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OneWind Northers Zipper Double Camping Hammock Full Review

Disclaimer: OneWind sent this product to us for free for a review. That does not affect our opinion about the product. In this article, we list both what we like and dislike. Read more about this here.

What Are OneWind Zipper Hammocks?

OneWind is a company that makes quality, budget-friendly hammocks that are perfect for any kind of camper.

Hammocks are a fantastic alternative to tents and sleeping pads.

If you RV camp, hammocks are a simple way to keep a few extra beds on hand without taking a lot of storage space.

They’re also really nice for naps and lounging around the campsite.

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OneWind makes a few different styles of hammocks from thin and ultralight to heavy duty double layered with mosquito nets.

The latest addition to the OneWind collection are zippered hammocks.

These affordable hammocks include mosquito nets that zip up around the upper half of the hammock instead of completely covering it.

It makes it so you can enter from the side instead of underneath, and there’s a lot less material to carry around.

In this review, I’ll be talking about the Northers version of the OneWind zipper hammocks.

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OneWind Northers Zipper Hammock

Onewind 11ft Zipper Hammock with Mosquito Net for Camping, Portable...

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Main Features

  • 40D Ripstop Nylon Material
  • Two layers for camping mat & increased durability.
  • Fine Mesh Bug Net – zips up around the edge of the hammock, also removable.
  • Side Entry & Exit
  • 500 lbs Weight Capacity
  • 11 foot Length
  • 64 inches Wide
  • Total Weight w/ Accessories – 2.8 lbs
  • Tree Friendly Tree Straps Included
  • Built In Ridgeline – holds up bug net, lanterns, and storage bags.
  • Easy Setup Double Sided Storage Bag
  • Plastic Clips – for securing optional under quilt (click to view on Amazon) for added insulation.

What’s in the Box?

  • OneWind Northers Zippered Double Hammock
  • Bug Net
  • 2 Tree Friendly Straps
  • Cinch Buckles
  • Ridgeline
  • *Shock Cords
  • *2 Aluminum Tent Stakes

* I did not receive the shock cords or tent stakes, but they are normally included with regular purchase.

Feature Highlights

Tree friendly straps that come with the OneWind Northers double zipper hammock with bug net
OneWind includes tree friendly straps with the Northers Zipper Hammock.

Tree Friendly Straps

One important feature for a camping hammock is easy setup, and the included tree friendly straps are super easy to secure to a sturdy tree.

Measuring 11 feet each, these thick straps are plenty long to cover big gaps between trees, which makes finding a spot to hang a hammock a lot easier.

There’s a loop integrated into one end, so all you have to do is feed the end strap of the strap through the loop, and it secures itself to the tree.

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cinch buckles on the onewind northers hammock
Cinch buckle on the OneWind Northers double hammock.

Cinch Buckles

OneWind opted out of the classic carabiner to secure the hammock to the straps. Instead, they use simple metal cinch buckles.

They’re lightweight but strong and really easy to feed the tree straps through and adjust.

OneWind zipper hammock with insert for sleeping mat or blanket

Sleeping Pad Pocket

The OneWind Northers zipper hammock has two layers of strong nylon fabric.

This increases durability, weight capacity, and creates a pocket you can slip a sleeping mat or blanket in to add structure and insulation.

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There’s an opening on each end of the hammock. To use, just stuff a sleeping bag, blanket, or sleeping mat into the pocket.

Then go to the other side and pull it through.

onewind hammock with a sleeping pad inside to give it more structure for sleeping
With a sleeping pad or blanket inside, the OneWind hammock has more structure and insulation for more comfortable sleeping.

Regular hammocks will sometimes wrap around you like a cocoon. Adding a sleeping pad will stop the sides from curling around you and make it more comfortable.

If you don’t usually like hammocks, you might have better luck with double layered one with a sleeping mat inside.

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onewind hammock northers double layer zipper being set up using the dual opening stuff sack
With the dual opening stuff sack, the OneWind hammocks can be set up quick and easy.

Dual Opening Stuff Sack

One thing about OneWind hammocks that I really like is the storage bag/stuff sack they all come in.

Normally hammocks have to be removed from their storage bags before they can be secured to the tree straps.

You have to spend time finding both ends and making sure the hammock isn’t twisted. It can also get dirty in the process.

OneWind stuff sacks have an opening on both ends, and each end has the cinch buckles coming out, so you already know where the ends are.

Technically, one end will have the straps inside as well, but once you pull out the straps you can also pull out the cinch buckle so it’s ready to go.

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To set up, simply connect one of the cinch buckles to a tree strap, then start removing the hammock from the end of the sack that’s not connected yet.

You could also connect the other cinch buckle before removing the hammock from the storage bag.

Because you can connect the hammock to the trees without taking the hammock out of the bag, it’s a lot easier to set it up because you’re not dealing with a bunch of fabric.

It makes putting away the hammock a lot easier as well. Just disconnect the side the storage bag is on and start stuffing the hammock inside as you walk towards the other end.

The hammock never touches the ground, and you will have the buckles sticking out of each end automatically.

zipperes for the bug net on the onewind northers double hammock for camping and rv
Dual zippers for the bug net on the OneWind Northers zippered camping hammock.

Zippered Bug Net

The last OneWind hammock we reviewed was a bottom entry with a bug net that surrounded the entire thing.

It’s a fantastic hammock, but there’s a lot of bug net to deal with and the bottom entry sometimes makes it hard to get out of.

The zippered OneWind hammocks use bug nets, but instead of surrounding the entire hammock, they are zipped around the edges.

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side entry of the OneWind hammock with a zippered bug net
Side entry is possible with the zippered OneWind hammocks because the bug net only covers the top of the hammock.

This makes it so you can enter from the side, and there’s half as much bug net to carry and setup.

It also makes it so you can add a wind sock that zips up where the bug net goes.

It increases the versatility of the hammock and makes it better for camping and backpacking than some others.

zipping up the bug net while inside the OneWind Northers zippered double hammock
Once inside, it’s easy to zip up the bug net on the OneWind Northers camping hammock.

The zippers have tabs on both sides of the bug net, so it’s really easy to zip up one you’re inside.

You can also choose the side it opens from because the zipper goes around the entire hammock.

If you don’t want the bug net, just unzip it so the zippers meet on the end with the storage bag. Stuff the net inside and you now have an open hammock.

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ridgeline on the onewind hammock with a zippered bug net for camping and rv use
The ridgeline holds up the OneWind hammock’s bug net. It’s also used for hanging storage bags and lights.


Another fantastic feature OneWind includes with almost all of their hammocks is the adjustable ridgeline.

The ridgeline holds up the bug net so it’s out of your way when you’re inside.

It’s also good for hanging a lantern and storage bags.

OneWind makes a few kinds of ridgeline storage bags. There’s a gear sling (click to view on Amazon), and storage sack (click to view on Amazon) available.

Both hang from the ridgeline and are used to keep small things out of the way while still being within reach.

tightening the ridgeline on a onewind hammock

The ridgline gets set up at the same time as the hammock, so it’s really easy to use.

Once the hammock is where you want it, pull one end of the line to tighten it, and it’s ready to go.

inside the onewind northers zippered double hammock
The double OneWind hammocks are spacious and easier to sleep in than other kinds.

OneWind Northers Zipper Hammock Review

I’ve mostly been RV and tent camping in my life, but hammocks like the kind OneWind makes are getting me into the world of hammock camping.

The lightweight nylon camping hammocks I’ve tried before have been uncomfortable and difficult to sleep in because the sides wrap around you and make it hard to move.

OneWind has made their hammocks with campers in mind.

Their hammocks are a lot wider, so you can lie in them diagonally instead of front to back.

The diagonal method creates more space inside the hammock, so you can move and breathe a lot easier.

If you add a good camping mat to the OneWind Northers, you get that space even easier, and the bottom of the hammock is a little softer and warmer.

I’ve found that a thick yoga mat works really well for this, if you don’t have a structured camping mat.

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Every OneWind hammock I’ve tried has been flawless and made with durable materials, especially when compared to other budget camping hammocks.

There are lots of accessories you can get for the OneWind Northers to turn it into the ultimate camping hammock.

I prefer the zippered bug net over the one that fully surrounds the hammock because the side entry is easier.

In areas with tons of mosquitoes, you may want to go with the full coverage net because they can sometimes bite through the hammock material if you have the single layered one (click to view on Amazon).

The double layered hammocks like the OneWind Northers usually offer enough protection to stop bug bites.

What I Like

  • Super Fast & Easy Set Up
  • Built-In Ridgeline
  • Extra Wide for Diagonal Sleep Position
  • Double Layered Fabric
  • Pocket for Mat or Blanket
  • Zippered Bug Net
  • Side Entry
  • Tree Friendly Straps
  • Lightweight Cinch Buckles
  • Built-In Clips for Optional Under Blanket
  • Lots of Accessories

What I Don’t Like

  • No way to secure mat or blanket inside of pocket.

Have questions about the OneWind Northers Zipper Hammock? Leave a comment below.

by Jenni
Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

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