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Vevor Gas Pizza Oven Test & Review (Best Ooni Alternative?)

Disclaimer: This product was sent to us for free in exchange for a review. That does not affect our opinion about the product, in this article we list both what we like and dislike. Read more about this here.

Can the Gas Vevor Pizza Oven Make Good Pizza?

First I want to start this review by saying that the Vevor pizza oven does make good pizza.

There is a strong learning curve for making pizzas in high temperature ovens, but that’s something you can say about any pizza oven.

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The Vevor does everything it’s advertised to do and I was really surprised by the quality of the materials used and the design.

In this review, I’ll go over the features and talk about my own experience making pizza with it.

There are a lot of propane fueled pizza ovens out there to choose from, hopefully, this review will help you decide on the one that’s right for you.

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Vevor Gas Pizza Oven

stainless steel shell of the vevor gas pizza oven

Check price on Vevor.com


The Vevor propane pizza oven is fantastic for making pizza at a high temperature.

It’s surprisingly well built and it comes with a cover that doubles as a bag to protect it during travel.

It’s the closest thing you can get to the Ooni Koda 12 gas pizza oven (click to view on Amazon), but the Vevor comes with a lot more accessories.

vevor propane pizza oven with a 12 inch pizza peel on the 12 inch pizza stone
Included pizza peel sitting on top of the 12 inch pizza stone n the Vevor propane pizza oven.

Size & Material

The Vevor pizza oven is for making pizza that’s no larger than 12 inches in diameter.

The square removable pizza stone is 12×12 inches, so you don’t want to go any bigger than that with a pizza.

It’s actually easier to go a bit smaller so you have room to turn and move the pizza.

It has a thick stainless steel body, a stylish geometric design, and a nice gray powder coat finish.

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heavy duty folding metal lets on the vevor gas pizza oven

The thick and sturdy stainless steel legs fold in to make it more portable.

Even when I was moving the pizza around inside the oven with the pizza peel the legs never moved or felt unstable.

The entire unit is around 26 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 12 inches tall with the legs folded out.

propane burner turned all the way on in the back of the vevor pizza oven
Even with just one burner, the Vevor pizza oven heated the stone to 700°F and the inside to over 900°F in less than 20 minutes.

Burner & Ignitor

Much like the Ooni Koda 12 and any other 12 inch gas pizza oven, there is only one burner in the back.

If you want the L shaped burner with a burner on the back and side you will need to size up and get a 16 inch pizza oven.

I was a little wary of the single burner but I have to move the pizza a lot to keep it from burning with just the one burner. So I don’t know if I could handle a second burner along the side of the oven.

The Vevor has a 15,000 BTU burner, so it puts out a lot of heat, especially for a small 12 inch pizza oven.

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propane control knob and ignitor on the vevor gas pizza oven
Temperature control knob and propane ignitor on the side of the Vevor pizza oven.

Some propane pizza ovens have the control dial on the back, but the Vevor has it on the side.

I like it on the side because it makes it easy to control the flame size when standing in front of it.

The knob is also the ignitor. You start the gas pizza oven by pushing in the knob and turning it to the lightning symbol to start it.

Then you wait for a few seconds before turning it to the fire symbol which is the full heat setting.

Side Note: Maybe this is obvious, but don’t look into the oven when you’re starting the burner. Especially if it doesn’t start on the first try. I just about burned off my eyebrows and I won’t be making that mistake again!

Cooking Temperature

The Vevor gas pizza oven is advertised to be able to reach temperatures as high as 932°F in 15 minutes.

I use a infrared thermometer (click to view on Amazon) to check the temperature of the pizza stone.

I suggest getting one so you know when the oven is ready because there is no built in thermometer.

The inner temperature can be hard to measure, but the pizza stone is a good way to check to make sure the oven is hot enough for a pizza.

Most of the pizza stone should be around 700°F. It might not get quite that hot on the part that’s closest to the oven opening. But it should be that hot at least halfway in.

I actually found that for a pizza newbie like me it was easier to start cooking when the stone was 600°F. But the professionals recommend 700°F.

The Vevor had no problem getting the stone to cooking temperatures within 20 minutes. It could maybe do it in 15 on a warm day.

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propane gas line on the vevor pizza oven
The propane gas line on the Vevor pizza oven isn’t very long, but it works.

Propane Gas

This is a propane fueled gas pizza oven. It won’t work with natural gas.

The gas hose is connected to the housing where the control dial is and it’s only a few feet long.

I would like it to be about 2 feet longer, but it still worked when we put the propane tank on a chair.

If we had used a shorter table or a taller propane tank it would have reached.

Vevor gas pizza oven inside the box is was shipped in
The Vevor gas pizza oven is shipped fully set up, all you have to do is take it out of the box and put the pizza stone inside.

Initial Setup

The Vevor pizza oven comes fully put together and ready to start cooking.

The only thing you have to do once it’s out of the box is put the pizza stone into place.

Since the pizza stone is fragile it’s not recommended to travel with it inside the oven without protection.

12 inch pizza stone in the vevor propane outdoor pizza oven
You can see the hole under the pizza stone. Make sure you use it to gently put the stone in place so it doesn’t break.

When the Vevor is shipped to you the stone is in a small box with extra bubble wrap for protection.

If you plan on using this pizza oven in your RV I recommend keeping the box the stone came in so you can use it again.

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You could also use a towel to wrap the stone in so it doesn’t move around inside the oven.

To install the pizza stone, just set it inside and use the hole in the bottom of the oven to gently set it in place.

pizza peel, tongs, pizza cutter, slicer, spatula, and burner lighting rod that are included with the vevor pizza oven
Accessories that come with the Vevor pizza oven.

Included Accessories

One thing that puts the Vevor gas pizza oven ahead of the rest is the included accessories.

You get a pizza peel, an extra long tong, a long pizza cutter, a tool to start the burner in case the ignitor doesn’t work, a pizza wheel cutter spatula combo, and a cover that also doubles as a bag.

The pizza peel is a must have, and even though the solid version like the one included is a little more difficult to use than the kind with holes, it’s still a great addition.

The tong comes in handy because you may have an occasional stray pepperoni that you need to take out.

The long pizza blade is cool too and it works really well.

Personally, my favorite included accessory is the pizza cutting wheel spatula combo. It looks strange and like it might be a little flimsy, but it’s actually pretty heavy duty and it cuts pizza like butter.

It’s now my favorite pizza tool and something I never knew I needed until now.

cover that doubles as a carry case that's included with the vevor gas pizza oven
Included cover/storage bag on the Vevor pizza oven.

The included cover fits easily over the top of the Vevor pizza oven and clips into place underneath.

You can use it as a cover for when it’s not in use, or as a storage bag for travel.

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vevor gas pizza oven cover clipped underneath
Cover secured underneath the Vevor pizza oven.

As you can see in the picture above. The cover has 4 straps underneath that clip into place.

This creates a secure connection so you can carry the Vevor with the carry straps on the other side.

Testing the Vevor Pizza Oven

When we got the Vevor gas pizza oven to test, the first thing we wanted to know is if it made good pizza.

This is not the first home gas pizza oven I’ve tried pizza from, but it’s the first one I’ve used myself. So there was a bit of a learning curve.

One downside to the Vevor is it comes with zero instructions. The controls are pretty straightforward but there’s no information on how to actually cook a pizza in the oven.

Luckily there’s tons of information online and lots of videos you can watch on how to make pizza on a gas pizza oven like the Vevor.

1st Attempt

The first mistake I made was not making sure the pizza could easily slide off of the pizza peel.

I made the pizza too big and used way too many toppings. I also didn’t use enough flour on the peel and dough so it stuck to the peel instantly.

Later on, I was using corn meal on the peel, but I found that it made the inside of the oven pretty dirty and also caught on fire. So I’m going to go back to using just flour.

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The first pizza broke in half inside the pizza oven when I tried to get it off the peel, which made a huge mess.

But I was able to use the tongs to clear out the dough and toppings, and the burner took care of cleaning the pizza stone.

The failure was 100% on me and it had nothing to do with the performance of the Vevor pizza oven.

I’m actually pretty impressed by the Vevor and so far it works exactly as advertised.

2nd Attempt

I learned a lot from the first failed pizza, and the second attempt went a lot smoother.

I made the pizza a little smaller, about 10 inches, and used cornmeal on the pizza peel so the dough would slide off easily.

It worked fantastically.

homemade pizza with raw dough being put in the Vevor gas pizza oven
The 2nd attempt at cooking a pizza in the Vevor gas pizza oven.

One thing to note is when the pizza is in the oven you should turn the burner to the lowest setting. When there’s no pizza in the oven the burner should be turned all the way up.

Pizza out, burner up. Pizza in, burner down.

The Vevor gas pizza oven get’s super hot, and even though I was using pizza dough made specifically for high temperature pizza ovens, I had to move the pizza a lot to keep it from burning.

This is totally normal for wood and gas pizza ovens, so it means the Vevor works like it’s supposed to.

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10 inch pizza in the 12 inch propane outdoor vevor pizza oven
The Vevor pizza oven gets very hot and you need to turn the pizza every 10 seconds to keep it from burning.

I turned the pizza about every 10 seconds, and it took about 90 seconds to go fully cook the pizza and melt the cheese in the center.

pizza cooked in the Vevor gas pizza oven
Pizza after being cooked in the Vevor gas pizza oven.

When all was said and done the Vevor pizza oven worked exactly as it should and it was able to make a fantastic pizza.

We’ve used it a few times since the first tests and so far it’s working great.

Vevor Pizza Oven Review

When we first took the Vevor gas pizza oven out o the box I was surprised by how much weight it had to it and the overall quality of the build.

The legs are strong and well connected to the body of the oven, and the oven shell is thick and very heatproof.

We used the pizza oven on a wooden table and checked underneath every now and again to make sure it wasn’t getting too hot.

I think you could probably get away with using this on a plastic table but I recommend wood or metal just to be safe.

The pizza stone is the most fragile thing on the Vevor gas pizza oven, but luckily there are a lot of 12×12 inch pizza stones available online if you break it.

For instance this square pizza stone by Unicook (click to view on Amazon) will fit in the Vevor and it’s actually a little thicker and an upgrade to the one that’s included.

When compared to the Ooni Koda 12, the Vevor holds its own and is a great alternative.

The burner in the Vevor is actually a little more powerful. It outputs 15,000 BTU compared to the 13,648 BTU burner in the Ooni.

The pizza stone quality is the biggest difference between the Ooni and the Vevor.

Since the stone is removable, it’s easy to upgrade it in the Vevor if you get one like the one I linked above.

Overall I’m very impressed with the Vevor and the pizza it makes is way better than any homemade pizza I’ve had from a regular oven.

Have any questions about the Vevor gas pizza oven? Leave a comment below. 

by Jenni
Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

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