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Can I Use The RV Stabilizer Jacks to Change a Tire?

How Are RV Stabilizer Jacks Used?

One thing many RVers learn right away is that anything that can go wrong will.

Things break down constantly on campers and flat tires are near the top of the list of common RV issues.

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Maybe you’re parked on the side of the road right now trying to figure out how you can change the tire on your travel trailer or 5th-wheel.

RV stabilizer jacks are not made to lift, and if you try and lift your camper with them you risk damaging the frame, or the jack could fail and drop your trailer.

RV stabilizer jacks are used to help disengage the suspension system when you’re parked so the RV doesn’t bounce around as much.

With that being said you can use RV leveling jacks to change a tire since they are made to lift the entire weight of an RV.

If you aren’t sure what kind of jacks your RV has, check out this post here to see some examples of the different kinds of RV jacks.

How To Change A Tire On A Tandem Axel Trailer Without A Jack

Remember to break the lug nuts so they can easily be removed before raising the flat tire.

Make a Tire Changing Ramp

If you’re in a flat tire situation now and you don’t have RV leveling jacks or a jack for your camper you can try this method.

Note this is at your own risk, we do not take responsibility for injury or any damage done by trying this method.

It sounds unsafe because of the warning above but this method is a common practice among dual axel trailer owners.

To get the flat tire off the ground you can drive up on blocks with the non-flat trailer tire on the same side.

Normally you will need to raise the non-flat tire about 6 inches off the ground to make room for the spare tire.

You can either drive up on RV leveling blocks (click to view on Amazon) or if you have a leveling kit like this one by Andersen (click to view on Amazon) there should be a ramp included that’s specifically for changing trailer tires.

You can also get a tire changing ramp like this (click to view on Amazon) for emergencies.

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If you don’t have any of these things you could also drive up on wooden planks.

Combine Ramp with Jack from a Car

Another thing you can try if you can’t get quite enough height by driving up on something is to combine the ramp method with the emergency jack from your tow vehicle.

The emergency jack from your car might not be enough to lift the entire RV but if most of the heavy lifting is done by the ramp you can put the jack underneath the axel of the flat tire and lift it the last few inches it might need.

jack under the axle of a travel trailer to change the tire since stabilizer jacks cannot be used
Place the jack under the axle near the flat tire.

If you have a small enough camper that’s lighter than your tow vehicle you might even be able to use the jack from your tow vehicle to change the tire anyways.

Make sure you place the jack in a solid spot under the axel of the flat tire.

Also, engage the parking brake of your tow vehicle and use wheel chocks on the other side to keep your RV in place while you’re working on it.

hole dug under the tire of an rv trailer to change the tire without a jack or rv stabilizer jacks

Dig a Hole

If all else fails the final resort can be to dig a hole under the flat tire. It’s not the easiest method but in an emergency, it should work.

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How To Change A Tire On A Single Axel Trailer Without A Jack

If you have a single axle travel trailer or 5th-wheel your options are much more limited if you don’t have a jack.

Make sure you have the parking brake of your tow vehicle engaged if it’s connected to your trailer.

Also, put wheel chocks on both sides of the tire on the other side so the trailer doesn’t move while you’re working on it.

Remember to break the lug nuts so they can easily be removed before raising the flat tire.

Find Blocks and Dig A Hole

In an emergency where you have limited resources, the best fix could be to dig a hole.

Use this method at your own risk. I only recommend this method when there are no other options.

It could potentially damage the axel of your trailer when you drive off the support but if you are stuck out in the wilderness it’s one way to change a single axle trailer tire.

First, find something sturdy you can place underneath the axle so the trailer will stay in place while you dig a hole under the flat tire.

This could be a sturdy log or even some trailer leveling blocks.

You can also use the tongue jack to lift the axle a little more so you can set something underneath it.

Do this by raising the tongue jack as high as it will go, then put something under the axel and lower the tongue jack again.

The flat tire should be raised slightly and you won’t have to dig as deep of a hole.

If you can use the tongue jack to raise the trailer enough to remove the blocks under the axle once the tire is changed I recommend doing that.

If that isn’t possible you may have to drive off of the blocks. It shouldn’t damage the axle but there’s a chance that it might.

Also, make sure you remove the block as quickly as possible after driving off of it so it doesn’t get caught on anything underneath the trailer.

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Use A Car Jack

Since single axel trailers are usually lightweight you may be able to use the jack from your car if the trailer is close to the same weight.

Put the jack under the axel on the side of the flat tire.

Have any more questions about RV stabilizer jacks or changing RV tires? Leave a comment below. 

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