding tank is a great option. Has a 2.5 gallon flush tank, and sealing slide valve to keep odors in the tank.


KLYMIT Static V Sleeping Pad

This sleeping bad by Klymit is extremely portable and easy to inflate in 10-15 breaths. Perfect for backpackers or tent campers that are dealing with limited space.


AIMTOM 42000mAh 155Wh Power Station

A small power station with a 155 watt-hour lithium battery, several USB ports, and an AC outlet that can output up to 100W. Keeps your small devices like phones, tablets, speakers, and eReaders charged. Can be recharged with solar.


Sportneer Camping Backpacking Chair

This is a two-pack of the Sportneer portable heavy duty camping chairs that can handle up to 350 pounds. Easy to set up and put away.


Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

You’ve probably heard of a spork before, a spoon and a fork. But have you ever seen a spork with a built-in knife? Well, here you go. This is a durable plastic spork that separates to become multifunctional.


Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

Hammocks are great, not just for sleeping but also tanning, reading, or even working. These hammocks from Wise Owl Outfitters are portable, easy to set up, and durable.


The Atomic Bear Fire Starter Survival Tool

How do you start a fire in an emergency? Why not make it easier with an Atomic Bear fire starter. This gives you control of the flame, and is easy to keep in a backpack.


SOG Folding Shovel

The great thing with a survival shovel is that it works great for everyday use as well, while it folds to become portable and easy to store. This shovel made by SOG is 18.25 inches long and has a wood saw edge. Comes with a carrying case.


Energizer Vision LED USB Headlamp

Headlamps are a necessity when you’re camping, or going anywhere in the dark. This headlamp by Energizer can be recharged with the included USB cable, and it has a 400 high lumen LED light. Water-resistant, and 7 light modes.

If you have found a great deal on Amazon, let us know in the comments so we can share it!

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