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Sleeping At Walmart & Hiking Scotchman Peak, Idaho Vlog #8

The Camping Nerd Vlog #8

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Camping In A Walmart Parking Lot

In the vlog #8 episode, we finally get to do the thing all true full-time RVers must do at least once in their travels, camp in the Walmart parking lot.

We got a late started heading out of our campsite at Mcginnis Creek (click to view campground review) and decided the best thing to do would be to spend the night at the Walmart in Kalispell, MT.

If you ever want to camp in a Walmart parking lot make sure the specific Walmart you want to camp at allows it. You can check by looking it up online or calling.

We get some food at Panda and have a restless night of listening to people driving around, yelling, talking, and then generator noise from a nearby RV.

It wasn’t the most peaceful place but we were grateful for the free parking and we finally get to say we’ve camped in a Walmart parking lot.

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Heading To Lake Pend Oreille In Idaho

We then pack up and head to Clark Fork, Idaho. A small town on the east side of Lake Pend Oreille, the largest lake in Idaho.

On the way, we get passed by a semi-truck that keeps driving in the other lane and forces some oncoming cars off the road. It was scary to watch but we make it out unharmed.

We get to the lake and find a small place to camp at the Clark Fork Driftwood Yard (click to view camping review).

Free camping at the Clark Fork Driftwood Yard in Idaho. (The Camping Nerd Vlog #8)

A driftwood yard is a place that was built years ago to catch all the driftwood from the Clark Fork River.

Since there are so many trees along that river there is a lot of driftwood that floats down and into the lake. Driftwood can be a huge hazard for boaters which is why they built the driftwood yard to catch it.

Hiking Scotchman Peak

Scotchman Peak is the tallest mountain peak in Bonner County with an elevation of 7,009 feet. The hike up to it is 5.6 miles one way (11.2 miles total) with an elevation gain of 3664 feet.

It’s a steady incline the entire way and one of the toughest hikes we’ve ever done.

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The hike has some spectacular views of Lake Pend Orielle and the mountains that surround it. When we get near the top we see a group of 4 mountain goats chilling on the edge of the cliff next to us.

Mountain goat on the Scotchman Peak hike in Idaho. (The Camping Nerd Vlog #8)

We make it to the top and fly the drone around a little.

The hike down was definitely the hardest part of the hike. Our knees were shot by the time we made it down. If you have any kind of knee issue the Scotchman Peak hike may not be for you.

Hiking sticks are recommended.

Thanks for watching. If you have any questions about any places we went or products we used leave a comment below.

by Jenni
Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

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  1. Loved your journey and what a beautiful hike! I bet you had so much fun!! I’m planning to hike in March and are already preparing the necessary kit for the trip. Will try the Walmart parking lot for sure 😀


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