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Horse Canyon Road Dispersed Camping Utah Review & Info

We camped at Horse Canyon Road Dispersed Camping in Utah in October 2021

Campground Info

Location: 39.401959, -110.444406
Cost: Free
Camping Limit: 14 Day
Amenities: Nearby Rest Stop With Bathrooms & Dumpsters

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Essentials Nearby

Town: Wellington, UT – 21 miles
Gas Station: Chevron 21 miles
Dump Station & Potable Water: Miller’s Travel Center– 21 miles ($10, may not have potable water)
Grocery Store: Walmart (Price, UT) – 26 miles

Cell Phone Service

Verizon – Excellent
AT&T – Excellent

Nearby Attractions

Green River State Park – 39 miles
Arches National Park – 86 miles
Moab, UT – 90 miles

RV at Horse Canyon Road Dispersed Camping in Utah near arches national park

Horse Canyon Road Dispersed Camping Utah Info

If you’re traveling on U.S. Highway 191 there is a little rest stop between Price, and Green River, UT. The rest stop is accessible from either direction and it’s located on the east side of the highway.

The rest stop is pretty average. There are a few picnic tables, some bathrooms, and some garbage cans.

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There is a sign at the entrance that says no overnight camping even though there are some really sweet spots right next to the parking area.

Horse Canyon Road is technically on the east side of the highway as well. You can access it by driving past the rest stop. Once you cross the cattle guard and hit the dirt road, you’re there.

We never went down this road but I believe there are a few campsites on it and some people have stayed on that side of the highway.

The instructions we had led us down road number 125 which is directly west of the rest stop.

Basically, instead of turning east, you turn west to reach the place we camped at.

Once you cross the cattle guard there are two small campsites on both sides of the road. These spots are small but could potentially fit a truck and a small trailer.

There will be a lot of road noise there but if you’re pulling in late at night and you just need a spot to sleep for a few hours they’re both good options.

After those two there are maybe one or two small spots a truck or a van could get into but for RVs and trailers, the options are very limited.

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About a mile from the highway there is a crossroad. The road that crosses over is an old deserted highway that you can see was once paved.

If you head north on that road you instantly come to a large wash that has taken out the road but if you had a truck you could take that road to the south a ways to try and find a small campsite.

I wouldn’t take a heavy vehicle down that road since it gets very narrow in some areas and has been washed out in a few places. It’s definitely not RV or trailer friendly.

Largest campsite along horse canyon road dispersed camping in utah
Paved part of the old highway with the largest and most accessible campsite in the background.

If you continue down the dirt road that heads west the largest and most accessible campsite is to your left on the south side.

This is the spot we stayed in and it’s where the coordinates linked to above will take you.

Entrance to largest campsite on horse canyon road dispersed in utah
Dip at the entrance to the largest campsite along Horse Canyon Road Dispersed Camping in Utah.

There is a slight dip right next to the road so be careful if you have a low clearance vehicle.

This “campsite” is really more of a large area that was probably once paved. It’s large enough to fit a couple of RVs or trailers and there’s even a few level spots.

The views from this area are beautiful and even though you’re only a mile from the highway and you can see cars driving in the distance the road noise isn’t bad at all.

Level campsite in Horse Canyon Road Dispersed Camping in Utah

If this site is taken and you have a large motorhome, 5th-wheel, or travel trailer I would consider turning around.

The only other campsite we found down the road isn’t very accessible and I wouldn’t risk it unless you are very used to backing into tight spaces.

The mentioned campsite is located at 39.394552, -110.454243 (click to view in Maps). If you continue west you come to a split in the road.

The campsite is to the right and it’s directly after the cattle guard that’s about a mile from the big campsite.

This spot sits on a hill above the railroad tracks and although the train doesn’t come more than a couple of times a day it is pretty noisy. The site is fairly large but may be hard to turn around in with a big rig.

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If you need to turn around you can keep heading down the dirt road. It leads in a big circle and you end up at the split in the road. The only downside to it is the road is rough in a few places and pretty narrow.

There are a lot of dirt roads in this area and I’m sure there are some that also have campsites. We explored a little on our bikes but nothing looked like it would be accessible to our 24 foot class c motorhome.

Camping at Horse Canyon Road Dispersed Utah

Horse Canyon Road Dispersed Camping Utah Review

Even though there aren’t many campsites in this area it’s still a great place to spend a few days. The views are amazing and there are lots of small roads you can hike or bike on.

If you are a tent or van camper the rest stop with bathrooms isn’t far away but just so you know there is no water there.

We camped here on our way to Arches National Park and it was a good way to break up the trip from northern Utah.

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There was great cell phone reception on both Verizon and AT&T and our data speeds were surprisingly fast.

This is a place we will definitely be camping at again on our way through Utah.

Have any questions about camping at Horse Canyon Road Dispersed Camping in Utah? Leave a comment below. 

by Jenni
Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

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