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Is Your RV Pre-Wired For A Furrion Backup Camera? Read This

Which Furrion Camera Do I Need For My Pre-Wired RV or Trailer?

Most RV manufacturers pre-wire campers for Furrion cameras. If your camper came with a backup camera kit, it’s probably for the RV backup camera I talk about in this post.

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RV backup camera ready or “pre-wired” means there is a mounting bracket and plug already installed. All you have to do is purchase the correct camera, secure it to the mount and plug it in.

It’s a very hassle free system, the only issue is, what RV backup camera is my RV pre-wired for?

Normally, the manual will tell you what brand of backup camera the pre-installed bracket is compatible with or it will say right on the bracket cover.

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Pre-wired furrion backup camera on a travel trailer RV
On a pre-wired RV the cover plate will tell you the brand of camera it’s compatible with. This is the Furrion camera version.

If you can’t find any information about which brand of RV backup camera your camper is pre-wired for, you can check out this list (click to view). It’s a small guide to help you find out what camera your pre-wired RV or trailer is compatible with.

Furrion sells a few versions of RV backup cameras, one for pre-wired RVs and one for installing a backup camera yourself (click to view post on best RV backup cameras).

If you have a pre-wired RV or travel trailer with a Furrion bracket and power plug, you want the Furrion camera linked to below.

Furrion Vision S RV Backup Camera

Furrion Vision S Wireless RV Backup Camera System with 4.3-Inch...

Check Price at Amazon

The Furrion Vision S Kit comes with a backup/rearview camera, a protective fin style mounting bracket, and a 4.3-inch monitor.

There is also a 5 inch (click to view on Amazon) and a 7 inch (click to view on Amazon) monitor available.

The monitor comes with a windshield or a table mount.

Here is an excellent video showing how to install a Furrion camera on a pre-wired trailer. The steps will be the same for a pre-wired RV as well.

For more information about the Furrion RV backup camera and monitor, or if you don’t have a pre-wired trailer or RV but want to install a wireless RV backup camera, check out this article here.

Furrion RV Backup Camera Review

Furrion makes a fantastic rearview camera. It’s one of the most popular for RV use for a reason.

The camera is waterproof and comes with a shark fin mount to protect it from the elements.

There is a night vision mode that lets you see up to 40 feet in the dark and the viewing angle is an extra wide 120°. The camera films in HD (720 x 480) and offers live streaming for driving.

There is an antenna on top that sends a signal to the monitor. It has an extra long range of 492 feet and will work with any length of RV, travel trailer, or 5th-wheel.

You can even use it for a semi-truck. It will also work up to 100 feet at high speeds, which is a necessary feature for a rearview camera.

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You won’t have to worry about what’s going on behind your RV anymore with a Furrion installed.

The camera also has a microphone. Whoever is helping you back can speak to you through the camera.

It’s a useful feature that will come in handy more than you might think. Especially in areas where there is no cell phone signal.

Furrion Vision S Wireless RV Backup Camera System with 4.3-Inch...

The monitor comes in a 4.3, 5, or 7 inch size. It has an anti-glare screen, park assist lines, and can connect to up to 4 cameras at once.

Included with the Furrion camera system is a monitor stand and a suction cup.

A shark fin bracket is included in case you are installing the RV backup camera yourself. If your RV is pre-wired you won’t need the mounting bracket, but it’s good to have as a spare part.

One cool feature with the Furrion camera is it has a security feature you can use if you wire the camera directly to the RV house batteries so it’s on 24/7.

There are motion sensors on the camera and the microphone will allow you to hear what’s going on outside your RV.

The only downside to it is there is no record feature, which would be nice not only for driving purposes but also the security feature as well.

For an RV backup camera the Furrion Vision S RV Backup Camera has a lot of fantastic features that are easy to use and the picture is very clear and stable.

There are a few other options out there, but if you want something dependable and possibly already pre-wired for your RV, it’s a fantastic choice.


  • Waterproof
  • HD Filming
  • 40 Foot Night Vision
  • Many RVs Pre-Wired For It
  • Long Signal
  • Motion Detection
  • Multiple Monitor Sizes
  • Wide Viewing Angle


  • Does Not Record
  • Very Premium Option

The Furrion Vision S System (4 Camera)

Furrion Vision S 4-Camera Wireless RV Backup System with 7-Inch...

Check Price at Amazon

A Furrion camera monitor can connect to up to 4 cameras.

You can get this entire RV camera system that includes a rearview camera, two side view cameras, and a camera that will mount over the door.

This system will eliminate any blind spots and make driving an RV or towing a trailer even safer.

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The rearview camera in this kit comes with a red running light. It makes installation quicker and you get a new light.

To install remove the center running light on your RV, wire the camera + light to the old light’s wires, caulk everything, and you are good to go.

The side view cameras are the same way. They come with yellow running lights attached and replace a running light on each side.

The over door Furrion camera comes with the shark fin mounting bracket and is also easy to install.

Furrion Vision S RV backup camera on a 5th-wheel RV with a rv backup camera pre wire kit
Furrion Vision S RV backup camera on the back of a 5th-wheel that has a Furrion pre-wire kit.

Alternative RV Backup Camera For Furrion Pre-Wire RVs

If you’ve read this review and still aren’t too sure about getting the Furrion camera for your RV, even though it’s pre-wired for one, there is a second option.

Haloview MC7108 Wireless RV Backup Camera System

Haloview MC7108 Wireless RV Backup Camera System 7'' Monitor Built in...

Check Price at Amazon

The Haloview is another excellent RV backup camera I highly recommend in this article here (click to go to best RV backup camera article).

It offers fantastic video quality, great signal range, multiple camera connection capabilities, a large monitor, and best of all, it can record.

The recording feature is a great thing to have if you are on the road a lot. It records while you’re driving and if any accidents occur, it can show you exactly what happened.

You can read more about the great features of the Haloview in this best RV backup camera article (click to go to article).

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The reason I’m mentioning it in this post about the Furrion camera for pre-wired RVs is that Haloview makes an adapter bracket and cable (click to view on Amazon) it make its camera compatible with Furrion pre-wire mounts.

Haloview Backup Camera Bracket Adapter Compatible with Pre-Wired RVs

With the bracket and adapter, the installation is just as easy as installing the Furrion backup camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Furrion RV backup camera make RVing easier?

A Furrion wireless backup camera can significantly enhance safety by minimizing blind spots while towing or maneuvering.

Its real-time video feed allows you to monitor your surroundings, which will reduce the risk of accidents.

It’s especially nice for backing. Before we got our RV backup camera backing the RV meant we needed at least two people. One to drive, and one to instruct.

We still usually are two people, but now that we have a backup camera, it’s possible for just one person to maneuver the RV.

What are some key features things to consider when buying an RV backup camera?

Key features to pay attention to when looking at RV camera systems include; wireless connectivity, high-definition resolution, wide viewing angle, durability in various weather conditions, ease of installation, and compatibility with other RV accessories.

If you want a quick and easy installation process and your RV is pre-wired for a backup camera, the best way to go is usually with the brand of camera the RV is set up for.

How does the installation process of the Furrion camera compare to other RV backup camera systems?

The installation process of the Furrion camera system is relatively straightforward. Most people should be able to do it on their own, especially with a pre-wire mount and plug already installed.

Even if your RV isn’t pre-wired, wireless RV backup camera installation is pretty easy with the right instructions.

Have questions about the Furrion Camera System? Leave a comment below.

by Jenni
Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

20 thoughts on “Is Your RV Pre-Wired For A Furrion Backup Camera? Read This”

  1. I have a FOS48TA-BL system it has worked well up till this year. Now it has stopped working goes in and out. More out than in. Have unpaired and paired did nothing. The antenna 0n the camera came a part. Wonder if that might be the problem. Is there an extension to get the antenna above the camper. really like the camera alot. had it for Three years. hope you can help.

    • It seems like this is a common issue with wireless backup cameras. After some reading, it looks like most people add a larger antenna to both the camera and the monitor inside the truck. You should be able to add this antenna (click to view on Amazon) to the camera part and this antenna (click to view on Amazon) to the monitor in the truck, the bottom of the antenna is magnetic so you can just place it on top of the cab.

      If you don’t want a large antenna on your truck you could try the new camera antennas first and go from there.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Have a furrion back up camera
    Have it on back of travel trailer but will not pair to screen.
    When close to each other will pair
    Again will not pair when backup camera is installed on back of rv
    Suppose to be ready to go but wont pair.

    • Hi Kimberly,

      That is a common problem with wireless backup cameras. One thing you can do is add better antennas to both the monitor and the camera. Antennas like these will work with the camera (click to view on Amazon) and this antenna (click to view on Amazon) will attach to the monitor and sit on the cab of the truck. Make sure the antennas you add to the camera are secured to the trailer, they are longer than what comes with the camera and may not be as resistant to the wind.

  3. just bought a 2021 coachmen chapparal and the Furion camera bracket doesn’t fit . what can i do? Camper World won’t take back the expensive unit since we opened the box

    • Hi Melhaine,

      If I were you I would remove the pre-mount bracket on the back of your Coachmen and replace it with the new camera and bracket. Your new camera should have also come with a new mounting bracket. As far as the power plug goes you can cut the plug off and wire the electrical wires together directly. Make sure you use lots of caulk around the edges of the new bracket to waterproof everything when you are done.

  4. just bought a pre-wired 5th wheel with Furron brade. do i have to buy the furron name brade camera and monitor kit to go with it. i hate to pay for a name.

    • Hi Kim,

      The mount and electrical plug that are on your 5th-wheel are only compatible with the Furrion backup camera. But, you can technically use a different brand of backup camera like any of these (click to view article) if you are willing to remove the Furrion mounting bracket and replace it with the one that comes with the new camera. You will also need to cut the plug on your trailer and wire the new camera to the bare wires.

      If you do this make sure you use plenty of butyl tape (click to view on Amazon) and RV sealant (click to view on Amazon). The new bracket needs to be sealed so no water can get into your 5th-wheel.

  5. We were prepared to purchase a fury on camera system for our RV. We were reading the comments and there were several that stated if your toe vehicle is newer than a 2018 it may not work because of electrical issues. Does anyone know anything about this? Really appreciate some input .Thanks

    • Hey Renee’

      Thanks for the heads up about this issue. It looks like it’s mostly a problem with newer Chevy and GMC vehicles. The 12V power being supplied isn’t strong or clean enough to run any backup camera without a booster/filter.

      Furrion currently hasn’t made a booster for this issue but the RV backup camera brand Haloview has. If you drive a new GMC or Chevy or your tow vehicle just isn’t supplying enough power to your RV backup camera the fix is to use the Haloview Backup Camera (click to view on Amazon) with this 12V booster/filter (click to view on Amazon). If your RV has a Furrion pre-wire you will also need this adapter (click to view on Amazon).

      So far it sounds like it’s only an issue if your tow vehicle is a Chevy or GMC.

      Thanks so much for the comment. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  6. I have a question . I can’t find a wired Furrion Backup Camera , will a wireless
    hook up to my prewired Furrion Backup system ?

    • Hi Ronnie,

      It’s hard to find wired RV backup cameras anymore. The wireless version should work as long as the electrical plugs match.

      If your camper is newer it’s pre-wired for a wireless camera, the pre-wire kit just means that the electrical wires are all set up and ready to plug into a wireless Furrion camera.

  7. I have a RAM with the trailer camera port. I bought a Vanleigh trailer pre-wired for the camera. What camera is compatible with my RAM ?

    • Hi Kim,

      It’s a little complicated when it comes to the camera ports on new trucks. Dodges are only compatible with this wired camera from Mopar (click to view).

      There are different models for different sizes of Dodge Ram trucks. If you go with one of these cameras make sure you get the one that’s compatible with your truck.

      Unfortunately, the Dodge trailer camera isn’t compatible with the pre-wire kit used on your Vanleigh. Usually, Vanleigh trailers are wired for this Furrion RV Backup Camera (click to view on Amazon), but you might want to double check the name on the cover plate that’s located on the mounting plate.

      If you get the Furrion camera you will need to use the monitor that comes with it inside your truck, only the Dodge/Mopar cameras work with the monitor already inside your RAM.

      The installation of the Furrion will be easier since it’s a wireless camera. If you install the Dodge camera it will have a more secure connection because it will be hardwired to your truck, and you won’t have to have a second monitor on the dash.

      In the end, it’s up to you which route you prefer. There are pros and cons to each type of camera.

      Feel free to comment if you have any more questions, and congrats on the new RV.

  8. I have a 2022 Sandpiper, pre-wired for Furrion. I installed the Haloview BT7. I cannot find where the pre-wire is connected to the battery. The wire (white/red) had power to it before I started the install and still has power. I pulled every 12v fuze. I check the fuse bus beside the battery. Does anyone know if the “pre-wire” included a power button? Or where a common location for the power button would be.

    • Hi,

      Usually, RV backup cameras get power from one of the nearby running lights on the trailer. The power should be coming from your vehicle when your trailer is plugged into it.

      Sometimes you even have to turn on the lights in your car to get the running lights to come on to power the RV backup camera.

      Unless your Sandpiper was wired differently, disconnecting the power between your vehicle and the RV should turn off the power to the RV backup camera.

  9. I have a prewired furrion camera system on my new camper and I have a 2022 GMC denali that is wired for RV cameras. What do I need so I don’t have to have a screen in my vehicle, I can just use the camera in the rear view mirror?

    • Hi Matt,

      Unfortunately there’s no way to connect an RV camera like the Furrion to the camera system or monitor in your GMC. You have to use the screen that comes with the Furrion or any other kind of RV camera you buy.

      If you want to use the wiring that’s already in your vehicle you have to get a GMC trailer camera from GMC.

  10. i purchased a furion wireless camera system. Is there any way to connect the wireless system to my 2021 chevy so i can view it through the vehicle monitor instead of having a separate camera monitor

    • Hi Ken,

      Unfortunately, there’s no way to connect any wireless RV backup camera to a vehicle’s built in monitor. Chevy makes a wired trailer camera that can plug into the truck so you can use the monitor. But your truck has to have the tow package and the camera is wired which is a little more difficult to install.


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