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SkyCruiser TX-650 Foldable Metal Detector Review & Test

Disclaimer: The SkyCruiser metal detector was sent to us to test and review. This article is our honest opinion about the product. 

SkyCruiser Metal Detector Overview

Metal detecting can be a fun hobby to get into, especially if you are an RVer or traveler.

We’ve camped in tons of places where exploring with a metal detector would be a lot of fun, and now we have one to test and use wherever we go.

Searching for treasures with a metal detector is a great excuse to get outside and it makes camping in the middle of nowhere a little more interesting.

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The SkyCruiser metal detector is a lightweight portable folding detector with waterproof search coils.

We’ve used it around some lakes and in parks. So far we’ve been lucky enough to find a ton of nails and a few coins.

Hopefully, we’ll find more interesting stuff the more we use it and get used to all the different controls and modes it has.

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In this review and test article, I’ll start by listing some of the features and specs.

I won’t get into how to use it because the instructions it came with do a really good job of explaining all of the different adjustments you can make.

There’s a lot of stuff to learn when it comes to metal detectors, and it takes a little practice to understand everything they can do.

I know I still have a lot to figure out, but so far it’s been fun testing it and finding stuff, even if it’s just coins and nails.

SkyCruiser Folding Metal Detector

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Modes & Features

The main thing that separates the SkyCruiser from lower end metal detectors is the different adjustments you can make for more accurate metal detecting.

SkyCruiser has a metal discrimination feature you can use to manually remove unwanted metals from detection.

I’m still trying to figure out how to fine tune that feature, but it is easy to set up using the buttons under the LED screen.

Like all metal detectors, there’s a pinpoint feature you use to narrow down the area the metal object is in.

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There’s also a sensitivity adjustment you can use to remove small and deep objects from detection.

There are 5 main preset modes: all metal, jewelry, custom, relics, and coins.

You can switch between the modes easily using a button under the screen.

There’s also a non-iron mode you can use to stop the SkyCruiser from beeping when it senses iron objects like nails, bottle caps, and other unwanted iron items.

LED monitor on the SkyCruiser metal detector
The SkyCruiser metal detector’s screen is large and pretty easy to see in sunlight.

LED Screen

The LED screen has a lot of information on it, like what mode you are in, sensitivity, object depth, the ferrous scale, and the large numbers that indicate the conductivity of the metal.

It’s powered by 4 AA batteries that are included with purchase.

The screen has a backlight so you can use it when it’s dark out.

It’s pretty easy to see during the day, but I did have some trouble seeing some of the smaller stuff on the screen when it was in direct sunlight.

I also don’t love the angle of the screen. It’s probably better for taller people but for short people like me, it’s angled just a little too far away to look at comfortably.

backpack storage bag for the SkyCruiser metal detector
The SkyCruiser metal detector folds and fits easily in the included storage backpack.


The SkyCruiser metal detector folds into a small portable size and it’s very light, weighing around 6 lbs.

When fully folded up it’s only 17 inches long, 6.5 inches wide, and 5 inches tall.

There’s also a large backpack/storage bag included.

It’s perfect for keeping the metal detector protected while in storage and it’s large enough to hold the detector and other gear you might need.

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SkyCruiser metal detector being used underwater
The SkyCruiser metal detector is waterproof up to the electric monitor.

IP68 Waterproof Search Coil

The monitor part of the SkyCruiser metal detector is not waterproof, but the search foot and handle are.

That means you can use the detector in water so long as the screen/control center doesn’t get wet.

heigh extension on the SkyCruiser metal detector
Extendable arm on the SkyCruiser metal detector.

Adjustable Height

To unfold the SkyCruiser metal detector all you have to do is press a button on each joint to release the latch.

It opens easily and can be extended to different angles.

There’s also a height adjustment near the search coil you can use to make the detector more comfortable to use.

It can extend 30 to 42.5 inches long.

Included with Purchase

  • SkyCruiser TX-650 Metal Detector
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Foldable Metal Detector Shovel Pick Combo
  • Headphones with 3.5 mm Jack
  • Backpack

finding metal objects with the SkyCruiser foldable waterproof metal detector

SkyCruiser Metal Detector Test & Review

For newbie “detectorists” like us, the SkyCruiser was easy enough for us to start using it right out of the box but it’s also advanced enough for us to keep learning more about the hobby.

We started out by using the different modes to see what we could find.

So far it’s been lots of screws, nails, and coins, but the areas we’ve been in aren’t exactly full of treasures.

I’ve been getting better at using the sensitivity and discrimination adjustments, but so far I haven’t been able to stop the SkyCruiser from sensing large iron objects.

The depth seems to be pretty off, but that’s to be expected with this level of metal detector.

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The large search coil does pick up stuff pretty quickly, but the pinpoint feature has been a little buggy so far.

Sometimes it works well and other times it gets stuck on full and it doesn’t stop buzzing until you turn it off.

SkyCruiser metal detector folded next to the included metal detector shovel
SkyCruiser Metal Detector folded next to the included folding shovel/pick.

I find that the metal detector works best when you give it a second to reset after it has detected something.

It switches pretty slowly from object to object, so you should take it slow for more accurate results.

I think the handle could be more ergonomic and the monitor could be a little more heavy duty but it might be the way it is so it’s as lightweight as possible.

I’m excited to use the SkyCruiser in the different places we camp.

I think the more I use it the better I will get at filtering out the trash and finding the treasures.

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For travelers and RVers who want to get started in the world of metal detecting and have limited storage space, the SkyCruiser metal detector (click to view on Amazon) is a decent entry level option.

We’ve been talking about getting a metal detector for years because we’ve been trying to think of activities we can do that get us outside but keep us close to the RV.

I can’t wait to see what we find in the next place we camp.

Have any more questions about the SkyCruiser metal detector? Leave a comment below. 

by Jenni
Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

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