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Enjoy Bug Free Camping: Sansbug Popup Mosquito Tent Review

Disclaimer: Sansbug sent this product to us for free for a review. That does not affect our opinion about the product. In this article, we list both what we like and dislike. Read more about this here.

Why Sansbug Popup Screen Tents For Camping?

We recently had the opportunity to test a few popup screen tents made by a company called Sansbug.

These mosquito net tents are mostly marketed towards people who camp in wall tents or rustic cabins. They are made to fit on cots and are a simple way to keep mosquitoes off of you while you sleep.

If you use a hanging mosquito net like this one (click to view on Amazon) the Sansbug popup screen tent is another option that is instant to set up and quick to take down once you learn the basics of folding popup tents.

The great thing about them is they have poles that keep them up so you don’t have to find a way to hang them which makes setting up your sleeping area while camping much faster and easier.

1 person and 3 person Sansbug popup screen tents together
1 person (left) and 3 person (right) Sansbug popup screen tents together

We received the 3 man popup screen tent (click to view on Amazon) and the 1 man popup screen tent (click to view on Amazon) to test and review.

We also got the new 1 man rain fly that is a fast way to turn the 1 man popup screen tent into a rainproof camping tent. The rain fly is an exciting new feature we couldn’t wait to try out as well since we mostly RV and tent camp.

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Sansbug Popup Screen Tents Reviews & Info

SANSBUG 3 Person Popup Screen Tent

3-Person Screen Room (Tarp Floor)

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Let’s start with the biggest popup tent made by Sansbug, the 3 person.

The version we were sent has a small roof and a tarp floor but there is another version available that has only mesh on the roof and a poly fabric floor (click to view on Amazon).

That version is best for using with cots in wall tents or cabins and the tarp version is best for using on the ground like a regular tent.

Note that even though it has a tarp floor it’s still recommended to use a tarp or mat under the Sansbug popup screen tents.

When folded up and stored in the included bag it measures 34 inches wide and only a couple of inches thick.

There are straps on the bag you can use to carry it on your shoulder or back. If you carry it on your back it will make you feel a lot like you’re in a turtle costume.

Sansbug 3 person in case being carried like backpack
It’s a little bulky but the Sansbug 3 person popup screen tent can be carried like a backpack.

Popup tents are known for lightning fast set up but they aren’t recommended for backpacking because they normally fold up into a disk that isn’t very easy to pack long distances.

The size is awesome for car or RV campers because you can slide them into most storage areas or just place them in a trunk.

The Sansbug 3 person popup screen tent weighs only 4.5 lbs.

When open the Sansbug 3 man is 96 inches (8 feet) long, 69 inches (5.8 feet) wide, and 43 inches (3.6 feet) tall.

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The popup mosquito net tent uses a dome shape for the structure which means the walls angle in slightly on the ends. There is about 7 feet of usable space which means if you are over 6 feet tall this is the best size for you.

It says it’s a 3 man tent but like most tent size ratings it’s really going to be best for just two adults. It’s always a good idea to get one size larger than the number of people who are going to be using the tent.

Sansbug 3 person popup screen tent with double sleeping bag inside

It’s around 3 1/2 feet tall which means you can’t stand up in it but you can sit very comfortably.

Person sitting in the Sansbug 3 person popup screen tent

The poly fabric on the roof offers a little shade protection but not much. If it’s hot out I recommend setting the Sansbug up under a tree.


There are two large zippered doors on each side which is a huge bonus, in my opinion. If you are using this for sleeping it’s nice when either person can get out without disturbing the other.

Sansbug 3 person popup screen tent with both zippered doors open

The mosquito net looks thin and is very fine to keep out even tiny insects like bed bugs but it’s not as frail as you might think.

After setting the Sansbug up over and over again and giving the mesh a good test scratch I’m happy to report that there are no ripes or tears and it doesn’t look like there will be any issues any time soon.

That being said the mesh is clearly not pet proof and I think a rowdy dog or cat could easily scratch their way out of it.

But for using as a mosquito net for sleeping or even as a tent it’s going to be durable enough to not get ripped so the bugs will stay out.

Tarp floor and mosquito net on the Sansbug 3 person popup screen tent
Both the mosquito net and tarp floor on the Sansbug popup screen tents are durable and well made.

One thing about the 3 man Sansbug which doesn’t come with a rainfly (yet) is that you will definitely not get too stuffy and hot in it.

For hot weather or summer camping, it’s going to be perfect because you’re basically sleeping outside but you’re still protected from bugs and the roof and mesh help keep off the morning dew.

What’s in the bag

Included with purchase you get an information booklet that tells you all the Sansbug restrictions and also folding instructions.

There are also 4 small wire tent stakes included that secure the ends of the 3 man to the ground.

The tent stakes come in a small poly fabric bag and the entire tent comes in a large bag with handles and straps.

My Review

I love the size of the Sansbug 3 man popup screen tent. It’s perfect for two adults or 3 kids and the quality of the fabrics used is impressive.

I’ve used popup tents a lot and not only does the mosquito netting seem stronger and higher quality than on most tents the tarp is also thick and very protective.

If you’re setting it up in the backyard on soft grass you probably won’t even need to use a mat underneath.

A common problem with popup tents is once staked down the doors are often very difficult to zip up. Neither of the Sansbug screen tents had issues with that and the zippers were ok quality.

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As usual, the tent stakes were nothing special, I’m going to swap them out for the more heavy duty kind but that’s not really a deal breaker for me.

The 3 man only has stake loops on the ends, which isn’t terrible, but I would have like to see a couple more on the sides as well.

I’m used to folding smaller pop up tents but the large 3 man Sansbug wasn’t that much harder to pack down.

It has a lot more material to work with but if you practice and watch the videos provided by Sansbug (click to view) it’s not very different from folding a 1 man popup tent.

Folding the Sansbug 3 person popup screen tent
Even though there’s a lot of net and fabric the Sansbug popup screen tents are still easy to fold once you get the hang of it.

For sleeping in the 3 man has really done the job it was made to do, keep out bugs.

The side doors are large and if opened all the way you could potentially let some mosquitoes in but it’s easy to open the doors just a little to get out.

I don’t have the right kind of camping chair yet but I’m planning on getting some low beach folding chairs that will fit inside the tent so I can use it as a protected work space.

SANSBUG 1 Person Popup Screen Tent

SANSBUG 1-Person Popup Screen Tent (Tarp Floor)

Check Price at Amazon


The Sansbug 1 man popup screen tent is a much smaller version of the 3 man Sansbug reviewed above.

It measures 86 inches (7.2 feet) long, 39 inches (3.25 feet) wide, and 35 inches (2.9 feet) tall.

It weighs only 2.5 lbs and when folded up and placed in the storage bag the disk is only 26 inches wide and a few inches thick.

It’s much smaller when folded up than the 3 man but it’s still not going to be the best option for backpackers. This is still best for a regular car or RV campers and people who use wall tents.

Person carrying the Sansbug 1 person popup screen tent with the rainfly
The 1 person popup screen tent by Sansbug is a little easier to carry on your back and the rainfly fits in a small bag.

The version I received had a tarp floor which is excellent for putting the popup tent on the ground. There is also a poly floor version available (click to view on Amazon) if you plan on using it on a cot.

The poly floor is softer and much quieter when placed on a cot than the thick tarp floor.

The poly version doesn’t have a small roof which makes it better for indoor or large tent use.


It only has one zippered opening on the side but it’s large and easy to zip up when staked to the ground.

There are only two tent stake loops, one on each end.

The tarp floor is thick and perfect for regular camping. Much like the 3 man version, it’s still recommended to place a mat or tarp under the tent but in a pinch, the floor should be able to withstand a decent amount of rocks and twigs.

There is a small poly fabric roof that is nice for keeping some sun off of you but the tent is still very open and mostly mosquito netting.

The net is thin and easy to see through but still very durable and there were no rips from setting up the tent over and over again.

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The mesh is small enough to keep out even tiny animals like bedbugs but it still lets air in to keep you cool while you sleep.

It’s a popup tent which means to set up all you have to do is remove the bungee strap and throw it in the air.

Take down can be a bit more difficult but there’s less fabric and size to deal with when folding the 1 man version compared to the 3 man which means it will be more manageable for kids.

Right now there is a rainfly available for the 1 man version of Sansbug popup tents and it’s a great way to turn this fancy bug net into a full blown rainproof tent. You can read more about the rainfly later on in this review.

What’s in the bag

Included with the 1 man Sansbug popup screen tent are two small wire tent stakes, an information booklet stating the tent restrictions, and folding instructions.

Last but not least there is a round zippered case made to hold the tent and everything that comes with it. The case has handles and straps you can use to carry it on your back.

My Review

So what are the pros and cons of the 1 person Sansbug popup screen tent?

Some definite pros with the smaller size are it’s a lot smaller when in the carry case and it’s much easier to manage when folding it.

It also has an optional rainfly which I really like.

It’s pretty spacious from side to side but lengthwise it’s a little short.

Sansbug says there’s 6 feet of usable length which is true to a point but once you add a pillow it starts to get a little cramped.

I think someone who is 6 feet tall could use it but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone larger than that.

Sansbug 1 person popup screen tent with pillows and sleeping bag inside
Once you add the pillows the usable space inside the Sansbug 1 person popup screen tent decreases.

I’m 5 feet 4 inches tall and the length and height of the Sansbug were perfect for me. My head brushes the roof when I sit up but otherwise, it’s a good size.

It’s definitely big enough for most kids and for scouting and summer camps I think it’s a genius idea.

Sansbug 1 Person Rainfly Review & Info

Sansbug 1 person popup screen tent with rainfly attached
The Sansbug Rain fly turns the popup screen room into a full rainproof camping tent.

The thing I like the most about Sansbug popup screen tents is the optional rainfly you can get to turn the 1 person screen tent into a waterproof camping tent.

Sansbug is planning on releasing a 3 person later this year but right now only the 1 person rainfly is available on their website.

The rainfly comes in a small drawstring bag. It weighs only 2 lbs and it’s super easy to secure to the screen tent and to pack up and put away.

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It’s made with a surprisingly thick and durable feeling ripstop fabric with taped seams for waterproofing.

It comes with two guy lines and 10 aluminum tent stakes that are much more heavy duty than the ones included with the popup screen tents.

Putting the rainfly on the Sansbug 1 person popup screen tent
Securing the Sansbug rainfly to the popup screen tent is easy.

To install all you have to do is throw the rainfly over the tent, position the vents on the sides and use the 8 tent stake loops to secure it to the ground.

There are two vent flaps on the top that can be closed via velcro or held open with a built in fabric post that velcros to each end to keep it open.

Vent on the Sansbug 1 person popup screen tent rainfly
Even when open the vents on the Sansbug rainfly are still rainproof.

The main zippered door can be closed when it’s raining.

Rainfly closed on the Sansbug 1 person popup screen tent
The rainfly extends away from the main Sansbug popup tent which keeps any water away from your stuff.

It can be rolled up to allow airflow with the inner mosquito net door opened or closed.

Sansbug 1 person popup screen tent with rainfly door rolled up
The door to the Sansbug rainfly can be open while the mosquito net door remains closed.

Finally, you can even use the guy lines and some sticks to use the door of the rainfly as a little awning.

Bungee straps on the Sansbug rainfly that make it easy to attach to sticks or poles.
The bungee rope on the ends of the rainfly door makes it easy to secure to sticks or poles.

The ends of the rainfly door have bungee cords on them so you can attach them to different sizes of sticks or pipes.

My Review

The Sansbug rainfly is a huge gamechanger for me when it comes to these popup screen tents.

One thing I really don’t like about my old popup tent was it didn’t allow any airflow because there was very little mosquito net on the sides.

With the Sansbug popup screen tents, you get a ton of airflow but you have to use them in a wall tent or just get used to sleeping out in the elements.

With the rainfly, you get the best of both worlds. It’s open enough to still let in a lot of air and if you don’t want to use it for a night it’s really easy to take off.

I like that the door can also be an awning and it works really well in the rain because the angled sides divert water far away from the popup tent that’s underneath.

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In fact, most of the popup tent inside isn’t even being touched by the rainfly which means your bedding doesn’t get that damp feeling from touching the outer fabric of the tent when it’s raining.

The taped seams didn’t allow any water in when we tested it under some sprinklers and I could definitely even handle a decent amount of wind so long as you have it staked down all the way.

On their own, the Sansbug popup screen tents are a fantastic way to keep the bugs off of you while you sleep but if you add a rainfly as well you get even more use out of it.

I can’t wait to try out the 3 person rain fly when it gets released.

Have any questions about Sansbug Popup Screen Tents or the Rainfly? Leave a comment below.

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