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Expand The Battery Capacity Of A Jackery With A Battery Pack

Expand the Battery Capacity of Your Jackery with a Battery Pack

Jackery portable power stations have become a staple for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and those seeking emergency power solutions. These versatile devices offer a reliable source of electricity when away from the grid.

However, as our reliance on electronic devices grows, so does the demand for extended battery life.

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Expanding the battery capacity of your Jackery with an additional battery pack can significantly increase its utility, ensuring you stay powered longer, wherever you are.

The first thing you need to know is that this is only possible with the new 1000 Plus and 2000 Plus power stations. In this article I am going to show you how it’s done with these compatible models.

The Need for Expanded Battery Capacity

Expanding your Jackery’s battery capacity is essential for longer trips or emergencies where power needs exceed the built-in battery’s capabilities.

Additional battery packs can double or even quintuple (5x) your power reserve, making them invaluable for extended outdoor adventures or as a robust backup during power outages.

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With an expanded battery capacity, you’ll enjoy longer usage times, reduced need for frequent recharging, and peace of mind knowing you have extra power for all your devices and appliances.

Overview of Jackery Battery Packs

The Jackery battery packs come in two different sizes, which one you need depends on which Explorer you have.

Both of them have a small display on the front that tells you the battery percentage.

Again, unfortunately there is not a way to expand the battery capacity if you don’t have a 1000 Plus or 2000 Plus.

There also isn’t much of a choice here since there is only one battery pack compatible with each of the compatible power stations.

How many can I connect?

You can connect up to three extra batteries to the 1000 Plus for a total of 5056Wh.

The 2000 Plus can handle up to five, for a total of 1.2kWh (12000Wh).

If you have two 2000 Plus connected with the Jackery Parallel Connector (click to view on Amazon), you can have up to ten battery packs, five to each. That would equal a total of 2.4kWh (24000Wh)

How are they recharged?

The 1000 Plus Battery Pack has to be used with the Explorer 1000 Plus to charge. It has two expansion ports which is what’s used to connect it to the power station and an optional second battery pack.

The 2000 Plus has two expansion ports and two DC8020 inputs. If you use the wall charger, it has to be connected to the 2000 Plus power station, but if you use solar panels they can be directly connected to the battery pack.

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It has the same DC input limits as the power station, which is 17.5-60V, 12A max, double to 24A/1400W max.

You can also plug the car charger for your 2000 Plus power station to recharge the battery pack directly. Remember that you can’t use both the car charger and solar at the same time, even though there are two inputs.

Step-by-Step Guide To Connecting The Battery Pack

  1. Preparing Your Jackery and Battery Pack: Ensure both the Jackery and the battery pack are fully charged and ready for use.
  2. Connecting the Battery Pack to Your Jackery: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to safely connect the battery pack to your Jackery power station.

How do I know if a battery pack is compatible with my Jackery?

The name of the battery pack must match the name of your power station, for example the “Jackery Battery Pack 2000 Plus” is only compatible with the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus power station.

Can expanding the battery capacity void my warranty?

As long as you connect the correct battery pack you’re not doing something not allowed by Jackery, and the warranty won’t be affected.

How much additional capacity do I need for a week-long camping trip?

If the Explorer 1000 Plus usually runs out halfway through your camping trip, it tells us that if you had twice the capacity you would be able to make it all the way through.

If you’re out on a week-long camping trip with the 2000 Plus and it runs out of battery on the first day, you’re going to need at least five extra battery packs to make it through most of the week.

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You should consider the cost of battery packs versus solar panels, since it can be more worth it to spend your money on panels to be able to recharge the batteries faster every sunny day.

Is it possible to charge the Jackery and the battery pack simultaneously?

Yes, it’s the only way you can charge the battery packs with AC power.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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