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Vevor PVC Plastic Welding Gun Review For Plastic Flooring

What Is A Plastic Welding Gun?

A plastic welder is a specialized heat gun that comes with nozzles to direct heat and melt plastic.

You can adjust the temperature for melting and welding different plastics, and it can even be used as a regular heat gun.

We recently renovated our bathroom. For the renovation, we installed a thick plastic mat on the floor.

The mat needed to be heated to form to the walls and also welded in the corners.

We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test out the Vevor PVC welding gun.

It’s also a handy tool for welding the different plastics you find in RVs like fenders, vents, storage compartments, and more.

Vevor Plastic Welder Overview

Vevor plastic welding gun

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Main Features

  • 1600 Watts
  • Temperature Control Dial
  • On/Off Switch
  • Quick Heating
  • Temperature Range – 104° to 1,112° Fahrenheit (40° to 600° Celsius)
  • Flat Nozzle – for welding thin plastics
  • Round Nozzle – for welding hard plastics
  • Rapid Weld Nozzles – for PVC welding cable
  • 10 foot (3 meter) Power Cable
  • Extra Heating Element Included
  • Additional Accessories

What’s In the Box?

  • Vevor Plastic Welding Gun
  • Flat Nozzle
  • Round Nozzle
  • Round Quick Weld Nozzle
  • Triangle Quick Weld Nozzle
  • Roller
  • Wire Brush
  • Slot Cutting Tool
  • Manual
  • Replacement Heating Core

A Closer Look

Included nozzles for welding plastic with the Vevor PVC welding gun
Quick weld, round, and flat welding nozzles that come with the 8 piece Vevor plastic welding gun.

Plastic Welding Nozzles

For welding plastics and even some metals, the Vevor heat welding gun comes with a few different nozzles.

The flat and round nozzles slip onto the tip of the heat gun and are secured using a bolt on the side.

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The fast welding nozzles that are used to weld with PVC cable fit over the round nozzle.

The nozzles are made with quality steel. They heat quickly and are very durable.

Wire brush, roller, and slot cutting tool that come with the Vevor plastic welder.
Wire brush, roller and slot cutter that come with this version of the Vevor plastic welder.

Included Accessories

With the 8 piece set, you also get a stainless steel wire brush, a nylon roller, and a slot cutting tool.

The brush is used to clean the material before you weld.

For PVC welding with plastic cable, you need to cut the edges of the plastic to make a valley for the plastic to sit in.

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It also makes it easier for the sides to melt and weld together.

That’s what the slot cutter is used for. It’s also a great tool for getting material out of hard to reach areas and corners.

The nylon roller is used to flatten hot plastic as it’s being melted. It’s a great tool for welding hard plastics.

Extra heat core included with the Vevor plastic welding gun.
Extra heat core that comes with the Vevor plastic welder.

Along with the other accessories that can help with plastic welding, Vevor also includes a second heat core just in case the original one quits on you.

Vevor plastic welding gun in a hand.
The Vevor plastic welder is smaller and easier to manage than a standard sized heat gun.

How To Use the Vevor Plastic Welding Gun

The controls and adjustments are very easy to use and understand.

It can be turned on via a rocker switch on the back where the power cord comes out.

That’s also where the heat dial is located.

On/off switch and temperature control on the Vevor plastic welder.
The temperature range of the Vevor Plastic Welder is 104°F to 1,112°F.

I wish the dial showed temperature instead of just numbers. But there’s not a lot of space where it’s located, so I understand why they went with the system they did.

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I used this plastic welder to weld pieces of plastic flooring together, so that’s what I’m going to show as an example.

This type of plastic welding uses PVC cable and the round rapid welding nozzle.

To start, you need to cut the edges of the two pieces of plastic you want to weld.

Using the slot cutter that's included with the Vevor plastic welder to prepare plastic for welding.
Just take the edge off of the plastic to make room for the new material.

I used the included slot cutter for this.

Next, I tested the plastic cable to see what temperature the gun needed to be set at.

To do this, hold the cable close to the end of the nozzles and start increasing the temperature.

Testing plastic welding cable for the right temperature setting with a Vevor plastic welder.
The plastic cable melts without burning when the plastic welder is set to the correct temperature.

You want the cable to melt but not burn. If it burns, turn down the temperature.

Start welding the plastic by feeding the plastic cable through the rapid welding nozzle.

Plastic flooring being welded with the Vevor plastic welding gun.
I am using the round rapid welding nozzle for this plastic welding project.

The goal is to melt the edge of the welding cable to the edge of the mat.

Press on the cable with the front flat tip of the nozzle, but don’t get the back too close to the mat.

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It’s easy to burn the mat if you go too slowly, but it’s also easy to not get a good weld if you go too fast.

It takes a bit of practice, but it’s pretty easy to figure out.

Let the cable and mat cool for about 10 minutes, then you can cut the extra material away from the mat.

Cutting away extra material from the plastic mat that was welded with the Vevor PVC welding gun.
Carefully cut away the plastic cable using a planing tool or a razor blade.

There’s a special tool for this, but I just used a razor blade.

The plastic cable should be fully welded to the mat on the sides and cut flush with the surface.

If you need to touch it up, you can use the round nozzle to heat small areas and flatten them with the nylon roller.

Fixing a plastic weld using a Vevor nylon roller.
The nylon roller is a great tool for smoothing out hot plastic.

Remember to give the plastic time to cool so the mat doesn’t burn.

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Vevor Plastic Welder Review

We used the Vevor plastic welder a ton when we installed the plastic floor mat in our bathroom.

It was used to not only weld the corners but also to heat the edges of the mat so it would fold tightly against the walls.

example of using the vevor welding gun as a heat gun
Example of how we used the Vevor plastic welder as a heat gun to create a fold in the plastic flooring.

The Vevor held up great, and it did everything we needed it to.

It got tossed around quite a bit and it’s still working.

I think the Vevor plastic welding gun is a great value and the perfect tool for home renovations and small plastic welding jobs.

Have questions about the Vevor plastic welder? Leave a comment below.

by Jenni
Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

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