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OneWind Double Camping Hammock With Net & Rainfly Review

Disclaimer: The OneWind double camping hammock and tarp rainfly were sent to us to test and review.

The OneWind Camping Hammock & Rainfly Tarp

Even though we are RVers the need to tent camp in especially beautiful places is still there.

For the longest time, we hauled around our old two man Coleman pop up tent (click to see review), but after switching from a large travel trailer to a small motorhome we no longer had space for a full tent and sleeping mats.

Luckily, Onewind reached out to us and asked if we would review its 11 foot double camping hammock (click to view on Amazon) and 12 foot rainfly tarp (click to view on Amazon).

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect since a camping hammock takes up a lot less space than a tent and we don’t need to bring any camping mats with us anymore.

One Wind camping hammock and rainfly hanging between two trees
The One Wind rainfly can be used for protection from the sun, rain, wind, and even the cold.

The Onewind double camping hammock has a lot of small useful features that make it comfortable to sleep in or lounge around for the day.

There is built in bug net you can use all of the time or hide away in the included storage bag.

The rainfly tarp is super easy to set up and it can be used as just a shade tent or a full cover for cold weather sleeping.

In this hammock review, I’m going to go through all of the features of the OneWind camping hammock and rainfly tarp as well as give some tips on how to set it up easily.

I’ll also include my thoughts on the quality and the pros and cons of this camping and RV friendly tent alternative.

OneWind 11 Foot Double Camping Hammock

onewind 11Ft Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net Adjustable Ridgeline...

Check Price at Amazon

In the world of hammock camping the Onewind could be considered a budget friendly alternative but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have everything you need for an enjoyable night out in the wild.

The Hammock

The hammock itself is made with durable ripstop nylon that has a hex pattern to make it stronger than traditional hammock fabrics.

It stays cool during hot summer nights and is also fairly lightweight for the size weighing only 2.4 lbs according to my scale.

Onewind camping hammock and rain tarp next to eachother
Onewind tarp (left) and camping hammock (right) sitting next to each other.

It’s made using only one panel of fabric which means there are no annoying pressure points digging into your back. It’s actually a very comfortable place to nap or sleep.

The weight capacity is rated at 500 lbs.

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Everything fits in a convenient ripstop nylon bag that has two openings.

The included thick 12 foot tree straps can roll up easily and fit in the bottom of the bag.

Onewind hammock tree straps
Tree straps and steel buckle on the Onewind double camping hammock.

One end has a loop you can feed the other end through. It really increases the distance you can place your hammock between trees and gets a good grip so it doesn’t slip down.

Onewind camping hammock tree strap around a tree
Onewind tree strap looped around a tree.

The straps are really nice and thick and show no wear even after being set up a bunch of times on different types of trees.

A steel buckle hangs out of one end of the hammock bag right from the get go.

You don’t want to remove the hammock from the bag before securing the buckle to one of the tree straps.

The adjustable steel buckles are ultra durable and made to take up to 1,500 lbs and they are super easy to adjust and feed the tree strap through.

Onewind hammock adjustable steel buckles

Once you have secured one end of the hammock you can start pulling it out of the bag.

Directly out of the box the hammock was well placed in the bag and super easy to take out and secure to the other tree strap.

I didn’t have to adjust or hook up anything, the Onewind camping hammock was just ready to go.

Onewind double camping hammock being taken out of the storage bag
Make sure you have one end secured before pulling the camping hammock out of the bag.

The bug net comes out with the hammock but you can easily stuff it back into the bag that sits on the starting end to get it out of the way while you set up the ridgeline and get the hammock tension just right.

Adjusting the ridgeline on the Onewind double camping hammock
The ridgeline is one of the main things that sets the Onewind camping hammock apart from the others.

Once you have the Onewind camping hammock secured between two trees you can adjust the tension on the ridgeline so it is tight over the hammock.

The ridgeline is one of my favorite features of the Onewind, especially if you plan on using your hammock for camping.

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It creates a unique storage area that is easy to reach from the hammock and it doesn’t move when you are getting in, so your stuff stays secure.

The included ridgeline has a loop for hanging a lantern and a nylon bag with 4 pockets that are the perfect size for necessary items like your phone and an extra battery.

Onewind hammock ridgeline storage bag

Onewind also has some more accessories for the ridgeline I’ll talk about more in the additional items section below.

The ridgeline is also a key feature for holding up the built in bug net I’ll talk about next

The Bug Net

The outdoors are beautiful and amazing to spend time in but bugs are always going to be there, no matter where you are.

The Onewind camping hammock comes with a built in bug net that completely encases the hammock while you’re laying in it.

It’s super easy to set up or keep packed away and it actually works to keep pesky flies and mosquitoes from attacking you while you sleep.

It’s also really easy to see out of which is something I appreciate when hammocking in scenic places.

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To use the bug net all you have to do is make sure one end is secured to the end of the hammock before pulling it out.

Each end has a drawstring so it’s easy to open really wide for pulling over the hammock.

Once one end is secure carefully draw it out of the bag and secure the other end to the other end of the hammock.

Bug net on the Onewind double camping hammock

I recommend having the hammock set up and the ridgeline adjusted before pulling out the bug net to make things easier.

getting into the Onewind double camping hammock with the bug net

You enter the bug net through the bottom at the center. It looks difficult but it’s really pretty easy to get into the bug net if your hammock has already been set up and properly adjusted.

Once you settle in you can close the bottom of the bug net using the drawstring to secure it tightly around the bottom of the hammock.

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securing the bug net drawstring in a Onewind double camping hammock

The ridgeline keeps the net away from you and you are now enjoying a bug free safe space between two trees.

When it’s time to put the Onewind away the process is incredibly simple (unless it’s super windy which is true for all hammocks and tents).

I’ve been putting it away with the but net installed over the hammock but if you really wanted to you could put the bug net in the bag first and then the hammock.

When I’m ready to pack up I just unhook the end that doesn’t have the storage bag on it then slowly start stuffing the hammock and bug net into the bag.

Everything fits super easily and there’s always been enough room for the tree straps as well.

OneWind Camping Hammock Review

As far as quality goes the OneWind Double Camping Hammock (click to view on Amazon) I received had no flaws. All of the seams were well sewn and the bug net had no tears or issues.

I’m really impressed by the nylon fabric the hammock is made of.

While it’s pretty standard as far as high end camping hammocks go it’s definitely a huge improvement to the super thin and stretchy parachute hammocks I’ve used in the past.

It’s easy to get comfortable in and I have no doubt the 500 lbs weight limit is accurate.

The adjustable steel buckles have been really awesome as well. Even after a night of sleeping, they didn’t appear to have slipped at all. Everything was still secure and just where I wanted it.

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I really love the ridgeline. Not a lot of camping hammocks have this and it’s a fantastic way to keep things at arms reach but still out of the way when enjoying your hammock.

It also takes away a lot of the work that’s normally required to put a bug net over a hammock. There are no guy lines or anchor points necessary.

When you look at some of the other camping hammocks out there they really don’t have quite as many features as the Onewind does.

It’s really pretty incredible and they have so many awesome accessories that I’ll talk about at the end of this review.

We’ve always been RV and tent campers but this hammock has really changed how I think about camping and even backpacking.

Pros & Cons


  • Super Sturdy & Well Built
  • High Weight Capacity
  • Comfortable To Sleep In (No Seams)
  • Quick Set Up
  • Ridgeline For Storage & Bug Net
  • Super Fast Set Up Bug Net
  • Quick Put Away
  • Lots Of Optional Accessories


  • Heavy For Backpacking (Lightweight Option Available)
  • No Footbox (Extra Material For Foot Space)

OneWind Hammock Rainfly Tarp

onewind Premium 12ft Hammock Rain Fly, Lightweight and Waterproof...

Check Price at Amazon

The Onewind tarp is a very versatile and easy to use accessory that pairs with the 11 foot camping hammock reviewed above.

It can be used as a simple cover to shield you from the rain or sun, or it can be used as a tent that will help protect you from wind and even a little bit of cold weather.

Since we were testing it in the fall we decided to go with the more protective tent formation where you stake the sides to the ground and it basically becomes a cocoon around the hammock.

What’s Included

The Onewind rainfly tarp comes in a bag that’s similar to what the hammock comes in. The only difference is it’s slightly smaller in diameter but it’s almost the same length.

It actually almost weighs just as much as the hammock at 2.1 lbs. That’s with all the stakes and ropes as well.

Inside the bag is the tarp, 4 aluminum tent stakes, 6 ten foot ropes, 4 aluminum tension adjusters, and the necessary bungees and carabiners to form the tarp into either the tent or rainfly.

Onewind rainfly tarp included accessories
Included accessories laying next to the bag with the Onewind rainfly tarp.

It’s made with thick nylon that’s a lot like what the hammock is made of but it has a waterproof silicon coating on the inside to keep out the rain.

It’s super durable and a great way to make sleeping in a hammock more comfortable.

The tarp is 12 feet long and 10 feet wide.

How We Use The Rainfly

There seems to be a lot of ways you can install and use the Onewind rainfly with a hammock. Since it was getting pretty cold at night we used it as a tent.

You can either install the center of the rainfly directly onto the tree straps of your hammock and use the ridgeline to keep it above you or you can use some of the included guylines to hang it up a little higher so it gives you more space.

I recommend hanging it higher up so you won’t be touching the sides of the rainfly while you sleep.

Onewind rainfly aluminum tension adjuster
Aluminum tension loop used to secure the Onewind rainfly to a tree.

You get 4 aluminum tension loops you can use however you want. Some people use them when staking the tarp down and others use them when tying the sides so they don’t flap. It really depends on you and how you want to use the tarp.

I used the adjusters to secure the tarp to the tree above the hammock straps. Since taking the photo I’ve found that hanging the tarp at least a foot above the hammock is even better than having it directly on top of it.

The aluminum tent stakes have notches in them you can securely attach the bungee cables that come off of each corner to.

aluminum tent stake included with the Onewind rainfly tarp tent

The bungee cables also have plastic tabs on them you can use to securely fasten guylines too if the tent stakes are too far away to reach.

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Once the hammock rainfly is staked down on all four corners you can use the bungee cables that have carabiners attached to close the ends to make a secure and snug tent for your hammock.

Onewind hammock rainfly being used as a tent for cold weather camping

It looks really cool on the outside and it really helps keep the elements off of you while sleeping in your hammock. If you stake it down just right you can even use the rainfly as a place to change clothes and keep out of the wind.

I really like how many things you can do with it and I’ll be trying out more of the features and ways you can hang the rainfly in the future.

Onewind Rainfly Tarp Review

Setting up and taking down the Onewind rainfly tarp (click to view on Amazon) is just as easy as the hammock. It uses the same technique with the bag that has two openings.

The material is high quality and so are the included accessories. The tent stakes are especially nice and you get a lot of bang for your buck when you go with Onewind.

I found no flaws in the stitching and the waterproof silicone coating seemed really well done. I haven’t tested it in heavy rain yet but I’ll update this article when I get the chance.

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When using them together the rainfly and camping hammock are just as good if not better than regular tent camping.

Even if we aren’t using the hammock I can see us using the rainfly tarp as a shade tent when RV camping. It’s really nice having a waterproof shelter that’s easy to set up and put away.

The attached bungees and carabiners are really nice and they make it very easy to hang the tarp without having to do too much with the included guylines. Guylines are nice to have but they do take time to set up.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy To Set Up & Take Down
  • Large (12 feet by 10 feet)
  • Lots Of Anchor Points
  • Can Be Tent, Rainfly, & Shade Tarp
  • Waterproof
  • High Quality Materials & Accessories


  • Heavy
  • Slightly More Difficult To Stuff In Storage Bag Than Hammock

Additional OneWind Products For Hammock Camping

The Onewind 11 foot double camping hammock (click to view on Amazon) and 12 foot rainfly tarp (click to view on Amazon) are a great start to hammock camping and really all you need if you’re going to be in warm weather.

A huge pro to getting OneWind products is the huge selection of accessories it makes for its hammocks.

Here is a small list of OneWind accessories that pair well with the double camping hammock and rainfly reviewed above.

OneWind Clip On Peak Storage Sling

onewind Peak Storage Hammock Gear Sling Clip On Peak Hammock for Small...

Check Price at Amazon

The ridgeline is one of my favorite things about Onewind hammocks and even though each hammock comes with a small gear bag and lantern holder getting some extra storage slings is a fantastic way to keep your essentials organized and within reach.

The peak clip on storage sling doesn’t actually clip on. It ties on using included paracord. You can install it on the ridgeline and remove it after use or just leave it on and pack it away with the hammock.

Either way, it’s a smart way to utilize more of the ridgeline and it can hold a good amount of snacks or small essential overnight items.

OneWind Hammock & Tarp Sleeve

Onewind Premium Hammock Tarp Sleeve 12ft Camping Tent Rain Fly...

Check Price at Amazon

One of the first things you notice when hammock camping is wind can be a huge problem. Even with the rainfly tarp set up wind gusts can still pick up your hammock and put unnecessary strain on it.

If the wind is strong enough it can even dump out all your gear and potentially rip the hammock.

If you are planning on camping in the same spot for multiple days an awesome OneWind accessory is the hammock sleeve.

It’s basically a long, skinny bag you can put your hammock or rain tarp in while it’s hanging up. It holds everything in place and not only protects your hammock and keeps it clean when not it use, it also stops the wind from getting to it.

This is also a nice accessory to have if you use your OneWind camping hammock in your backyard and want it to be set up all the time.

It’s fast to take on and off and it really works well.

OneWind Double Hammock Underquilt

onewind Underquilt Double Hammock Camping Insulation Night Protector,...

Check Price at Amazon

If you’ve tried overnighting it in a hammock you’ve probably noticed how cold it can get underneath during the cold morning hours or if the wind starts to kick up.

Normally you can try and fight this by putting a blanket or sleeping mat underneath you inside the hammock but it makes it really hard to move around.

The OneWind under quilt is a smart way to stop heat from being lost underneath the hammock without having to deal with something bunching up directly underneath you because it hangs on the outside of the hammock.

Every Onewind hammock comes with loops along the sides you can use to hang the optional underquilt and there are different sizes for the different kinds of camping hammocks.

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I highly recommend the underquilt for serious hammock campers. You can put the underquilt on when you know it’s going to get cold or windy at night and leave it off if it’s going to be hot.

This specific under quilt is made for the double hammock like the one reviewed above. It’s made with ultralight nylon and filled with Dupont Sonora insulation.

This largest version weighs around 2.25 lbs and is rated for temperatures as low as 40° F but when pared with a blanket you can camp in even colder weather.

There are bungees on each end you can tighten when it’s going to be super cold or leave open for warmer temperatures.

There are a lot of cool features that come with the OneWind underquilt and it’s a simple way to make hammock camping more comfortable and enjoyable.

Have any questions about the OneWind double camping hammock and rainfly? Leave a comment below. 

by Jenni
Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

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