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Uperfect 16” 1600P 120Hz Monitor Review (Travel/Gaming)

Disclaimer: Uperfect sent this product to us for free for a review. That does not affect our opinion about the product. In this article, we list both what we like and dislike. Read more about this here.

This Portable Monitor By Uperfect Is The Best Of Two Worlds

Uperfect is a monitor manufacturer that makes portable displays for a variety of uses.

There are many sizes to choose from. So no matter what you need a portable monitor for, you’re likely to find a Uperfect monitor that will suit your specific needs.

Today I am going to review one of them with features that are great not only for travelers and gamers, but for professional photo and video editors as well.

Uperfect 16 Inch Monitor – Specifications

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The 16 inch display has a resolution of 2560 by 1600, which results in a PPI (pixels per inch) of 188. It has a display ratio of 16:10, which is slightly different than the more common 16:9.

The 120Hz refresh rate is twice as much as the more common 60Hz. I have always said that once you try 120Hz, you can never go back to 60Hz.

What the refresh rate number tells us is how many times per second the display refreshes. 120Hz means it refreshes 120 times per second.

One easy way to tell the difference between 60Hz and 120Hz is by dragging a folder around on your desktop, and notice how the 120Hz feels smoother.

Monitor and MacBook on RV table
Ignore my dirty MacBook display. Everything gets dirty in the RV.

It has a viewing angle of 178°, a contrast ratio of 1200:1, and the max brightness is 500 nits. The color gamut is 100% sRGB.

Uperfect states it has a 3-5 ms response time, which differs from the refresh rate.

A low response time is great for gamers that want the overall response to be as low as possible.

Another feature gamers like that the Uperfect 16” has is FreeSync, which synchronizes the refresh rate of the display with the frame rate.

This requires a graphics card that supports FreeSync. It’s not only noticeable in games, but when consuming media as well.


There are two USB C PD ports, one mini HDMI, and one headphone port.

The USB C ports can power the display, be used as an input from your device, or both.

With my MacBook 16”, I can connect the monitor with a single USB C PD cable and it will provide both power and data. That’s because the ports on my MacBook are also USB C PD.

Not all USB C ports are, so it might not work the same with your device.

Ports on monitor
Two USB C PD and one Mini HDMI.

The downside with doing that is that I can’t set the brightness to 100, it only goes to 75 before resetting.

Uperfect includes a mini HDMI to full HDMI, so it’s ready to connect to regular HDMI ports right out of the box.


There are two buttons on the right side of the display.

One controls the input, and one is a so-called pulley button used to control the volume and navigate the menus.

In the menus, you can control display settings like brightness, colors, aspect ratio, picture mode, energy-saving settings, HDR, FreeSync, and signal source.

The menus will also show which resolution and refresh rate it’s set to depending on how it’s setup with your computer or other outputs.

Other Features

The built-in speakers and VESA mounting holes are two other features.

There are two speakers, one on each side. They’re great to have if you don’t have any other speaker or headphones nearby.

The VESA holes on the back are for a 75x75mm mounting plate. VESA is used on desk and wall mounts, so if the case stand doesn’t work with your setup, you could easily mount the monitor with a different stand.

VESA holes on the back of monitor
75×75 VESA holes on the back of the monitor.


The case is attached to the back of the monitor with magnets.

It’s a great stand for desk use, even though it’s not very adjustable.

In The Box

Uperfect includes the smart cover, a power adapter, a mini HDMI to HDMI cable, and a USB C to USB C cable.

Size And Weight

It weighs 1.77 pounds (0.8 kg) and measures 14 by 9 by 0.4 inches (36 by 23 by 1 cm).

Uperfect monitor next to iPhone
Monitor on the left, iPhone 13 Pro Max on the right. Almost as thin.

My Review


The display

The two main things I like about the display are the resolution and the refresh rate.

At this size, a 1600p resolution looks great. It looks a lot better than 1080p on a 15.6 inch monitor because of the higher pixel density.

I absolutely love high refresh rate monitors, and the 120Hz display feels smooth like butter.

VESA holes and included stand

I believe all monitors should have VESA mounting holes, otherwise you’re very limited as a customer to where and how you can use it.

The included stand is neat, because it doubles as a case that covers both sides when folded.

Easy to understand the buttons and menus

It might take you a minute or two to understand the buttons, but when you do, it’s easy to understand the menus.

I like the pulley button, not only is it the way to access and navigate the menus, but an easy way to control the volume.

What would’ve been cool is if you could change what the pulley button does, but you can’t. For example, it could be more useful for some to change the brightness with it rather than the volume.

Don’t Like

The brightness limit and how it works

This is something that bothers me only when I connect my MacBook to the monitor with a single USB C cable.

It’s fine that it can’t go to full brightness without the power brick, but it should not reset the way it does if the brightness is set to 76, or the highest level on my MacBook.

The screen turns black, and resets to low brightness, instead of simply not letting you go further than 75.

It’s not a deal breaker for me, since the screen is still bright enough to use at 75 brightness, but it does bug me.


The 16″ Uperfect monitor is an excellent traveling monitor.

It’s ready to be connected to a lot of different devices right out of the box, and the display is gorgeous.

Monitor on the table viewing a video
A great monitor for gaming and watching movies.

The question is, what are you looking for on a portable monitor? Is the size right for you? Do you care about the resolution and the refresh rate?

Maybe a monitor with a built-in battery is what you need, so the HDMI port can be used even when you’re not near a power outlet?

Then this is not the monitor for you, but for me it’s an excellent product that I will use a lot in the RV.

Please leave a comment down below if you have questions.

by Jesse
Jesse has always had an interest in camping, technology, and the outdoors. Who knew that growing up in a small town in Sweden with endless forests and lakes would do that to you?

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  1. I’d be really interested in knowing if the PD support extends to the monitor passing power through to the source device for charging? That is – plug the monitor into a USB C PD power supply, then a USB C cable between laptop and monitor, and the laptop is charged.

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