The Water Bottle That Turns Dirty Water Into Drinking Water

Disclaimer: The Simpure Water Filter Bottle was sent to us for free to review and test. I have used and tested it for a few weeks now and my review is my honest opinion and experience with this water filter bottle.

Why Do Campers Need Water Filters?

Clean safe drinking water can be hard to come by when camping or hiking in the great outdoors and even RVers need a way to get drinking water from any source because you never know what might happen.

Not everyone has the space for large water filters and that’s where water filter bottles like the Simpure come in handy. It’s a regular sized water bottle with a filter straw on the inside. Just fill the bottle with water from almost any source and filter it as you drink. And when you don’t need to filter water you can switch it with a regular straw and it becomes a fantastic easy to use water bottle.

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In this article, I outline all the features of the Simpure water filter bottle as well as give my own review and talk about the best and safest way to use this when camping, hiking, traveling, or as a regular water bottle that will always deliver clean safe drinking water.

Simpure Water Filter Bottle

SimPure Filtered Water Bottle, Emergency Water Purifier with 4-Stage Integrated Filter Straw for Travel, Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, BPA Free

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The Simpure water filter bottle is a straw filter inside a BPA free water bottle. 

The filter removes 99.9999% of bacteria using a multi-layered filter system. On the bottom of the filter is a net that keeps large pices from entering the filter. The second layer is an antibacterial coconut activated carbon that filters out harmful chemicals and other large stuff. The third layer is a hollow fiber membrane that removes things like parasites and bacteria. The fourth and final layer is a PP cotton that does a final filter to remove microbes up to 0.2 microns. 

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The filter removes bacteria commonly found in streams and lakes like E. Coli, Giardia, Cholera, Hepatitis A, and Salmonella. It also removes dangerous heavy metals and chemicals like Chorine, iron, mercery, lead, arsenic, and more.

The life of the filter is 1,500 liters and is replaceable (click to view replacement filter on Amazon).

The bottle has a capacity of 650 ml and is made with durable thick plastic. 

The Simpure water filter bottle is made with thick durable plastic and is the perfect size to carry around.

The lid is opened by the touch of a button on the outside. There is also a small lock you can fold over the button so it won’t open the bottle inside your backpack and start leaking.

The Simpure Water Filter Bottle has a button you press to open the lid for easy access.

When you press the button the plastic lid that covers the soft silicon outlet straw flips up and the straw pops out. You can easily open the lid with just one hand and you can get drinking water much faster than with a traditional water bottle with a screw on lid.

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As a little added bonus there is also a tiny compass in the inside of the lid as well. On the outside of the lid, there is also a hard plastic loop you can use to carry the bottle around or hang it from something.

There is even a small compass inside the lid of the Simpure water filter bottle.

Included with the water filter bottle is a carabiner you can clip to the plastic loop on the lid. You also get a regular straw you can attach to the lid so you can use the water bottle without the filter straw. Last but not least there is a syringe you use to clean out the filter when you are done using it.

Note: The Camping Nerd Sticker is not included with the Simpure Water Filter Bottle.

Note: It is recommended to clean out the filter after use to keep it clear and easy to drink from. More on that at the end of this review.

My Review Of The Simpure Water Filter Bottle

I couldn’t review a water filter bottle without testing it and the closest water to me was a creek near our campground in the mountains.

The water was clear but it wasn’t something I would drink without first filtering because it was in a valley far from the originating spring and the area we collected the water from was under a large Beaver dam which had made the water a little swampy. I had my brother fill up the bottle and I took a swig. 

When using the Simpure Water Filter Bottle collect from clear water sources for best results.

I’m happy to say I survived the first test and the filter seems to work well. It was easy to drink water through the filter straw and the water was refreshing, odor-free, and it seemed like everything bad had been removed. The water we collected was clear for the most part but I did see a few particles floating around in the bottle. The filter definitely blocked them and it didn’t seem like it was any harder to drink out of after a few uses.

I did see the particles come out of the filter later on when I flushed it out to clean it, which means it worked. I also never got sick from the water which is the main thing I wanted to test.

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The lid is one of the best things about this water bottle. The button works well and the lid flips open and the straw pops up right away. The plastic cover is a great idea because silicon attracts dirt and can be hard to clean. I like this style of water bottle more than traditional lids that you have to screw on and off because you can open and close it faster which means you get water quicker.

The filter straw is easy to remove and replace with the included regular straw and everything seems to be leakproof and working as it should. 

What I Like

  • Lid Can Be Opened With One Hand
  • Lockable
  • Water Bottle Can Be Used With Filter Or Without
  • Easy To Get Lots Of Water Out Of
  • Replaceable Filter
  • Perfect Size For Carrying Around

What I Don’t Like

  • Isn’t Great For Muddy Or Sandy Water
  • Can Get Difficult To Use If Not Properly Maintained

Suggestions For Best Use

As suggested by Simpure the filter should be blown out and dried thoroughly when not in use.

One of the main complaints about this style of straw filter is it can get difficult to get water out of after a lot of use. If the filter starts to get plugged you can use the included syringe to clean out the filter which will make it easy to drink out of again.

When you are filtering water it’s a good idea to spit out the first few sips of water. 

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Make sure you test the bottle and filter before taking it on a long backpacking trip to make sure you know if it works and exactly how to use it.

Its recommended to only use this filter in clear water. If the water you need to filter is full of sand or other stuff put it in a bucket first and let everything settle at the bottom. Then scoop out the clear water with the bottle and filter it. This will help the filter last longer and keep it easy to get water out of.

Have any questions about the Simpure Water Filter Bottle? Leave a comment below.

by Jenni
Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

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