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Why Won’t My RV Furnace Stay Lit?


A fellow RV was having some issues with their RV furnace. Here’s their comment from our 7 Signs That Your RV Propane Regulator Has Gone Bad article.

Sf 30 suburban heater running thru the (3) cycles. But won’t stay lit. Took it out only drew blood 3 times. Took it to an RV service center. They hooked it up on the bench and it runs like it’s supposed to. They suggested a new thermostat. Brought it back and reinstalled it did not hook it up to the thermostat just wired the blue wires together like they had on the bench, and hooked up the propane line (tank is 1/2 full) . It lights like before and won’t stay lit. Propane stove all burners on works fine flame looks good, fridge works fine. Do you think it’s the regulator? Two days down and still not fixed! -RH


We had that exact same problem with our RV furnace not too long ago. If everything else is working the regulator is probably fine.

The thing that worked for us is we removed the metal thing that was covering the exhaust pipe from the furnace on the outside of the RV.

We also checked inside the exhaust pipe to make sure nothing is inside of it like a wasp nest.

Then we made sure all of the floor vents were open and didn’t have anything covering them.

RV furnaces have sensors in them that will shut off the furnace if there isn’t enough airflow, it stops the furnace from overheating or something like that.

For some reason taking off that outer metal cover and keeping the inside floor vents open and unobstructed has fixed the problem.

The furnace hasn’t turned off prematurely since.

I would try uncovering the vents and the exhaust pipe first and then maybe changing the propane regulator if that doesn’t fix it.

If removing the metal piece on the outside of the RV works you can get an insect cover like this (click to view on Amazon) to replace the metal cover (we use the same one).

It doesn’t restrict the airflow as much and it will stop wasps from getting into your RV.


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by Jenni
Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

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