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Auto Vox Solar Wireless RV Backup Camera Review & Setup

Disclaimer: Auto Vox sent this product to us for free for a review. That does not affect our opinion about the product. In this article, we list both what we like and dislike. Read more about this here.

What Makes the Auto Vox Solar RV Backup Camera Different?

There are a lot of wireless RV backup cameras out there. Most of them have one thing in common, the power source.

Almost every RV backup camera needs to be wired to 12 volt power.

Usually it’s the nearest taillight on the back of an RV or trailer, or wired directly to the RV battery.

Getting the wiring correct is the hardest part of RV camera installation. That’s why so many RVs are sold pre-wired for wireless backup cameras.

An RV pre-wire kit includes the mounting bracket and a power plug, so they do the hard part for you.

For those of us who have older RVs and trailer, or just didn’t get the pre-wire kit, we have to deal with the wiring ourselves.

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The thing that makes the Auto Vox Solar 4 RV backup camera different is it’s powered by a small solar panel.

Because the solar panel powers the backup camera, you won’t need to get into a taillight or deal with wires.

Installing an Auto Vox solar RV backup camera is fast and easy. Which makes it a fantastic choice for RVers who don’t want to deal with wiring.

Another benefit to the solar panel is you can use the RV backup camera at any time.

Normal RV rearview cameras only get power when the RV is connected to a vehicle or the lights are on.

The Auto Vox can be used during the day and at night, so long as the battery is fully charged before the sun goes down.

All you need is a 12 volt power source for the monitor and you can use it as a security camera while you’re inside the camper.

In this review, I’ll go over the main features of the Auto Vox Solar 4 RV backup camera.

I’ll also show how I installed it on a 5th-wheel and talk about my experience using it to tow and back an RV.

Auto Vox Solar 4 Overview

Auto Vox Solar RV Backup Camera

Solar Wireless Backup Camera with 7' Monitor System, 1080P 6600...

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Main Features

  • 7 Inch Monitor”
  • Rubber Dash Mount for Monitor
  • 1080p HD
  • 120s/240s/Never Off Modes for Monitor
  • Supports 2 Cameras
  • 25 fps Frame Rate
  • Hydrophobic Camera Lens
  • IP69
  • 6600mAh Battery Capacity
  • IR Night Vision
  • 90° Viewing Angle
  • 50 Foot Wireless Range
  • Antenna Extender Included
  • Z Bracket Mount for Vans
  • Optional Magnetic Camera Mount
Items included inside the box of the Auto Vox Solar RV Backup Camera kit
The Auto Vox Solar RV Backup Camera comes with everything you need for fast and easy installation.

What’s In the Box?

  • Auto Vox RV Backup Camera
  • RV Mounting Bracket
  • Charging Cable
  • Solar Panel
  • 7″ Monitor
  • Dash Mount (for monitor)
  • Antenna Extension Cable & Mount
  • Z Mounting Bracket
Auto Vox solar RV backup camera mounted to the back of a 5th-wheel RV trailer
The Auto Vox RV Backup Camera is very easy to install anywhere on an RV, trailer, car, or home.

Feature Highlights

 Solar Panel

The thing that sets this RV camera apart from the rest is the solar panel used to power and recharge the camera.

Using a solar panel means you won’t need to hack into the wiring of your RV, and you can place the camera almost anywhere.

It’s also crazy fast to install, and the only holes you’ll need to make are four for the camera mounting bracket.

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antenna extension cable included with the Auto Vox solar RV backup camera
The antenna extension cable will help keep the signal from being lost on long RVs and at high speeds.

Antenna Extender

Wireless RV backup cameras are great because they are quick and easy to install, but there can be issues with the signal being lost on long RVs or at high speeds.

To combat this issue, Auto Vox includes a 10 foot antenna extension cable with a roof/wall antenna mount.

When I first installed the Auto Vox backup camera, I didn’t use the extender.

Even on a long 35 foot 5th-wheel RV, the camera was able to connect to the monitor inside the cab of the truck.

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It worked great for backing, but once I got out on the road, the signal weakened and lost contact with the monitor at 35 mph.

I added the extension cable and moved the RV backup camera’s antenna to the middle of the 5th-wheel.

That fixed the weak signal at high speeds issue right away. Now it works fantastic, even at 70 mph.

Almost every brand of wireless RV backup camera has issues with weak signals at high speeds.

Auto Vox was smart to include an antenna extender with purchase.

Large 7 inch monitor that comes with the Auto Vox solar rv backup camera
View behind the 5th-wheel RV with the backing guides turned on.

7″ Monitor

7 inches is usually the largest size of monitor you can get for an RV backup camera, and that’s what comes with the Auto Vox Solar 4.

You can connect up to two cameras and view each one in either full or split screen.

settings on the auto vox solar rv backup camera monitor
Auto Vox Solar RV Backup Camera monitor settings.

There are a lot of settings you can change via the monitor. It’s fairly straightforward and easy to navigate the menu.

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sleep settings on the Auto Vox Solar RV Backup Camera
Auto off settings on the Auto Vox Solar RV backup camera monitor.

You can set the monitor and camera to sleep after 120 or 240 seconds, or make it so the camera and monitor never turn off if you are planning on using it as a security camera.

It’s also easy to see the screen, even when there’s full sun on the windshield.

12 volt plug for the Auto Vox solar rv backup camera monitor
Auto Vox RV backup camera monitor plug for 12 volt car outlets.

The monitor is powered using a 12 volt plug. There’s a usb port on the plug so you can charge your phone and power the monitor at the same time.

Battery Life

The solar panel does a good job keeping the backup camera fully charged while it’s sunny.

On cloudy days, or at night, you will need to rely on the camera’s internal battery.

According to Auto Vox, the 6,600 mAh battery can power the camera up to 15 hours during the day, or up to 9 hours at night when the IR night vision is on.

I haven’t been able to fully test the battery life myself, but so far the camera has stayed charged and working.


One of the main selling points for the Auto Vox solar 4 is the easy installation.

I found it was very easy to install, and I got it working within 10 minutes.

I chose a spot directly above the center taillight on the back of a 5th-wheel RV.

One thing you need to do is put the camera high enough for the solar panel cable to reach.

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The standard mounting bracket is very simple, and there are screws included.

I recommend using some butyl tape (click to view on Amazon) behind the mounting bracket to seal the screw holes.

When I installed this camera, I didn’t have any butyl tape.

I had some Eternabond tape (click to veiw on Amazon) that has something similar to buytl tape on it.

auto vox solar rv backup camera mounting bracket with butyl tape behind it
Auto Vox RV backup camera mounting bracket with Eternabond tape behind it.

To seal the screws, I put a rectangle of Eternabond tape on the RV, then screwed the mounting bracket into the tape.

Auto Vox solar RV backup camera mounting bracket on a 5th-wheel RV trailer.
The Eternabond/Butyl tape seals around the holes the screws make in the RV to stop water leaks.

So far it’s worked, and I have had no water leaking into the walls of the RV.

After the mounting bracket is in place, you can slide the camera onto it.

There’s an anti-theft screw and tool included you can use to secure the camera to the bracket.

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solar panel for the Auto Vox solar rv backup camera
The Auto Vox solar panel uses tape to mount to the RV roof so you don’t need to make any holes.

The solar panel comes with double sided tape on the bottom.

I plugged it into the RV backup camera first, then found a good spot on the RV roof to stick the panel.

Before setting it in place, I cleaned the spot on the roof with soapy water and rubbing alcohol to make sure it would stick.

solar panel connected to an Auto Vox solar rv backup camera on the roof of a 5th-wheel rv camper
Solar panel installed on the RV roof directly behind the Auto Vox RV backup camera.

After taking it for a test drive, I added the antenna extension cable to place the camera’s antenna closer to the truck.

After moving the antenna, the signal stayed strong and the camera could transmit a clear image even when driving 65 mph.

The monitor comes with a rubber dash stand you can tape or screw to secure.

I found that just setting it on the dash is enough to keep it in place.

That way it’s easy to move when I want to use it inside the RV as a security camera.

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auto vox rv backup camera connected to a solar panel on the back of an rv
The Auto Vox solar RV backup camera can be tilted up or down.

Auto Vox Solar RV Backup Camera Review

So far, the Auto Vox Solar RV Backup Camera has worked really well as a rear view observation camera.

To stay connected at high speeds, I had to install the antenna extension cable, but it was included and super easy to install.

It works fairly well for backing. The wide lens has taken a little getting used to, but overall it’s been helpful.

I like that you can turn off the guide lines to make rear view observation easier while driving.

Installation was as easy as Auto Vox said it would be.

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Make sure you fully charge the camera battery before installing because it will need that extra little boost of power.

We’ll see how well it works on the next camping trip, but so far I’ve been impressed with the quality.

It’s a good buy for RVers looking for a very easy way to get a backup camera on their RV, trailer, or vehicle.

What I Like

  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • Z-bracket for roof mounting included.
  • Antenna extender included.
  • Solar Powered
  • Long Battery Life
  • Night Vision
  • 7 inch Monitor
  • Can be a security camera.
  • Great for rear view observation while driving.

What I Don’t Like

  • Low FPS
  • No Suction Cup Windshield Mount
  • No Viewing Angle Adjustments (wide lens can make it difficult to see while backing)

Have questions about the Auto Vox Solar RV Backup Camera? Leave a comment below. 

by Jenni
Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

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