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XTAR SP100 Portable Solar Panel Reviewed & Tested

Disclaimer: The XTAR SP100 was sent to us to be reviewed and tested. This is our honest review and opinion of this product after testing and using it while camping.

Is The XTAR SP100 The Perfect Portable Solar Panel For Travelers?

Solar panels come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Some are small and light enough to pack in a backpack, while others weigh 30 pounds and are permanently installed on roofs.

Then there are some that are like a mix of the two, and that’s the type we will be taking a look at in today’s review.

The XTAR SP100 is a portable panel that folds to become flat and easy to store or bring with you on a road trip while offering a stand that makes it angle and leave the panel out during the day.

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It looks very similar to some of the most popular portable solar panels on the market, but it has one neat feature that makes a lot of sense, the external USB station. I’ll explain how it works down below.

Without further ado, let’s start by talking about the features and then about what we like and dislike about this specific solar panel.

XTAR SP100 Solar Panel – Features

The Solar Panel

The XTAR SP100 uses mono-crystalline solar cells, which is more efficient than polycrystalline.

It’s rated at 100W peak power, but in my tests I saw it do up to 108W which is very impressive since it’s not often you see a panel overperform.

When connected to my Jackery Explorer 1500 it generated 100W, and the EcoFlow Delta Mini showed 108W. Note that you must use the parallel adapter included with the Explorer 1500, but not with the Explorer 1000.

100W from a 100W panel is not common.

According to Xtar, it can provide 93W to the Xtar power stations (we might review that in the near future).

With an open circuit voltage of 23.76V, it’s compatible with portable solar generators from brands like Goal Zero, Jackery, and EcoFlow.

Built-in Stand

The built-in stand makes it very easy to put the solar panel on the ground and angle it towards the sun. Since you can put is as low as 25° and as high as 45°, it’s useful during all hours of the day.

Always angle the solar panel towards the sun.

Of course, you can also put the panel on the ground or against a wall, but to maximize the energy generated you should always angle the panel directly towards the sun.

This will help generate as much electricity as possible, especially during morning and evening hours.

Storage Pocket & 8mm Cable

A 10ft 8mm cable stored in the zipped storage pocket on the back of the panel connects to the most popular power stations on the market.

External USB Station With Ports

One unique feature about the SP100 is the external USB station.

By plugging the 8mm cable into the DC7909 input on the USB station, you can keep the solar panel in the sun while you let your devices charge in the shade.

There are three USB A ports and one USB C PD port on the USB station.

Plug the solar panel into the EU4S before plugging in your devices.

One of the USB A ports supports QC 3.0 and the USB C PD port is rated at 45W. That means that it’s fast enough to charge the latest smartphones, tablets, and laptops that support USB C PD charging.

There is also a small LCD screen that shows the volts and amps for every port.

It can also be used with a 12V cigarette port in a vehicle or on a power station on cloudy days, since Xtar includes a cigarette plug to 8mm adapter.

Built-in Handle

The panel folds and becomes very flat. Magnets are used instead of latches to keep the panel closed, and the built-in handle means it’s easy to carry and transport the solar panel.

Included Adapters & Connectors

In addition to the 12V to 8mm adapter, XTAR includes an 8mm female to MC4, and an 8mm to DC 5.5×2.5mm connector.

The MC4 to 8mm female adapter can be useful if you have a portable power station that doesn’t have an 8mm input, like an EcoFlow product.

Since EcoFlow includes an MC4 to XT60 adapter with most of its solar generators, the XTAR panel can still be used to charge it.

Size & Weight

When folded, the panel measures 24.4 by 21.1 by 1.2 inches.

It weighs 9.7 pounds, 4.4kg.

What I Like

USB Station With USB A & C PD

I like having an external USB station instead of the ports directly on the panel, since it makes more sense.

Being able to put the solar panel in the sun and connecting/disconnecting your charging cables wherever you want within 10 ft is more convenient.

There is no need to get down on your knees to connect your charging cables.

Very Portable

It’s so flat when you fold it together, and the magnets holding it together makes it easy to setup and take down in seconds.

Just like we’ve seen on other similar panels, the handle is built-in and makes it easy to carry the panel.

The Built-in Stand & Grommets

A built-in stand is a necessity to be considered a great portable panel, in my opinion.

Some people hang panels on their vehicles though, which is where the grommets can be used. You could of course also use the handle for this.

The Included Adapters

The more adapters, the merrier!

I appreciate it when companies consider the different ways you’re going to be using the product.

Xtar includes a way to plug the USB station into a 12V port in a vehicle or a power station, an MC4 to DC 8mm female adapter, and an 8mm to DC5525 connector for power stations with that type of input.

What I Don’t Like

No Protective Storage Bag

The thing I do wish a panel like this would have is a protective storage bag. Since the panel is made with fabric, it can get very dusty when used outdoors and if you bring it inside you’re going to bring the dust inside.

A protective storage bag could be useful to keep dust and debris both in and out.

Have any questions? Leave a comment.

by Jesse
Jesse has always had an interest in camping, technology, and the outdoors. Who knew that growing up in a small town in Sweden with endless forests and lakes would do that to you?

11 thoughts on “XTAR SP100 Portable Solar Panel Reviewed & Tested”

  1. As of summer 2022, here is the best OFF-GRID combo :

    XSTAR SP 100: By far the best solar panel for the price.
    BLUETTI EB70 : By far, the best solar portable station for the price and WITHOUT competition using LiFePO4 battery cells which last for 10 years of more (80% capacity after 2500 charge cycles or so which make the price ridiculous compared to the competition).

    People should switch to LiFEPO4 for obvious : One is durability (80% guarantee after 3000 recharges cycle) and second is security reason, LiFePO4 LITHIUM-ION chemistry being the safer to date.

    May they read this comment, JACKERY and ECOFLOW and other notorious brands not using LiFEPO4 have to acknowledge many customers think this is a shame but as long as most customers (and reviewers) will accept to pay for less durable and more dangerous solutions than the ones based on LiFePO4,… you know :-p

  2. Hi what is the expected service life of this etfe panel if used as a permanent solar energy source …excluding rain an adverse weather.I mean what is the service life of etfe panel under the sun only as an everyday use panel.how is it compared with glass panels?

    • Hi,
      According to XTAR, it’s 10+ years. I’d expect it to last at least 10 years if taken care of, I would expect the double from a high quality rigid panel.

      I don’t think either of them wouldn’t work at all after 20 years but the output might be lower compared to when it was new.

  3. What’s with the ‘shade issue’ –
    Other TIPS:
    PLEASE AVOID ANY SHADOW on the solar panel
    The solar cells of SP100 are connected in series, any shadow on it may cause irrreversible damages to your panel when it’s working.
    -per Xtardiecrt web site

  4. Re: the shade issue: my question was raised by the warning on the xtardirect.com web page (xtardirect.com/products/xtar-sp100-portable-foldable-100w-adjustable-solar-panel), I am ready to order a panel but was concerned about their warning.

    also: the site offers a carrying bag that’s a 3-layer fabric – Dustproof, Waterproof, Scratch-proof and it fits 2 solar panels ($29)

    also: they offer a 10A/20A fuse

  5. We purchased a Bluetti AC200p and are not familiar with electrical terms. Recently we ordered two of the XTAR SP100 panels and were later told that we need two more just to assure that the minimum voltage is met ( 35V-150V). We purchased the two panels for $503 after discount and have a few questions. 1. Is this panel compatible with our generator? 2. Is the voltage of the panel suitable for our generator. 3. How are we supposed to wire the panels ( We’ve read some people saying. “in series”…others saying, “in parallel”)? I don’t believe returning this brand of panel is a simple ordeal so we just need to know how to wire them, how many of this specific panel we need to consistently stay above the 35V minimum, and how to wire them whether it is three or more panels not to exceed the 150V maximum. Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Hi,
      As you mention, the AC200p will not work with the voltage of just one panel. But if you got the 8mm female to MC4 adapters with the Xtar panels you should be able to connect the two panels in series.

      A parallel connection won’t work, since the AC200p will receive the same amperage as if only one panel was connected. A series connection will double the voltage, and it should reach the voltage required by the AC200p.

      The way it’s done is by connecting the 8mm to MC4 adapters, then taking the positive MC4 male connector from one of the panels and connecting it to the negative MC4 female connector on the second panel.

      Then you can grab the MC4 to XT60 adapter included with the Bluetti and connect the two remaining MC4 connectors from the panels to it.

      I haven’t used the 8mm to MC4 connectors myself to connect two panels in series and you might want to ask Xtar if this is ok, but this is how I would do it.


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