Welcome To The Camping Nerd

We’re Jesse and Jenni and we run the Camping Nerd website. We’ve been living and traveling in our 32 foot Heartland Prowler travel trailer since 2019.

Traveling became our passion early on in our lives and together we’ve been able to realize our dream of full-time RV living and camping every day.

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We love the outdoors, and camping is one of our favorite things to do. No matter where we are, we love to go mountain biking, hiking, paddle boarding, and fishing.

Before we purchase anything, we get really nerdy and want to know every little detail about the product and what makes it different from other products.

We decided to create the Camping Nerd to share all the information we’ve learned about RV living and products related to it.

We love helping people get into camping and RVing and want to make this site a great resource to not only find and compare great camping gear but also to get all the information you will need on how to RV better.

We also have some detailed reviews of the many campsites we’ve stayed at with all the information you will need on where to dump your RV and get basic necessities.

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See you out there.